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This is a partial listing of Frontenac County cemeteries. For more information about Frontenac cemeteries, where they are located and where you can find transcripts, indexes and photos please visit CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project

    Arden Cemetery

      Cemetery is Arden United Cemetery, located south of the village proper of Adren Road, Kennebec Twp. Cemetery photo album provided by Linda Godfrey.

    Buck Cemetery

      Found a cemetery the other day when I was searching thru some old maps. I went searching for it as I had travelled this road soooooo many times and NEVER saw a cemetery. It is called Buck Cemetery and is located beside 1497 Sunny Acres Road. Sunny Acres Road runs between Sydenham Road and Bur Brooke Road. This little cemetery is in shambles and you would drive right by it with seeing it. I don't know how many people could be burried there as there is only one large stone standing with the name of Thomas Buck on it, one very small stone marked with BABY, and one large one that has broken off and laying on the ground. They should all be cleaned off to be read properly. After locating it I contacted a lady that worked for the genealogy society in Kingston and she told me that she is sure that several years ago they published who was burried there. If anyone is researching the Buck Family they might be really interested to know that this little cemetery exists. It is grown over with all kinds of branches etc; covering the ground.

    Cataraqui Cemetery & Crematorium

      927 Purdy Mills Road, Kingston (just off Counter Street)

    Christ Church Cemetery

      Oso Township - off Highway 7 on the Road to Omaph and Clarendon

    Christ Church Cemetery

      Wolfe Island

    Desert Lake Cemetery

      Loughborough Township, Frontenac County, Highway 38 - Harrowsmith, North on Desert Lake Road about 8 miles.

    Glenhaven Memorial Gardens

      2563 Perth Road, Glenburnie

    Hamilton Burying Ground

      Hinchinbrook Township, Frontenac County, Highway 38 abt 5 miles north of Verona

    Harlowe United Church Cemetery

      Located at the Church, 1 mile west of Harlowe, old one on south side, the new one on north side. 12 Miles north of #7 highway & Arden.

    Harrowsmith Cemetery

      Originally know as Spikes Corners, Portland Township, Frontenac County and is located twenty miles north of Kingston on Highway 38

    Horne (Point Alexandria) Cemetery

      Wolfe Island

    Latimer Cemetery

      Located on the 8th concession Rd. in Frontenac Co. About 2 and 2 tenths Km. north of Shannon's Corners the Perth Rd. (outer Division St.) makes a curve to the right and then continues north. At this curve there is a side road that goes straight north and joins the 8th Concession. Turn right (east) on the 8th Concession and the cemetery is on the left hand side abt. half a Km. from the intersection.

    McBurney Park

      McBurney (Skeleton) Park is in the north end of Kingston (north of Princess and Queen Streets) bounded by Alma, Balaclava and Ordnance Streets. This information is from Bob Crawford - Before Cataraqui Cemetery opened, people were being buried in an old cemetery north of the city. That area is now known as McBurney Park and is well within the city boundaries. Anglicans were also buried at their original cemetery at St. Paul's Church in the city. Bodies were moved from both these cemeteries when Cataraqui opened if they could find the families and if they could afford it. Many bodies remain at McBurney Park. Apparently in the 1890's, the city thought of moving all of the bodies to Cataraqui but when they started to open the graves, the citizens became alarmed as many of the people had died of very contagious diseases and the fear was that the diseases would spread around the city. It was decided to just leave the bodies there, lay down any remaining markers and cover everything with soil and make a park. I have not heard of any records for this area. The only other thing you could do is consult the records from the various churches in the area to see if there is a record of a burial.

    Meeks Cemetery

      Portland Township, Frontenac County Located north of the village of Bell Rock on Earl Meeks farm

    Mountain Grove Cemeteries - Old and New

      Mountain Grove - Both located approximately two miles from Highway 7 on the Old Frontenac Road

    Mundell Cemetery

      It's on the east side of Hwy. 509 just before Donaldson Rd., you can't see it from the road. You have to turn in the laneway of the Dietz family, then you can see it on the right. It's on a hill.

    Murval Cemetery

      Portland Township, Frontenac County Located on the west side of Highway 38, 10 miles northwest of Kingston

    Oconto Cemetery

      South of Sharbot Lake on Highway 38 (towards Kingston)

    Ompah Cemetery contributed by Marguerite Miller

      South side of Hwy 509, on western outskirts of Ompah Village. Go through Ompah heading to Plevna and it's on the left just past Ompah marked with a small black sign on the left side of the road, turn up this roadit' a little piece in.

    Parham Cemetery

      On the Long Lake Road out of Parham towards Mountain Grove

    Parks Farm Burial Ground

      Kennebec Township

    Piccadilly Cemetery

      Township of Hinchinbrook, Highway 38 to Godfrey

    Robertsville Cemetery contributed by Marguerite Miller

      It is located 2 km off 509 highway on the Robertsvlle Road.just north of the village of Clarendon. Mostly descendants of the Gibson and Riddell families.

    Sacred Heart Old Roman Catholic Cemetery

      Wolfe Island, Ontario. Located behind Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

    Sacred Heart New Roman Catholic Cemetery

      Wolfe Island, Ontario. Located beside Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery

      Bedford Township, On the Westport Road about 1/2 way between Westposrt and Godfrey

    St. Barnaby's Cemetery

      Brewers Mills (R.R.#1) Seeley's Bay, Frontenac County, ON

    St. Edward's Roman Catholic Cemetery

      Westport, Ontario. Located West of the Village of Westport on the Salem Road

    St. James Anglican Church Cemetery contributed by Sharon Compeau

      Small cemetery (about 35 burials) on highway 15, just across from the entrance to the Joyceville Institution. In fact, it may be on property owned by the Institution. I think it was originally the cemetery of St. James Anglican Church, which is just down the road, about a quarter of a mile to the south.

      I have a list (obtained from the Anglican Diocese Archives in Kingston) that I think was compiled by someone from the Joyceville Institution in 1960, showing the names of the people buried there, along with their ages and the dates on the headstones. Unfortunately, my copy is a photocopy of a photocopy, and the original document appears to have been creased when it was put into the copier, with the result that I can't read all of the entry that interests me. Only the name is legible, but the age and date are hidden. I have visited this cemetery, but I can't find the headstone I am looking for. Some of them appear to have fallen over and been buried over the years.

      I am writing to ask if you know of anyone who is familiar with this cemetery, and if anyone has another copy of this list. I have written to the Joyceville Institution, but received no reply. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
      Tony Beck

    St. John's Anglican Cemetery

      Mountain Grove

    St. Lawrence United Church Cemetery

      Wolfe Island, Frontenac County, Wolfe Island, Ontario.

    St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery

      718 Division Street, Kingston, Ontario K7K 4B9 (613) 548-4343

    St. Patrick's

      Railton, which is in Loughborouth Township. If you go out Sydenham Rd you will see the Church on your left about two miles before you turn to Sydenham. The cemetary is located on the Keely Rd, the county barns are on that corner.

    Sandhill Cemetery

      Go north of Kingston on Montreal Street which becomes The Battersea Road. Before getting to Battersea, but after passing Storrington Public School, you will see it on your right.

    Trinity Cemetery

      Wolfe Island

    Village of Verona Cemetery

      Follow Highway 38 north into the village. Just past the Ford dealer, turn right. Before you get to the lake, turn left and there you are.

    Wagarville Cemetery

      Hinchinbrooke Township, Frontenac County, Located on the Cronk Road east of Wagarville

    Wolfe Island Cemeteries

      This index includes Christ Church Cemetery, Horne Cemetery, New Roman Catholic Cemetery, Old Roman Catholic Cemetery, St. Lawrence Cemetery and Trinity Cemetery
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