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Ontario Birth Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., F, 1869-1895 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Birth Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
F, 1869-1895
FHC film # 1819390

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Felker, George Oston OM11Erin Twp6506098803711788
Fenwick, Clara E.F11Erin6504139303648793
Fenwick, Theodore G.M11Erin6503179104187691
Ferguson, Annie OliveF11Erin6506177903442779
Ferguson, Bathia IsabellaF11Erin6510307402381974
Ferguson, Laura MaggieF11Erin Twp6510307603487676
Ferguson, Maggie Jane M.F11Erin Twp6507217903445279
Fielding, David RussellM11Erin6508187402379574
Fielding, Eda MissellaF11Erin Twp6507097202433272
Fielding, Elizabeth A.F11Erin Twp6504167703364677
Fielding, HenryM11Erin6504237100567971
Fielding, LilliasF11Erin Twp6510147202435372
Fielding, Wesley HowardM11Erin6511287402382374
Fielding, William H.M11Erin6512117803513578
Fines, Olive May IF11Erin Twp6504199203478892
Fines, PearlF11Erin Twp6502209003620990
Fisher, Elizabeth JaneF11Erin6503267302425773
Fisher, IdaF11Erin Twp6508167390125739
Fisher, Ida AnnF11Erin6508157302429873
Fisher, John AlvinM11Erin Twp6507169303639493
Fisher, ShusanF11Erin6512147222426673
Fitzgerald, AnnieF11Erin Twp6503127603479176
Fitzgerald, IreneF11Erin Twp6511258423803285
Flaherty, EugeneM11Erin Twp6509139503482295
Flaherty, JohnM11Erin Twp6509189203477192
Fletcher, DonaldM11Erin6512017020565871
Fletcher, Emma MariaF11Erin Twp6502217001207570
Fletcher, Ethel MatildaF11Erin Twp6501048103510381
Fletcher, George DavisM11Erin Twp6505017202431272
Fletcher, MargaretF11Erin6504037100566371
Forbes, NellyF11Erin6508018003674180
Foster, Alexander M.M11Erin6501227302425873
Foster, George RichardM11Erin Twp6502019303636293
Fountain, WallaceM11Erin6512237823437179
Fowlie, Jennie ClarkeF11Erin6502098903904989
Fowlie, Maggie LilianF11Erin6510018403757084
Fowlie, Melville McKayM11Erin6510279104188591
Frederick, Jannet F.F11Erin Twp6503177903440479
Freeman, Maude AlmetaF11Erin Twp6512117603488976
Fuller, Emma GeorginaF11Erin6505068703681087

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