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This index provides key data to help find Grey County Ontario residents in the National Archives' site of 1901 Census scans that show the complete original census sheets. Due to the difficulty of reading handwritten census entries, various interpretations of the scans at the Archives will result. Additions, corrections & proofreaders welcome.

SUMMARY name list - 33,260 to date
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Artemesia a-1
Artemesia a-2
Artemesia - Flesherton a-3
Artemesia - Flesherton a-4
Artemesia - Eugenia a-5
Artemesia - Proton Station a-6
Artemesia a-7
Artemesia a-8
Artemesia a-9

Collingwood a-1
Collingwood a-2
Collingwood a-3
Collingwood a-4
Collingwood a-5
Collingwood a-6
Collingwood a-7
Collingwood a-8
Collingwood a-9
Collingwood a-10
Collingwood - Clarksburg a-11
Collingwood a-12
Collingwood a-13

DERBY (first 13 columns)
Derby a-1
Derby a-2
Derby a-3
Derby a-4
Derby a-5

Egremont d-1
Egremont - Dromore d-2
Egremont - Holstein d-3
Egremont - Yeovil d-4
Egremont d-5
Egremont d-6

Euphrasia c-1
Euphrasia c-2
Euphrasia c-3
Euphrasia - Kimberley c-4
Euphrasia c-5
Euphrasia c-6
Euphrasia c-7
Euphrasia c-8
Euphrasia c-9

HOLLAND (first 13 columns)
Holland - Chatsworth b-1
Holland - Walter's Falls b-2

Normanby g-1
Normanby - Ayton g-2
Normanby - Neustadt g-3
Normanby g-4
Normanby g-5
Normanby g-6

Osprey f-1
Osprey f-2
Osprey f-3
Osprey f-5
Osprey f-6

Proton - Cedarville g-1
Proton -Hopeville g-2
Proton g-3
Proton g-4
Proton - Proton Station g-5
Proton g-6

St. Vincent h-1
St. Vincent h-2
St. Vincent h-3
St. Vincent h-4
St. Vincent h-5
St. Vincent h-6
St. Vincent h-7
St. Vincent h-8
St. Vincent h-9

Thornbury j-1, j-2, j-3

Artemesia, Egremont, Normanby, Osprey & Proton - by Brenda MacDonald : emails Aug 2002 - Oct 2002
Derby & Holland - by John Tracy : emails Aug 2002 - Sept 2002
Collingwood, Euphrasia, St. Vincent & Thornbury - by Gerald Dunnill : Aug 2002 - Oct 2002

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