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George Sandfield Macdonald Scribble Books 1883 -1889 



              MG29 C25-33, C29 (5) 1894

              Misc names from Scribble Book #5 of George Sandfield Macdonald


              John Macdonald LANCIX

              P. Snyder LANCII

              Col. Alex McDonald (Simcoe) CHARIX

              Duncan G.

              Mrs. Angus McClellan SBranch

              Hector Ross CHAR King's Road

              Black Angus McDonald back of Hector's

              McNaughton St. Andrew's

              Donald Angus First

              Mrs. Angus at Sandy Hay's

              Miss campbell at Angus Deputy's

              Mrs. Field 3rd Str

              D. G. Macdonald

              Thomas Anderson Front

              Mrs. Col Angus Prescott

              Smith at John McSutyns below Freaserfield

              Duncan McLeod LANCVII/10 or 11

              Angus McMillan KENYV or VI 'la war' or the deaeni

              Capt Kenneth Mackenzie LOCHIV and his son

              Peggy McMillan west of du neggair? aunt of Angus McMillan KENY 5 above

              Alick McKinnon LOCHIII

              Alick Macdonald (Big) LOCHIV

              Alick Kennedy LOCHV Married to 'la wars' sister

              People to see

              John Ferguson & his sister near Robert Maclennans in the rear of Sandy Ban's.

              Mrs. Campbell at Alick the Stone Mason's on Front St.,

              Allan Cameron - constable

              Kenneth Ross - Lancaster Station

              Thomas Ross IV Lancaster Station

              Isaac Curry II Lancaster Station

              Capt. McDonell (Grey) VI Lancaster Station

              Angus (Samuel) Macdonald VI Lancaster Station

              Allan Grant, tanner, Williamstown

              Donald Macdonald VII Lancaster

              Alick McDonald St. Andrews

              Sulpier Seminary about Mr. Angus

              Miss McDonald near Brockville has a list of Capt. John McDonald's co.

              Mrs Knight

              James Macdonald (Duncan) Green Valley VII/38

              Duncan Mac En Virgin?

              John Ban McGillis people; did they come in 1786.

              Was there a John Macdonald McEigg? in CHARVIII?

              John Ronald Macdonald LANCIX/34

              Duncan McDonald LANCVIII/20

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