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Ontario Birth Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., H, 1869-1881 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Birth Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
H, 1869-1881
FHC film # 1819391

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Hall, CharlesM11Erin 6511257222426473
Hall, ElizabethF11Erin 6510077100572471
Hall, John HenryM11Erin Twp6507248103513881
Hall, JosephM11Erin 6511277001214370
Hall, M. EllaF11Erin Twp6501167903438379
Hall, SusanF11Erin6512257402383474
Halliday, FrederickM11Erin 6506258003674980
HamiltonM11Erin 6512227100574371
Hamilton, Eliza EllenF11Erin Twp6508087502260175
Hamilton, IsabellaF11Erin 6501207903437679
Hamilton, JaneF11Erin 6503047001205570
Hamilton, John RobertM11Erin6505177302421873
Hamilton, ThomasM11Erin 6506227100570271
Hannah, SamuelM11Erin 6501137903437779
Harding, GeorgeM11Erin Twp6510127202436273
Harper, James EdwardM11Erin Twp6509127202434972
Harper, Margaret AnnF11Erin 6508047020566271
Harris, Martha HellenF11Erin 6503107001205470
Head, VivaF11Erin Twp6510278103517481
Heasman, AlbertM11Erin6510247402381574
Heasman, Emma LouisaF11Erin Twp6502167202430672
Heasman, HenryM11Erin 6505087001207670
Heasman, Maud WinefredF11Erin Twp6503027502253175
Henderson, Edward JamesM11Erin Twp6501157803517278
Henderson, MargaretF11Erin 6501147100565471
Henderson, RobertM11Erin Twp6506027402335574
Henderson, Thomas J.M11Erin Twp6508017202434672
HenghnF11Erin 6509097100573971
Henshaw, ArchieM11Erin 6507067100570471
Henshaw, EdwardM11Erin Twp6501077402331574
Henshaw, JennieF11Erin Twp6503117803514078
Heron, JamesM11Erin Twp6503237703365277
Hilts, Alfred EdwinM11Erin Twp6512037502256175
Hilts, David WilsonM11Erin6506147302423373
Hilts, Herbert ObediahM11Erin 6505307402379174
Hilts, Herbert ObudiahM11Erin Twp6505307402336974
Hilts, J. WesleyM11Erin Twp6510297923516181
Hilts, Nettie JaneF11Erin Twp6507308103516281
Hilts, William GeorgeM11Erin Twp6507088123679182
Hilts, William WesleyM11Erin Twp6511027202436372
Hodgins, MaddieF11Erin Twp6510297823438879
Hodgson, Iva JaneF11Erin Twp6512158123676882
Huffman, John AlexanderM11Ballinafad 6512198090147534
Hull, CeleciaF11Erin Twp6512107122426372
Hull, George FranklinM11Erin Twp6508097502258475
Hull, Hugh HenryM11Erin Twp6512167322334774
Hull, JuliaF11Erin Twp6506197202437172
Hull, RosettaF11Erin 6503107100566671
Hunter, Emma RebeccaF11Erin Twp6503277603478976
Hunter, FrederickM11Erin Twp6512148023509781
Hunter, Robert HenryM11Erin 6511167803513278
Hurd, AustinM11Erin Twp6509097490137234
Hurd, Bertha MildredF11Erin Twp6501208103511681
Hurd, Eda MayF11Erin 6506218003674680
Hurd, EllectaF11Erin Twp6508317502258575
Hurd, George LaurenceM11Erin 6506017903442279
Hurd, JessieF11Erin Twp6510228103516481
Hurd, Mable ClareF11Erin Twp6510287603487076
Hurd, NormanM11Erin Twp6510137423367677
Hurd, SamuelM11Erin Twp6501127703368777
Hurren, CharityF11Erin Twp6504207903441979
Hurren, JamesM11Erin Twp6504157202430772
Hurren, JohnM11Erin Twp6509207903444679
Hurren, JohnM11Erin Twp6510287903445379
Hurren, M. JaneF11Erin Twp6503047202428672
Hurren, MaggieF11Erin Twp6505037803514178
Hurren, MargaretF11Erin Twp6501307803516778
Hurren, MosesM11Erin Twp6505148190163726
Hurren, RuthF11Erin Twp6501117603476776
Hurren, SarahF11Erin Twp6507078103514781
Hurren, WilliamM11Erin 6506207803509578
Huxley, MarthaF11Erin Twp6505247202431972
Hyndman, Orpha VictoriaF11Erin Twp6506018123679282

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