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If you are looking for an ancestor in the Cochrane District, there are currently limited census records available. Since this district is "young" as compared to Southern Ontario, the first major census taken was in 1911.

However, after an exhaustive search of the 1901 census records a few pages relating to the Cochrane District such as Moose Factory and James Bay has been found. Please note 1901 census records for the Cochrane District are extremely limited as for the most part this area was undeveloped and not settled until the decade following this census. Most of the towns in this area started showing up between 1901 - 1919.

The following census item does in part pertain to Quebec but several of the pages have Ontario written across them and do cover a small area in the Cochrane District

District Name: PONTIAC
District Number: 180
Sub-district Name: Unorganized Territory/Territoire non-organisé #09
Notes: Book/Livre 1 Algoma, Moose Factory, James Bay, Nipissing, Matagama
Reference: RG31 , Statistics Canada
Microfilm Reel Number: T-6554
Finding Aid Number: 31-40

The 1901 Canadian Census did cover Moose Factory and a Hudsons Bay Post in Northern Ontario called New Post (located just north of Cochrane). It was difficult to find since it was enumerated by Quebec Enumerators under the District of Pontiac. A transcript can be found here.

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