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    Cochrane Cochrane Times-Post
    Box 10
    Cochrane, ON
    P0L 1C0
    General Manager: Francine Vezeau
    phone: (705) 272-3344
    fax:(705) 272-3434
    Recent obituaries

    Hearst Le Nord
    905 George St.
    Box 2320
    Hearst, ON
    P0L 1N0
    Publisher: Omer Cantin
    phone: (705) 372-1233
    fax: (705) 362-5954
    web site:

    Iroquois Falls The Enterprise
    Box 834
    Iroquois Falls, ON
    P0K 1G0
    Publisher: William C. Cavell
    phone: (705) 232-4081
    fax: (705) 232-4235

    Kapuskasing Kapuskasing Northern Times
    51 Riverside Drive
    Kapuskasing, ON
    P5N 1A7
    General Manager: Wayne Major
    web site:
    phone: (705) 335-2283
    fax: (705) 337-1222
    Recent obituaries

    Timmins The Timmins Daily Press
    187 Cedar St. S.
    Box 560
    Timmins, ON
    P4N 7G1
    General Manager:
    web site:
    phone: (705) 268-5050
    fax: (705) 268-7373
    The Timmins Times
    815 Pine St. S.
    Timmins, ON
    P4N 8S3
    General Manager: Nola Freeman
    web site:
    phone: (705) 268-6252
    fax: (705) 268-2255
    Recent obituaries
    Les Nouvelles
    187 sud, rue Cedar
    Timmins, ON
    P4N 7G1
    General Manager:
    phone: (705) 268-2955
    fax: (705) 268-3614

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