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What is the name and address of the Catholic Church in Kingston ca 1850?
The Catholic Church in Kingston circa 1850 would be St. Marys. They have a web site detailing the Church the address is St. Marys Website. Thanks to Danny Kelly for this one.

In a marriage record I found, the Groom was recorded as living in Mallary or Mallory Hill. Where is this?
The only close place is Mallorytown which is between Gananoque and Brockville. This means that it is located in the united counties of Leeds and Grenville.
Thanks to Danny Kelly for this one. He is willing to answer questions of the area, as he used to live in Kingston. Please don't inundate him with questions - we don't want to lose him.

What newspaper would have been in existence in Kingston in 1847?
Argus (only one issue from 47 survived I believe). British Whig, Chronicle and Gazette, Kingston News. The above two merged in 1847 to form Chronicle and News, Upper Canada Herald All? surviving issues of Kingston papers till 1848 are indexed and the index is available on a card file at the Kingston library. If planning on ordering microfilm newspapers through interlibrary loan, I would suggest requesting them specifically from Queens University as their microfilm contains issues not on the microfilm held by the National Archives. ** Thanks to Robin Potter for this one.

What is the exact location of Pittsburgh Township?
Pittsburg Twp is a triangular shaped township just to the east of Kingston. It is formed on the south by Lake Ontario and on the east by Leeds Twp, Leeds County. Its other boundry is the river running north east from Kingston until it connects with Leeds. **Thanks to Robin Potter for this contribution.

Where should I look in Frontenac County for Palmerston and North & South Canonto for Vital Records?
Try Clarendon Twp Offices located on Highway 506 just before Plevna. Thanks Betty

Doing research this summer and need the location/directions to Latimer Cemetery in Storrington Twp and Christ Church Anglican in Wolfe Island.
This cemetery is located north on Division Street off of 401, just before you get to Inverary, Ontario. It is about 8k from 401. In the Kingston Public Library, there is a book of all the graves in Latimer Cemetery. Thanks Eileen

Is/Was there an Army Post called Kingston Barracks located near Kingston?
Yes. Parts of what is now Canadian Forces Base Kingston (on the waterfront immed. east of the city of Kingston proper) are still and were frequently unofficially referred to as such. Not certain which area was originally officially known as such-likely near the section currently referred to as Fort Frontenac and some of the now privately owned land in that area-there is a Barrack Street in downtown Kingston very close to Fort Frontenac. Thanks Ron

I'm coming to Ontario this month, and would like to know the exact location of Cataraqui (3rd twp) where Loyalists settled in 1783. Believe it's also called Fredricburg?
Fredericksburgh, originally known as the Third Township of Cataraquie was settled in 1784 by discharged verterans led by Major James Rogers. The township of Fredericksburgh was named after Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, the ninth child of King George III. The town site of Fredericksburgh was laid-out by the early surveyors in the Sandhurst District but was never developed. North and South Fredericksburgh townships extend from Lake Ontario, just east of Adolphustown, north to Napanee. A good link, which include a map, is found at map Thanks Don

The exact location of the 1783 Cataraqui is the city of Kingston. Kingston was called Cataraqui then and today there is a subsection of the city still called Cataraqui. Directions to Cataraqui are Hwy 401 to Kingston take the Sydenham St. exit south. You come to Princess street in Kingston aka Hwy #2. At this intersection if you go to the left and just after you go throu the lights before the top of the bridge you will see the Cataraqui limits sign and if you went to the right from the Sydenham and Princess intersection the west limit is before the next set of lights. The biggest cemetery in Kingston is the Cataraqui. Many famous people are buried there including the first Prime Minister of Canada. There are over 40,000 interments. From the Sydenham/Princess intersection go left (east) to the next set of lights and turn left then left again (there is a sign). I couldn't find any place called Fredricburg in Ontario. Thanks Danny

What are the churches and cemeteries in Cataraqui and their location?
There are many churches in Kingston (Cataraqui) of all denominations each one is listed in the phone book. Alternately this web site will list the cemeteries and addresses. Information Thanks Danny

Does anyone have any information on Petworth, near Verona?
Petworth is located Southwest of Westport in Lennox and Addington County. Maybe someone there will be able to provide more information. It's a very small place, not on all maps. Thanks Danny

Petworth is a small village about 30 miles northwest of Kingston. Just take County Rd. 6 north through Yarker (and Colebrook) to the first road on the right hand side. It is named after the village. Thanks Susan

Is there a place called Big Clear Lake? Believe it is in Frontenac County.
The village of Arden, Frontenac County, is on Big Clear Lake. Thanks Larry

There are two clear lakes north of Perth Road village. Big Clear and Little Clear Lake (do not mistake for Perth, Ontario). Perth Road village is in Loughborough Twp in Frontenac County. Thanks Dave

Is Plevna, Plevne, Plavna a village or township in Frontenac County?
Plevna is a village in what is now called North Frontenac County. NFC was part of the original Frontenac County. Plevna is located about 45 miles north of the village of Sharbot Lake on Hwy 506. It is in the twp of Clarendon and Miller. Thanks Beverly

Where can I gain access to city directories? Online? Lookup? Ordering?
Only the City of Kingston has ever had city directories. Print copies are available at the Kingston, Frontenac Public Library and I believe at Queen's University and the Ontario Archives in Toronto. Don't believe they have been microfilmed. Thanks Nancy

My understanding is that the National Library of Canada had a project to microform all pre 1900 city directories for Canada. If you go to the online AMICUS database at the National Library website: Select Subject Browse and enter Kingston (Ont.)--Directories (try other spellings as well such as Kingston Region Ont.) --Directories) you will find many Kingston directories available. Many of the early city directories had sections for the surrounding area. For instance, I have a copy of a page from an 1885/86 Kingston directory listing for the Township of Oso: Name - Post Office - Concession - Lot - Shortform for occupation (nearly always "f" for farmer). All the microform directories listed should be available through interlibrary loan from any library in North America. Be patient - unless they have improved, the National Library is slow. Thanks Robin

In what county is Gananoque, Ontario?
Ganonoque is in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. When you travel from Kingston to Gananoque on Hwy #2 the new city limits is marked with a county sign. The city limits ae now about 5 km east of Gananoque but before Amalgamation if was 29 Km. Thanks Danny

Is Westport in Frontenac County?
Westport is not in Frontenac County, it is in Leeds County. Thanks Dan

Are there any records of imprisoned men dating back to the earliest days of the Kingston prison?
Yes, there are records available at the Correctional Service Museum on King Street in Kingston, Ontario. However, Kingston Penitentiary housed women, children and men in the beginning. The youngest criminal being 7 years old. Thanks Jlshill

What are the townships within Frontenac County?
From North to South: Miller, Cananto, Barrie, Calrendon, Palmerston, Kennebec, Olden, Oso, Hinchinbrooke, Bedford, Portland, Loughbrorough, Storrington, Kingston, Pittsburgh & Wolfe Island. Thanks Karen

At this time I can't remember all the townships but I did recently come across a new book which does have the townships of Frontenac listed including maps of differing years..It is about $80.00 at places like Indigo Books in downtown Kingston. Thanks Dan

Where in Frontenac County is Portsmouth Township located?
Portsmouth Township does not exist - there was a Portland Township which now forms part of South Frontenac Twp. Portland Township was located in and around Hartington, Harrowsmith & Verona, Ontario. As well there is a Portsmouth Village, however it is now located within the new City of Kingston. Thanks Jlshill

What are the various islands of Frontenac County and how do they relate to Kingston (is Kingston on an island?) What percentage of Frontenac County is islands?
There is Wolfe Island, one of the largest of the 1000 islands. Also Howe Island, which is smaller. Garden Island is another small island near Wolfe. Kingston is not an island. There is now a web page created as a "home" for the islands. Link to this website can be found on the history page. Thanks Jen

The Dugout or The Dugway. It's located in or around Sydenham, Ontario. Where exactly is the area?
According to Nobe Trousdale, of Trousdale's General Store in Sydenham: The Dugout is the name given to the location where the limestone rock formations of the St. Lawrence valley meet the Granite of the Canadian Shield. In the Kingston area this occurs inan arc that starts around Gananoque and swings up north of Sydenham. When you drive north from Sydenham towards Frontenac Park you reach a point where the road goes down the face of the limestone ridge and makes a sharp turn onto the flatter area of the Shield. That point is the Dugout or the Dugaway. Thanks Wayne

Was there, or is there, a church in Kingston called Christ Church?
Christ Church is still in Kingston. It's cemetery is in with Cataraqui (Cat-a-rock-way) cemetery. Thanks Jen and Thanks Dan for the correct spelling and pronunciation.

Rockwood Hospital. Does it still exist?
Rockwood Hospital was built by inmates from the nearby Kingston Penitentuary. It still exists, but the buildings are no longer used for hospital purposes. A new hospital was constructed on the same grounds in 1956, called Kingston Psychiatric Hospital and located at 752 King Street West in Kingston. The old buildings on the hospital grounds have an interesting history and Rockwood Hospital was used recently as a filming location for a movie called Vendetta.Thanks Ed

Upper Canada/West Canada where and what is it?
Ontario was named in 1867. Before that the province was known as Upper Canada or Canada West. Between 1841-1867 Canada West was affiliated with Canada East (Quebec) to form the "Province of Canada". Canada West was renamed Ontario in 1867 when it joined the new Dominion of Canada

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