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Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., C, 1893-1901 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
C, 1893-1901
FHC film # 1411568

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Campbell, ArchibaldM91Erin Twp6508149301857093
Campbell, MalcolmM91Erin6501159902694399
Carbery, ThomasM91Erin6507209802221098
Carmichael, EdenaF91Erin Twp6506069401858394
Carmichael, IsabellaF91Erin Twp6503029401856194
Carmichael, Martha MayF91Erin Twp6506289401858494
Carmichael, WilliamM91Erin Twp6506189301856393
Clark, ElizabethF91Erin Twp6501299301855293
Clark, JamesM91Erin Twp6510149301857293
Clarke, Albert H.M91Erin Twp6512239602067096
Clow, DeborahF91Erin Twp6506270002803800
CollinsM91Erin Twp6503280002803000
Collins, JamesM91Erin Twp6509270002804800
Collins, Raymond J.M91Erin Twp6502289902696099
Cornock, AnnF91Erin6502049501855895
Cornock, EdwardM91Erin6502199301835093
Cornock, Verna Ethel M.F91Erin6503149301835393
Coulson, ToppingM91Erin Twp6504059902696999
Cowan, DonaldM91Erin Twp6501039401854794
Cox, Elwood EarlM91Erin Twp6511179902699299
Cox, HenryM91Erin Twp6503160102876701
Cox, James IvanM91Erin Twp6504139902697299
Cox, WalterM91Erin Twp6507110102878301
Cree, AlexanderM91Erin Twp6512269802220698
Crewson, BurtM91Erin Twp6502139902696799
Cunningham, CameronM91Erin Twp6511229602066796
Cunningham, JamesM91Erin Twp6502190102876201
Currie, AlexanderM91Erin Twp6501229602064996
Currie, LachlanM91Erin Twp6505249301856993
Cutting, CarrollM91Erin Twp6503179902696699
Cutting, Hazel ArenaF91Erin Twp6512199401859494
Cutting, NancyF91Erin Twp6512229902699399
Cutting, WilliamM91Erin Twp6504239602067396

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