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Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co., D, 1869-1902 NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent from Sandra McLellan. Files may be printed or copied for personal use only.

Ontario Death Index, Erin Twp, Wellington Co.
D, 1869-1902
FHC film # 1411569

NameSContPlace of EventCO CIDateReg
Dahl, CatherineF91Erin6502039001788390
Dahl, Henry C.M91Erin6504109902694699
Davis, ElizabethF91Erin Twp6508078601895286
Davis, JamesM91Erin Twp6509239702624597
Davis, RobertM91Erin Twp6510160202689902
Davis, William T.M91Erin Twp6507059802219898
Dean, MaryF91Erin6504309501856195
Dilts, Clarence RoyM91Erin6510128301790683
Dilts, James OmerM91Erin6501108501800585
Dingman, JessieF91Erin Twp6510109201855792
Dingman, RebeccaF91Erin Twp6509289261855692
Dixon, GeorgeM91Erin Twp6503228001692680
Dodd, John JamesM91Erin6502177101661871
Doherty, JamesM91Erin6510149401892494
Doherty, William FrankM91Erin6506218901932989
Dolmer, JohnM91Erin Twp6501208601892686
Dolmer, MaryF91Erin Twp6500008401963184
Douglas, DavidM91Erin Twp6510108601895586
Douglas, ElizabethF91Erin Twp6512118201876582
Douglas, LachlanM91Erin6502187301095873
Douglas, RichardM91Erin Twp6501089401854994
Droier, Andrew MichealM91Erin Twp6500007901574579
Duff, ElizabethF91Erin Twp6508119201856092
Duff, GeorgeM91Erin Twp6502158501794885
Duff, Mary S.F91Erin Twp6508049702624197
Dunbar, JaneF91Erin Twp6509059401859694
Dunn, ElizabethF91Erin Twp6509280002804600
Duxbury, Thomas J.M91Erin6501108501800485

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