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Ontario Birth Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., E, 1869-1895 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Birth Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
E, 1869-1895
FHC film # 1819390

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Easton, G. NathanielM11Erin Twp6512189024165591
Easton, John HolmesM11Erin Twp6503037903440279
Easton, M. JaneF11Erin Twp6503227703364177
Easton, M. JaneF11Erin Twp6503227703365377
Ellenton, AgnesF11Erin Twp6503287202430072
Ellenton, Ellen MayF11Erin Twp6512039024166091
Ellenton, JamesM11Erin6504227001207170
Ellenton, John EdgarM11Erin Twp6511208903859489
Ellenton, Myrtle AgnesF11Erin Twp6506029403473394
Elliot, Andrew ArdenM11Erin Twp6508239503485195
Elliot, Edna MayF11Erin Twp6502209303637093
Elliot, Hugh AlexM11Erin Twp6506159203475492
Elliott, OttoM11Erin6509268603844986
Emery, MosesM11Erin Twp6510267202437672
Emes, Jessie HelenaF11Erin Twp6509309223635393
Enturstle, Charles HenryM11Erin Twp6503298003673180
Entwistle, Charles HenryM11Erin Twp6503298003673180
Entwistle, ClaraF11Erin Twp6506289303639993
Entwistle, James WesleyM11Erin Twp6504278903855189
Entwistle, MinnieF11Erin Twp6507298503809585
Entwistle, NettyF11Erin Twp6511178203683082
Entwistle, VictoriaF11Erin Twp6505018703611887
Esmond, LillianF11Erin Twp6504097202431472
Everdale, ElcieF11Erin Twp6511078423803385
Everdale, ElizabethF11Erin Twp6508067202434472
Everdale, HenryM11Erin6503147302423973
Everdale, HenryM11Erin Twp6502077502251675
Everdale, LettieF11Erin Twp6511017502257775
Everdale, LillyF11Erin Twp6508198203682082
Everdale, NancyF11Erin6506287001209070
Everdell, MabelF11Erin Twp6505037703364077
Everdell, RobertM11Erin Twp6503047903439779

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