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Military Group Pictures (154th), VE-DAY, Sandfield Macdonald & friends groups, School, other group records

1916 ERA for the most part

Women hoisting flags at military ceremony


Major General D. J. Macdonald in centre

 The following are all snapshots of a large framed photo of the soldiers who trained at Barryfield. The picture belonged to Col. A. G. F. Macdonald, commander of the 154th

A Political Meeting (Liberal), Donald A. Macdonald in right rear corner aided W. L. Mackenzie King in his election in Glengarry as head of the Eastern Ontario Liberal Association at the time.

VE DAY (Also next 2 pictures)





WW1 Pic of Sandfield Macdonalds. Fraser at rear died a Lieutenant at Vimy Ridge. I have a small picture book that I was told had been mailed to Fraser, and was returned undelivered the day before the family was officially advised of his death. This is one of the pictures from that book. Fraser's father, Col. A.G.F. was Lieut. Col of the 154th.

              The Sandfield Macdonald Family c. 1912

              Knights of Columbus

              Unknown, Maybe you will recognize

              From a Sandfield Macdonald photo album


              Eugene Macdonald, previous editor of the Glengarry News, is cherubic boy in centre

              Hubert Macdonald and companions

              Knights of Columbus and Priests & others

              Curling in the 1st decades of the 20th century, Donald A. Macdonald centre

              These pictures are of a funeral procession of an important Alexandria resident. Could be that of Col. A.G.F. Macdonald.

              The corner building was then called the Hub Restaurant, now the Mill Restaurant

              Life during the First World War

              Note the little Lord Fauntelroy jacket

              The Glengarry Games the year they were opened by W. L. Mackenzie King (I believe that is the 1st year the Games returned to Glengarry). MacKenzie King is making a speech.

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