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Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., B, 1906-1919 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
B, 1906-1919
FHC film # 1411568

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Baird, AndrewM91Erin6510181903427719
Baird, SamuelM91Erin Twp6510091903430419
BaldwinF91Erin Twp6501130603065206
Ballantyne, MinnieF91Erin Twp6501021603592916
Barbour, ElizabethF91Erin6509231503383015
Barbour, Emma JaneF91Erin Twp6501121303469713
Barbour, EphriamM91Erin6510181603592016
Barbour, MaryF91Erin6511020803047808
Barbour, Thomas F.M91Erin6505251303468813
Barden, RobertM91Erin Twp6508221703349717
Barden, WilliamM91Erin Twp6503041804234918
Barnes, JohnM91Erin Twp6506121503384415
Barnes, M. AnnF91Erin Twp6512271603596616
Barnes, RobertM91Erin Twp6502111303469913
Beattie, Nellie ElvaF91Erin6504211603594016
Beatty, ThomasM91Erin Twp6511251403320414
Beer, Margaret HelenF91Erin Twp6502191603592616
Beer, MaryF91Erin Twp6509030803049908
Bennett, Thomas EdmondM91Erin Twp6505011203282412
Bennie, ElizabethF91Erin6504070703144807
Berry, Abraham GarfieldM91Erin6506261603591716
Berry, Arnold RoyM91Erin Twp6509141203283412
Berry, JohnM91Erin Twp6504271103226211
Binnie, Jessie IsabellF91Erin Twp6509281503385315
Binnie, John RobertM91Erin Twp6507151603595316
Binnie, M. ElizabethF91Erin6503121103224111
Binnie, SimonM91Erin Twp6509201503385215
Binnie, William CampbellM91Erin Twp6501190703145507
Bishop, Hannah GertrudeF91Erin Twp6503111103225911
Bishop, MaryF91Erin Twp6502141103225311
Black, Robert JamesM91Erin6512081303469613
Boomer, Nelson S.M91Erin6510300803047708
Booth, Cecil MelvinM91Erin6509051303469113
Booth, Herman WilliamM91Erin Twp6505171003190110
Boynton, MatthewM91Erin Twp6501180903075909
Bridger, Matilda JaneF91Erin Twp6504261603594516
Broddy, JamesM91Erin6508100603064906
Broughton, MaryF91Erin6505291804233518
Brown, ChristenaF91Erin Twp6503251804235118
Brown, Ester AnnF91Erin Twp6503260703145907
Brown, JaneF91Erin Twp6505221303471413
Brown, Maud MF91Erin Twp6509251703348817
Burrows, Herman SmithM91Erin Twp6511090703148107
Burt, Ella PriscillaF91Erin Twp6510161003191710
Burt, JamesM91Erin Twp6512231403320814
Burt, John WilsonM91Erin Twp6505150703146607
Burt, Sarah AnnF91Erin Twp6511151503386115
Burt, WilliamM91Erin Twp6502141003189210
Byrne, William JamesM91Erin Twp6502021203281112

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