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1861 Public Archives of Canada Census, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., Ontario NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

These records were contributed by Ken Dworschak.

1861 Public Archives of Canada Census
Erin Twp, Wellington Co., Ontario
Pg. 81

Name Occupation Place of Birth Year Married Religion Age M/F
Garner Croferd tenant Ireland   N.C. 31 M
Eliza Jane Croferd   Ireland   N.C. 33 F
John Croferd   U.C.     7 M
Margret Crawford   U.C.     5 F
Alexander Crawford   U.C.     2 M
Wm. J. Crawford   U.C.     1 M
Alexander Gray farmer Ireland   N.C. 70 M
Isabella Gray   Ireland   N.C. 63 F
Margret Gray   Ireland     35 F
Wm. J. Gray   Ireland     27 M
Robert Grey   Ireland     24 M
Angis McLean farmer Scotland   F.C. 28 M
Ann Jane McLean   Scotland   F.C. 30 F
Mary McLean   U.C.     3 F
John McLean   U.C.     2 M
Archd Tarler farmer     F.C. 27 M
Jennet Tarler   Scotland   F.C. 25 F
John Harley servant U.C.     17 M
Archd Tarler labour     F.C. 74 M
Mary McDonald servant U.C.   F.C. 14 F
William King farmer England   Desipels 28 M
Sharlet King   England   Desipels 25 F
Sarah King   U.C.     5 F
John King   U.C.     3 M
Henry King   U.C.     1 M
Jane Hanna servant U.C.     18 F
Alexander Merser farmer Ireland   C of S 34 M
Marry Jane Merser   Ireland   C of S 32 F
James Merser   States     11 M
John Merser   States     10 M
Alexander Merser   States   C of E 8 M
Eliza Ann Merser   U.C.   C of E 6 F
Robert Merser   U.C.     3 M
Hugh Merser   U.C.     1 M
Joseph Green farmer England   C of E 28 M
Jessie Green   U.C.   C of E 23 F
Harret L. Green   U.C.     5 F
Sarah Ann Green   U.C.     3 F
Henry Collear labour Ireland     24 M
Harriett Collear   U.C.     20 F
Sharlet Colear   U.C.     3 F
Harrat Ann Collear   U.C.     1 F
Hector McVanel farmer Scotland   C of S 59 M
Ann McVanel   Scotland   C of S 54 F
Duncin McVanel   Scotland     24 M
Jane McVanel   Scotland     21 F
Ann McVanel   Scotland     19 F
Samual McVanel   Scotland     17 F
Hector McVanel   Scotland     13 M
Sandy McVanel   U.C.     11 M
John McVanel   U.C.     9 M

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