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Germain Family Bible
Florence Howes Bible

Germain Family Bible

Contributed by Marsha E. Smith


William Germain, Caverly, Eng Aug 12, 1808 April 1841
Mary Hughes Ireland April 1841 1859
Robert E Germain Niagara, Can Mar 18, 1842 1866
Fanny Germain Pittsburg, Can April 1868
William H Germain Pittsburg, Can
John L Germain Pittsburg, Can
Richard Germain Pittsburg, Can

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William Germain, born Caverly, Eng Aug 1808 Mar 19, 1860 July 18
Elizabeth J McLean Pittsburg, Can Sept 18, 1834 Mar 19, 1860 Dec 3, 1884
Thomas Germain ditto Jan 16, 1861 Mar 1861
E. Arthur Germain ditto March 6, 1863
Mary Ann Germain ditto
Daniel Germain ditto April 15, 1867
Char[lotte] E Germain ditto
Epha. Vict. Germain ditto
Fanny Germain ditto
Wm. Milton Germain Ditto
Milner Germain Ditto

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Arthur Germain Pittsburg, Can Mar 8, 186- Mar 20, 1893 Nov 9, 1934
Agnes A McLean Inverary, Can Oct 18, 1870 Mar 20, 1893
W. Ross Germain Pittsburg, Can Dec 8, 1893
E. Edna Germain Pittsburg, Can Jan 17, 1895
Daniel Catin Germain ditto Oct 16, 1901


The bible was passed down to Edna Germain Gaunt then to Vivian Gaunt Smith then to Sheila R Smith Woodworth of Hector, NY. Hope this is helpful to someone. I would love to hear from any Germain descendants. Marsha E Smith return to top

Florence Howes Bible

Contributed by:
Muriel Villalta

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