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Welcome to the Etobicoke Genealogy Group!

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Hi Folks

I knew December was coming up soon... But suddenly it's here. The second Thursday of the month is December 8th. That is this week. So early, but that is good.

We hope you have a chart you can bring in to share with us. We learn by what others do. It could be a fan, time line, straight pedigree, photo chart, a map, a picture collage etc etc. I will bring Joanne's beautiful chart back in for all to see. She is in the sunny south by now.

The last half of the meeting will be time to look at the charts etc, as well as to network while enjoying some goodies that some of you always bring in. We thank you for that.

See you this Thursday, 7p.m. in the main Board room at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall.

Janet Brown

We are looking at alternative ways of disseminating information about our meetings as well as items that may be of interest to our members and/or the general public. We have set up and are experimenting with a blog. The blog can be accessed at If you'd like to contribute to the blog, please contact me (Doug) at the email address shown near the bottom of this page.

The Etobicoke Family History Centre has a list of books, holdings, etc. at their Etobicoke location. The list is available for us to browse via this link.

Take a look at our Links, guestbook (we've already received word of a number of breakthroughs, thanks to our members responding to the postings), and Publish Your Interests pages while you're here!!
Membership is not formal. It is for all who care about their own family history and want to share and learn with others. Everyone is welcome.
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Janet Brown
Our meetings begin at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm.
We normally meet at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall (south of Burnhamthorpe Road on the east side of the West Mall) on the second Thursday of the month. The Civic Centre has ample parking; if you are taking transit, the Civic Centre is accessible via Mississauga Transit (the Rathburn #20 and the Burnhamthorpe #26 buses both travel along Burnhamthorpe Road and cross the West Mall) and TTC (the Burnhamthorpe #50 and West Mall #112 buses)
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