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1869 Gazetter and Directory by Henry McEvoy
Locations in Erin Township


A Village in the Township of Erin, County Wellington. Distance from Guelph, the County Town, 16 miles, from Toronto, 40 miles. Stages to Georgetown and Guelph. Average price of land, $20. Population, 70.

ASHLEY, Joshua A.veterinary surgeon
BENTLEY, Godfreyfarmer
BOOMER, Williampostmaster
BOOMER, William & Henrycarpenters
BRIGGS, Thomasfarmer
BROWN, James C.farmer
BURT, Johnlumber dealer
HIGGINS, Williamproprietor Sportman's Hotel
KENNEDY, Robert farmer
LANG, Georgefarmer
LEESON, Manassehproprietor British House
MACKELEAN, G. J.general merchant
NURSE, Thomas farmer
REID, Rev. Hughbaptist
RYCKMAN, Elijahgunsmith
RYCKMAN, Nortonwagon maker
SMITH, Henryfarmer
TAYLOR, Johninsurance agent
WARDEIL, Jacobveterinary surgeon
WHEELER, Aaronfarmer


A Village in the Township of Erin, County Wellington. 16 miles from Guelph the County Town, and 10 miles from Acton station Grand Trunk Railroad. Stage to Georgetown, 13 miles. Population, 100.

BAUGHMAN, Charlescarpenter
BAUGHMAN, Henrycabinet maker
BINGHAM, Robertlime dealer
BURT, J. W.postmaster, J.P.
BURT, J. & D.shingle makers
CLARK, Edward farmer
FERGUSON, Donaldfarmer
HARPER, Johnwagon maker
McGILL, Johnfarmer
McGIL, Neilfarmer
McLEAN, P.teacher
SMITH, J.farmer
SMITH, Jacoblime dealer
SMITH, Williamfarmer
THOMPSON, Angusfarmer
THOMPSON, Dugaldfarmer


A Village situated in the Township of Erin, County Wellington. 20 miles from Guelph the County Town, 35 miles from Toronto, and 12 miles from Georgetown, the nearest station on the Grand Trunk Railway. Stage to Guelph 20 miles. Fare 75c. Daily mail. Money order office and Savings Bank. Population, 600.

ALTON, S. hotel proprietor
AMES, Mrs. milliner, & c.
BLASHILL, Williamwatches and jewelry
BRODDY, Jamesauctioneer
CAMPBELL, A. & D.clothiers
CAMPBELL, A.farmer
CARBERY & CROZIERgroceries and crockery
CLARK, J.hotelproprietor
COOPER, A.painter
CORNOCK, WilliamPostmaster, J.P., steam flour mill prop
CROZIER, H. hotel keeper
DAVIS, Jamesfamer
FERGUSON, C.general merchant
GIBBS, Georgeauctioneer
HARVARD & WALKERhardware merchants
HOLDEN, J. druggist
HOOD & McKINNONgeneral merchants
HOW, Williamgeneral store
HURD, Gfarmer
IRWIN, Thomas and Samuelcoopers
KENNEDY, Williamtinsmith
McARTHUR, A.tailor
McKINNON, Missmilliner, &c
McLEAN, Missmilliner, & c
McMILLAN, A.farmer
McMILLAN, Charlesfarmer
McMILLAN, Dcarriage maker
McMILLAN, D & Jlumber dealers
McMILLAN, Hughfarmer
MANN, Johnteacher
MATTHEWS, Williamharness
MEDLEY, Rboots and shoes
MELOY, Hughcarriage and wagon maker
OVERLAND, Charlescarpenter and builder
SHINGLER, J.farmer
SHINGLER, William lime manufacturer
SMITH, Jamesharness maker
THOMPSON, A.boot and shoe maker
THOMPSON, J.farmer
TYLER, WilliamJ.P.
VANDERLIP, J. H.grocer and provision dealer
WALKER, John S. foundry and machine shop
WHITE, E.farmer
WILLIS, Johnbutcher
WOOD, R.druggist


A Village in the Township of Erin, County Wellington. 22 miles from Guelph the County Town, and 50 miles from Toronto. Stage to Georgetown. Money Order Office. Population, 300.

BATES, Rev. J. W. Baptist
CAMPBELL, Johnmason
EDMUNDS, Josephbaker
GAUD & BROTHERtanners and leather dealers
GREEN, Johncarpenter
HILL, Roberthotel keeper
HOW & BRO.gen. merchts and props. flouring mil
HOW, William sen., J.P.
KELLY, BROWN & Cogeneral merchants
KILGOUR & TELLgeneral merchants
KIRK, Johnhotel keeper
LACY, Georgegeneral merchant
LEASON, Samuelhotel keeper
McCLELLAN, C.carpenter
McMILLAN, CharlesJ.P
PEARSON, A. cabinet maker
ROBERTSON, Colingrocer
ROGERS, Williammason
SINCLAIR, Alexandercarpenter
THURHAN, Rev. Donald Old Kirk
VINER, Jamesgunsmith
VINER, Johnfurniture dealer
WORTS, Georgeprop flouring mill

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