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Glengarry County GenWeb

Glengarry Family Web

Did your ancestors settle in Glengarry County? Do you have a web page that includes a family connection to the area? Did you or a cousin publish a family history related to a local family?

World Connect Databases

  • Anderson-Hay -- includes many Glengarry names such as Hay, Steele, Eaton, Robinson, McDonald, McDonnell, MacPhee, McCaskill, Quesnel, McClure, Welden, Falkner, McInnes, Cameron, Coleman, Noble, Millar, Villeneuve, Jamieson, Stephens, Yenor, Peyto. Sandra Anderson
  • Database of James Allan McDonald, Glengarry Scottish & French connections
  • Don and Jeanne Ross Family Tree
  • MacDonalds,MacPhersons & Related Families of Glengarry County by Jamie Moira MacPherson-MacDonald U.E.


  • I have had to prune the connected databases as they were no longer linked. The owners of the deleted sites are welcome to provide updated info and I will relink. Otherwise only the active links appear below. New links will gradually be added.    Evelyn Goulet, Mar 2010

  • Shanna Jones Family Research including Grant, Campbell, McDonald, McDonell, McPhee plus United Empire Loyalist Information in Glengarry County
  • John MacKinnon the Weaver written by Hughina MacKinnon, 1979
  • Descendants of Alexander Kennedy
  • Through the Bay -The Hector McDonald Family
  • Harney Family Research
  • The Donald McIntosh Family- Highland Emigrants to Lochiel Township,Glengarry County
  • Website with list of Glengarry Scottish settler nicknames
  • Kipp Website Site for Annual Loyalist trail tours to Mohawk Valley from Glengarry, Publications for sale, Interesting internet links
  • Ranald MacIsaac Macdonald descendants  (of Apple Hill)
  • Levi Ouellette and Hannah Poole, Human Narrative Project
  • Link to Descendant Report for Charles Edgar, Bainsville Lot 25
  • Glengarry Family Outline Descendant Reports in PDF format

    I have attached a collection of genealogies I have researched, and will upload more as I have time. I have created reports that indicate the residence and properties of pioneers of Glengarry in three of the four townships, which includes alternative names and nicknames which may help you identify your Glengarry family. These lists are incomplete. - Evelyn Goulet, Host - Glengarry Genweb

  • Please note these pdf's are 11 X 17" in print to allow a reasonable amount of information to appear.

  • Families associated with Charlottenburgh Township  (Note that reference to John Grant likely wrongly identified)
  • Families associated with Kenyon Township
  • Families associated with Lancaster Township
  • A Marriage Report listing people associated with Glengarry in my database and their spouses/marriage dates (81/2 X 11)

    In most cases I have more information on these families than posted here. My intent is not to include living generations, so if I have erred and included living persons, please advise and I will rectify. This often means I leave out the entire generation even if most are deceased. Enhanced reports available on many families through


  • Angus Ban Mcdonald of Munial
  • Donald Bhoir MacDonell
  • Fraser of Fraserfield
  • John Dhu Macdonell (Ardnabie)
  • Old Donald McGillis
  • Donald Macdonell and Catherine McGillis
  • Spanish John's father, John of Crowlin's Descendants
  • Anderson Family Descendants
  • French Family Descendants
  • Angus Macdonell, the Bard Descendants
  • Angus Down Macdonald
  • Descendants of Angus Macdonell and Marsali Cameron, Parents of Rt. Rev. Alexander Macdonell
  • Christopher and Mary MacRae
  • MacRae Pedigree
  • The following are in a new format - 8 1/2 by 11"
  • The Banker Macdonells
  • The Bethune's
  • The Cashions
  • Alex Chisholm of Kerrow
  • The Curry Family of Curry Hill
  • The Dingwall family
  • The Drummond Family
  • Fraser of Fraser's Point
  • The Gunn Family
  • Kennedy Family
  • MacLeod of Kirkhill
  • McLaren of Williamstown
  • McMartin Family
  • Murdoch McPherson Family
  • Duncan McDonell & Hannah Grant Provided by Mark Waldron. If related please contact at "Mark" <>
  • Charles Leclair Descendants
  • Isabella Macdl of Leek married to Neil McLean
  • James Young Descendants
  • John Quigley Descendants
  • The Roell Family
  • Lt. James Pringle Descendants
  • Capt. Alex MacLeod Descendants
  • MacPhaul Descendants
  • Donald MacRae Descendants
  • Benjamin Wood Descendants
  • The Bui Camerons
  • Donald Cameron/Ann Macdonell Family
  • The Jeremiah French family - Technically lived in Stormont Cty however there are interesting details in this family
  • The Gormley Family of Alexandria - With quotes and anecdotes illustrating the type of details collected in my database
  • The Anglin Family
  • The Donald Ban Mor McGillis Family
  • Caroline Barnum Family
  • Bertrand Olivier Family
  • The Blacklock Family
  • The Moses Tobin Descendants
  • Thomas Ross Descendants
  • David Munro - provided by Jack from Nova Scotia
  • Thomas Dingwall -provided by Jack from Nova Scotia

  • Family History Books

      The Loyal Americans, Shaver Emigrants to Canada.
        It is 896 pages in length, soft cover, indexed and lists 5,672 Shaver descendants, cost $47.50 plus $5. postage, USA or $15 Canada, $62.50 to Canada, USA money.
        Herman Witthoft, 141 Hudson Ave.,Chatham, NY 122037 USA
        Tel:  518-392-4544    E-mail:
      The Canadian Hay Crop 1815 1983, by William Cameron Hay, printed in May of 1983.

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