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Mrs. Benn's Scrapbook
Reta (Lawrence) Drew’s Scrapbook
Mrs. Godfrey's Scrapbook
Mrs. Madeline (Wagar) Howes' Scrapbook

Mrs. Benn's Scrapbook

Contributed by Muriel Villalta

Olden Township History (click for larger image)

News Parham

    Parham July 6 1942
      Entrance examinations were held at Parham School with seven pupils writing. Mrs. Burleigh of Verona was the presiding teacher. C. F. Young of Parham presided at Verona.

      Arthur Goodfellow, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Goodfellow is a patient in the Kingston General Hospital, where he had a tonsil operation.

      Keith Hannah was enlisted in the RCAF as a mechanic and expects to leave soon for training.

      Hiram Wagar of the RCAF Galt spent the weekend at his home.

      Mr. And Mrs. Jack Wagar of Wallaceburg are spending three weeks with friends and relatives.

      The pupils and teachers of Parham School have purchased since school opened in September approximately $100 in war savings stamps.

      Ervine Peters and Billy hole were successful in passing their entrance on the year's work.

      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howes and son Kingston, were weekend visitors with Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Howes.

      Mrs. J. F. Charlton has returned to Belleville after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Smith.

      Grover Cleveland of Albany NY is spending a week with relatives.

      Mr. and Mrs. Hearn of Sault Ste. Marie are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rogers.

      Returns Home
      Miss Ada M. Smith, Long Lake, has returned from Kingston, where she has been holidaying with relatives and friends (Mrs. Benn has June 1942 written on this clipping.)


      AC2. Tommy Turner, RCAF, has returned to Lachine, Que., where he is stationed, after spending his Christmas leave with his parents, Lieut. And Mrs. T. J. Turner, Ellerbeck Street.


      Returns to Sydenham
      Misses Naydenne and Gwendolyn Cronk and Miss Freda Watson have returned to Sydenham High School after spending the weekend with the former's parents Mr. and Mrs. Percy Cronk at Long Lake. (Mrs. Benn has 1944 written on this clipping)


      Visit Parents
      Mrs. Frank Walhom of Goderich, Arthur Johnston of Toronto and Mrs. Herbert Campbell of Renfrew Visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston at Long Lake

      Leave ends
      Gnr. Huschel Stinson, has returned to Fredericton, N.B., after spending a short leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stinson, Long Lake.

      Home from the Hospital
      Mrs. Percy Cronk of Long Lake, who has been a patient in the Kingston General Hospital for three weeks, following an operation has returned home and is progressing favorably.


      Five Years in Council. Russell Cronk of Mountain Grove whom reeves of the townships of Frontenac County elected warden of the county council for the year 1944 is now entering his seventh year in municipal life.

      Born in the community he now represents, the son of Freeborn Cronk of Mountain Grove, he entered public life in 1937 when he become councilor of Olden Township. Two years later he became reeve and this year has topped his career by becoming warden. He has always been a farmer. The warden is married to the former Lena Hawley.


      Russell Cronk is Re-elected Reeve of Olden. Russell Cronk, present reeve of Olden Township, was swept back into office yesterday when he defeated Ernest Godfrey by 114 votes. Reeve Cronk polled 208 to Mr. Godfrey's 94.


      Olden Reeve
      Russell Cronk was elected reeve of Olden Township, when he defeated Sam Mc Crimmon in the municipal election held on Friday. Mr. Cronk, a former member of Frontenac County Council, will succed Thomas mcMunn, who is retiring from municipal life for health reasons.


      Long Lake, Oct. 14
      The Ladies' Aid held a chicken supper at the home of Percy Cronk, the sum of $35 was realized.

      A canvas of the Community has been made for Christmas soldier boxes besides socks being knitted and material donated for the making of Christmas Cake, $24 has been donated.

      Saire Stinchcombe shipped a carload of cattle last week to Toronto.

      Holiday visitors here were: Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Price, Kingston; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth MacDonald, Kingston; Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Judge, Godfrey; Mrs. M. Leslie at Wendell Smith's; Vivian Cronk at O.D. Cronk's; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bell, Desmond, and Mrs. Lucretia Drew, Moscow at G.M. Drew's.

      Victor Ball, Toronto; Sgt. Cecil gill, Ottawa, Ivy Northcote, Ottawa and Theda Benn, Ottawa, at I.L Benn's. Pearl Stinson at William Johnson's.

      Arland Benn has returned to Queen's University having been home for the weekend.

      Lorne Johnston is threshing in h Arden district.

      White Smith has returned from Roblin.

      Little Jimmy McGee has recovered after a recent illness.

    Parham June 27, 1946

      W. H. Simonett attended Grand Lodge in Toronto during the past week. Mrs. Simonett visited her daughter in Hamilton for a few days.

      Mr. and Mrs. r. Johnston of Belleville visited recently at J. W. Bray's.

      Miss Amy Wagar had returned from Peterborough where she attended the wedding of her cousin Donald Smith.

      Dr. G. L. Bateman and family of Ottawa spent a short time with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Bateman.

      Richard Wagar, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Wagar, received a bad cut on his arm when he fell recently. He was carrying a bottle which broke and cut his arm severely as to require several stitches.

      Zelda Lowery, Marion Dawe, and Roger Wagar were granted high school entrance standing on their year's work.

      Rev. W. F. Whitley and his children's choir of Tichborne won the cup for performance at the music festival recently in Mountain Grove.

    Long Lake, May 2, 194?

      Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eccles and daughters Shirley and Judith, spent Easter with Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Drew.

      Miss Theda Benn, Ottawa, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Benn.

      Mr. and Mrs. K. B. MacDonald and daughter, Jeanette, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Smith.

      White Smith visited friends at Roblin recently.

      William Johnston has returned home after visiting friends in Kingston and Watertown, N.Y.

      Miss Naydenne and Gwendolyn Cronk, Sydenham High School, are spending the holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Percy Cronk.

      Mrs. Fred Duesharm has returned home from the Kingston General Hospital.

      Mrs. Herbert Campbell. Verona, MR. and Mrs. Magie, Goderich, spent holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Stinson.

      Miss Marian Johnston spent few days in Kingston the guest of Miss Barbara Smith.

      Dickie and Reg Steele, Tichborne visited Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Drew.

      Miss Vivian Cronk, Kingston spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Cronk.

      Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stinson and daughter, Jan, Sunbury spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cota.

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Mrs. Madeline (Wagar) Howes' Scrapbook

Contributed by Muriel Villalta

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Mrs. Godfrey's Scrapbook

Courtesy of Linda Godfrey, Rochester, New York
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Reta (Lawrence) Drew’s Scrapbook

Contributed by Muriel Villalta

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