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Surname(s) Submitter Name and Email Comments

HUDSON Alice Bennett

I have a considerable tree growning in many directions. Currently I am focusing my research on the Hudson's from Northern Ireland. They seem to originate in the Magherafelt, Londonderry area, back as far as the late 1700's. William Hudson was born in Magheraflet in and immigrated to Ontario Canada in 1928.

If anyone has any information on Hudson's from Northern Ireland or even research tips for Northern Ireland I would be happy to hear from you.


Posted 08-Mar-2013.
STUNELL Helen Murphy
Seeking to contact family members/decendants of Herbert and Louisa STUNELL. Married 1905 in Croydon, Surrey, ENG and sailed for Canada 1911. They had 4 children, and were living in Etobicoke 1911-1980. Children: Herbert Sydney, Frederick Alfred, Florence/Louisa Florence Edith (all born in England) and George Edward born in Etobicoke in 1919. Helen, Australia.

Posted 01-Dec-2012.
I would like to make contact with anyone who is researching or knows anything about the Shuttleworths who lived in the Etobicoke area. Mine were there in the 1830s. Thanks David

Posted 25-Feb-2009.
WESTMORE Wendy Barry
Philip WESTMORE b. 1807 Kensington, London, England farmed in Etobicoke Township in 1837. He married c1847 Elizabeth FARR, daughter of a miller. They later moved to Walpole Township, Haldimand County in 1850 and then to Harwich Township, Kent County. Have been searching for the marriage, parents of Elizabeth and her birth to no avail.

Posted 20-Apr-2007.

James Stock and his wife Grace (Fazakerley) emigrated from Chorley, Lancashire, England in 1830, with five sons Edward, John, Peter, Joseph and James to settle at Mimico. Three daughters were born to James and Grace; Mary who married Orlando Dunn, Catharine who married James Corcoran and Ellen who married William Blair.

Edward farmed at Mimico, and married Harriet O'Hara, daughter of James and Catherine, in 1836. The couple had a family of 8; James married Mary McLean, Catharine married Charles Alexander Gormally, Mary married David Culnan, Elizabeth and Agnes who did not marry, Grace married Patrick Woods, William did not marry, and Edward married Mary Anne Donnelly.

The next three sons, John, Peter and Joseph settled in Ellice Township of Perth County and raised families there.
James became a grocer in the St. Lawrence Market, and married Margaret Langan who bore 5 children (possibly 2 survived infancy). Following Margaret's death he married Margaret Shea who bore 5 children.

I am interested in contacting anyone who may have stories, photos, letters, family bibles, corrections/additions to the above information, or any other form of family information.

Posted 25-Mar-2007.

I am interested in hearing from anyone with conections to the following families that settled in Etobicoke Twp. from the East Ward of Westmorland England in the early 1830's: ALDERSON, ATKINSON, BRUNSKILL, HODGESON, & ROBINSON. Other Etobicoke families that are of interest to me are; ANDERSON, IVEY and SILVERTHORNE.
Robert BRUNSKILL b 1783 of Soulby, Westmorland (spelt BRUMSHALL, in the 1837 T&HDD) and his wife Tamar ARNISON b 1791 and Adam ALDERSON b 1793 (of Brough-under-Stainmore) and his wife Mary Metcalfe b 1796 had land in Con 5 near Islington. I believe that many of the Westmorland families that settled in Etobicoke Twp. about this time were connected.
Posted 01-Dec-2005.

HAVERCROFT Colin Havercroft
John Havercroft and Lucy Horsewood from Lincolnshire, England married in Toronto in 1877. They raised a family in Etobicoke: George W b.1878, John Henry b.1879, Walter Harvey b.1881, Ellen b.1884 and Ethel Maude b.1887. If anyone is descended from this family or knows any other details please let me know. Colin Havercroft, Kingston upon Hull, England
Posted 30-Jan-2005.

LERETTE Bob Paradis
I am currently working on a genealogy of the Lerette family in Maine. One of the sons of Lucas, John Lucas Lerette, relocated to the Toronto area. He married Rose May Toner on 15 July 1918 in Toronto and had nine children one of which, Mary Irene, was born in Etobicoke on 6 June 1919. I have a lineage of John and his wife and children and who they married; however, it only includes names and dates - no cities or towns for births or marriages. I need help in fleshing out the details with regards to John and his family.
Posted 19-Dec-2004.
I am researching my WHITWORTH ancestors who settled along the west side of the Humber River about 1880. They were Market Gardeners and connected by marriage to PYCOCK, HARRIS, KENT plus a few others. A daughter of GEORGE WHITWORTH won a competition to suggest a name for a new public school, i.e. SUNNYLEA P S.
Posted 17-Oct-2004.
GRAYDON Elizabeth Graydon
Would like to find more details on this GRAYDON family.
James GRAYDON died at sea aboard the bark CHINA 12 Aug 1844 buried at sea, his wife Mary nee CLARK and 5 children, Ellen 1810, Anna 1812, James 1815, Mary 1825, John Henry 1829, all born Ireland, continued on to Canada. James junior was in Etobicoke 1851.

Any information appreciated
Elizabeth Graydon
New Zealand
Posted 25-May-2004.
Willett (Ouellett[e]) Debby Worden
I have a Marie C Willett age 109 in the 1861 census for Etobicoke
My family history stated she lived to be 115. Since that would make her dying ~1867 she was not in 1871 census and dead before Ontario Death records started. Is there someone that might know of a Catholic Church in Etobicoke that may have had a death record for her? Or since she was of a extremely old age a newspaper in that area that may of written up info on her? I live in Michigan so info would be really helpful. Any suggestions. PS name was also spelled French way Ouellett.
Debby Worden
Posted 04-Apr-2004.
Udell Tom McDowell
I am resesearching the UDELL family of Wimborne, Dorset, England. George UDELL (b.1851) and his wife, Martha Jane (LIGHT), (b.1852) emigrated sometime after their wedding in 1872. Their first 2 children, Bessie Charlotte UDELL (b. 1876) and Annie Louisa UDELL (b. 1879) were born in Etobicoke township. By 1880 they had all returned to Dorset. As Wimborne is near Poole, it may be that they were involved in the Newfoundland Cod Trade. Any leads, links or information would be welcome.
Posted 05-Dec-2003.
Christner/Holley Colleen Andrews
I am researching my ancestors the CHRISTNERS & HOLLEYS, Pennsylvania Dutch families who came to Etobicoke Twp. as early as 1806, from Pennsylvania. David Holly & Christian Christner were among a group of settlers from Somerset Co., Pennsylvania, who followed Christian Troyer to Vaughan Twp., Upper Canada in 1809 & moved on to Etobicoke Twp. Some are buried in St. Philip's Anglican Cemetery in Weston.
Posted 24-Nov-2003.
Beemer/Symons Carol McNerney
I am looking for the marriage of my grandfather, Guy Murray Beemer, born 19 Aug. 1881 in St. George, Brant, Ontario and my grandmother, Ada Louise Symons, born 18 March 1880 in St. Antoine, Quebec I know that these two lived in Toronto on Glenholme Ave. south of St. Clair when my father was born in 1904. Later they moved to Etobicoke with our family. That was about 1949.
I am also looking for the birth of Guy’s father, John Wesley Beemer, born in 1857/58 in Brant, Ontario. John Wesley married Helen Ida Smith, born 31 May 1859 in Guelph, Ontario. I do not have a marriage for John Wesley & Helen.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 08-March-2003.
Revised 04-Apr-2004.
LaRose/LaRush/Mills Steve Marshall Looking for information on Alexander Larose and wife, Susannah. She was of Pennsylvania German ancestry and after Alexander died in 1820, married Pierre Larouche aka Peter LaRush. The LaRose and LaRush families lived in Etobicoke Twp. Susannah's son, Daniel LaRose (1818-1908) married Caroline MILLS (1820-1876), a native of Suffolk, England. My web page contains more information on these families -
Posted 09-Jan-2003. EMail address revised 08-May-2004.
Reid Doug Porteous
I'm looking for descendants of Robert H. Reid, a Toronto hotel keeper of Irish ancestry. Click here for further information.
My website's main page is here
Posted 14-Nov-2002.
COOK FAMILY Jayne Jackson
I am looking for my grandmother's sister who emigrated to Canada after WW2. Her name was Ivy Mary Hewson and she married a Canadian, William Vernon Cook in 1944. I believe they may have come to the Etobicoke area as William was a member of the Legion there. He died in 1999 and Ivy would be 80. I know they had some sons. I have tried to find them through the local paper but have had no success and I'm not sure where to go next. If anyone could find any information about them I would be willing to do any reciprocal research here, if possible. Thanks Jayne Jackson
Posted 07-Nov-2002.
I am looking for more information on Louis Harrop b. 1804 in England who died in Etobicoke in 1861. He was married to Anne Eliza Stickle in 1836 and had 3 children in new York before settling in Etobicoke and there he has two more children. He shows up there on the 1851 and 1861 census. Families connected so far are: Redmond, Young, Renehan, Ramsay, Russell.
Posted 04-Jan-2002.
My grtgrtgf John GENTLE, Jr. m. 30 Nov 1834 Catherine MILLER lived in Weston, Etobicoke, Oakville and Hamilton. John's brother William m. 29 Nov 1835 Martha Ann DENNIS lived Weston, Etobicoke, Markham and Whitby. Martha's ancestor John Dennis UEL received 500 acres of land on the 4th and 5th Conc, York Township which he called Button Wood on the Humber River. There was also a sister Agnes m. 16 Jun 1847 Rev. David JENNINGS of the Toronto Methodist Circuit. Web Site
I wonder if you would be so kind as to ask around in your Etobicoke Gen. Soc. if any of your members have run across an Elijah CULPITT family in the 1840's and 1850's. This family came to somewhere in Ontario from Suffolk. Eng. By 1860 Mary, wife of Elijah and all married children, (Samuel, William, Louisa, and Elizabeth ) except her dau. Mary Ann, who had m John EDMISON were in Wisconsin. (The Edmisons were in Wellington Co. until 1865).
Updated 19-Mar-2005 (revised email address)
PEACOCK Linda Sherlock
I am in Vancouver and have reached a brick wall re the parents of my great grandfather Frederick PEACOCK 1858-1932 who married Jane WILSON at St. George's Church on the Hill in Etobicoke 25 Dec.1880. Fred's father was Richard PEACOCK c.1832-1867, a butcher on Sydenham Street, Yorkville for many years, and his wife's name was Ann ---. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with PEACOCK ancestors.
Supplemented 01-Aug-2002:
Frederick PEACOCK, and father Richard PEACOCK and his wife Ann. I have discovered through a long, lost cousin that Ann's maiden name was GRANGER, born 1826, and her father was William GRANGER ... both born in England but living in Toronto/Yorkville. William GRANGER may have had some connection to "The Wigwam Inn Tearoom, 1830" and "The Red Lion Hotel, 1869" ... there were two photos, each with "property of Wm. Granger" written on the back. Frederick PEACOCK married Jane WILSON in December 1880 and his sister-in-law, Rebecca WILSON, was a 17 year old "Saloon Girl" in Toronto in the 1881 Census of St. John's Ward, Toronto York, and I am speculating that she may have worked at the "Red Lion" through family connections. Also we have a barroom chair that has been passed down from Richard PEACOCK and my son is the sixth generation to own it! None of this is proof of course, and only the photos may have been William GRANGER's property. Does anyone have any knowledge of the GRANGER family?
PEACOCK Blanche Colquhoun
Was at the January meeting of E.G.G. enjoyed it very much, hoping to make it to the February one. My ancesters moved from Lanark to Mayo Twp, because of a locust famine, from passed down information. Was wondering how I could find out what year that was. My grandfather William Peacock was on the 1871 Rerserve Militia Company Roll. He married my grandmother in Mayo Twp. in 1897. So it must be between 1871 and 1897. I am trying to pin-point there move a little closer. Would appreciate any help in this direction.
PEARSON Isabel Love
George Pearson arrived from Yorkshire England about 1855 and settled in Etobicoke. He had a family and eventually moved to Strangefield in Essex Co. about 1880.
Posted 30-Mar-2002

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