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Frontenac Pioneers

The intent of this page is to honour the ones that travelled to Frontenac County when there was no county. They are the ones who sometimes cleared their land and built their homes with little equipment or resources. In genealogy, the ordinary farmers are elevated to a place of respect and admiration. We want to know who they were.

Who were the first doctors? Who were the first lawyers? What store owners were there? Were there blacksmiths? Who settled the towns?

The United Empire Loyalists played a part in the settling of Frontenac County. (Links to UEL branches are listed below)

  • Loyalist Association of Kingston
  • Branch Listing of the United Empire Loyalsts' Association of Canada

    Biographies on some early pioneers

  • Compte de Frontenac, Governor of Canada
  • Molly Brant
  • John Brant
  • John Norton
  • Sir John Johnson
  • Sir Richard Cartwright
  • Sir John A. MacDonald
  • Sir Oliver Mowat
  • Sir Alexander Campbell
  • Captain James Sutherland
  • Hon. John Hamilton
  • Ships of the Great Lakes - names many of the captains
  • Ronald Way

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