Notable Glengarrians - John Sandfield Macdoneld


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There are many colorful characters in the unique history of Glengarry County.

I've started by creating a page for John Sandfield Macdonald, prime minister of Canada (premier) before confederation. On this page will be found material not easily available anywhere else, such as a timeline Word document that I created from multible sources, and an excerpt of a journey he undertook in 1840, with his comments on what his impressions were, as well as pictures from the recent (2008) provincial ceremony at St. Andrew's West where his gravesite was acknowledged as a Historic site.



Page 1 is a Word document with the timeline.


Page 2 is the first few pages of his 1840 diary.


Page 3 is  pictures from the Premiers' Grave recognition event in 2008


Page 4 is a Genealogy chart giving the ancestry of John Sandfield and his brothers, prepared by Eugene Sandfield Macdonald grandson of his brother Donald A. Macdonald (Sandfield) of the Glengarry News, before his death in 1988.













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