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   This boat, which belonged to the fleet of the Great Northern Transit Company, was wrecked about Sept. 14th 1892, and the only two passengers saved were Miss Christy Ann Morrison, near Owen Sound and D.A. Tinkiss of Manetowaning. The story told by Mr. Tinkiss was substantially as follows:

   "I went aboard the Asia at Owen Sound on Wednesday at midnight, the steamer was crowded, all the staterooms being full, and many passengers lying the sofas and the cabin floor. All went well until 11 o’clock Thursday morning when the storm struck us. I was in my berth at the time. My uncle J.H. Tinkiss jumped up and said that the boat was doomed.

   I got a life preserver and put it on. The boat went into the trough of the sea and would not obey her helm. She rolled heavily for twenty minutes, when she was struck by a heavy sea and foundered going down with engines working about 11:30. I saw three boats lowered. I was in the first boat, but so many got in it that it turned over. Twice parties were hanging on to my life preserver, which got displaced, and I threw it off. I then swam to the captain’s boat, and the purser helped me in but he said there was little use in doing so. There were 18 in the captain’s boat. Our boat rolled over, and the purser, poor John McDougall, was soon lost. People were hanging on to the spar and other parts of the wreckage. Our boat was full of water and the sea was constantly breaking over us. One of the first to die was the cabin boy. Our number soon became reduced to seven, five of whom died before reaching the shore. Captain Savage was the last to die in my arms about midnight on Thursday. The boat finally stranded near Point aux Baril about daylight on Friday with Miss Morrison and myself, the only two surviving. We went down to the beach and lay there all night. About 8 o’clock Saturday morning an Indian came along and we engaged him to bring us to Parry Sound. All together there were about 100 on board the Asia.

Source: newspaper unknown - article found in a scrapbook. Possibly either the Owen Sound Sun-Times or Wiarton Echo.

Submitted by: G Thompson

Transcribed by: Gerald Dunnill

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