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Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., A-R, 1929 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
A-R, 1929
FHC film # 2223686

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Awrey, Elizabeth *F91Erin Twp6501042913718329
Barbour, M. Josephine C.F91Erin Twp6505142903749229
Barbour, Thomas FindleyM91Erin Twp6504282903742229
Binnie, PeterM91Erin Twp6511182903790629
Conley, DanielM91Erin6503072903735429
Fitzgerald, WilliamM91Erin Twp6501162903718829
Flaherty, AnnieF91Erin Twp6508132903766029
Frank, FrancisM91Erin 6505192903749129
Gillespie, Robert CraigM91Erin6510152903777729
Hawes, MartinM91Erin Twp6501112903718729
How, Annie ElliotF91Erin Twp6502272903729929
Irvine, JamesM91Erin6505152903749029
McCullough, JamesM91Erin Twp6509052903784329
McDougall, ArchibaldM91Erin Twp6503192903735629
McEachern, FloraF91Erin Twp6510012903771029
McKeown, AlbertM91Erin Twp6502022903729629
McKinnon, CatherineF91Erin Twp6504092903742029
McLachlan, ArchibaldM91Erin Twp6503092903735529
McTavish, Donald SmithM91Erin Twp6506262903755829
McTavish, DuncanM91Erin Twp6504152903742129
McTavish, JohnM91Erin Twp6501092903718629
Murray, Jesse RoseaF91Erin Twp6510052903771129
Oblauder, Andrew SmithM91Erin Twp6508242903766129
Oblauder, Charlotte E.F91Erin Twp6508282903766229
Orr, M. JaneF91Erin 6509292903770929
Rogers, Rhoda MalvinaF91Erin Twp6501052903718429

* Blurry Entry

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