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MEAFORD EXPRESS (1925) - Samuel Dutcher, Meaford's veteran lighthouse keeper, died at four o'clock on Tuesday morning in his 96th year. The deceased was born in 1830 in the township of King some 25 miles north of Toronto, in its York infancy, before it was incorporated as a city. He was a middle-aged man before he reached Meaford in 1872. He saw Meaford change during the last half century from a wilderness port of call on Georgian Bay into the bright and prosperous town which it is today. He was a pioneer man in more senses than one.
   When a lad of 21 he fired on the "Lady Elgin", perhaps the first job of firing done in Upper Canada. Three years after reaching Meaford in 1875, Mr. Dutcher was appointed lighthouse keeper. In those days the lighthouse consisted of a 20 foot pole. Three years later the Government erected a modern lighthouse, 60 feet high from the dock on which it stood to the top of the lantern. He never once missed in his years of attendance a single evening, when he did not climb the lantern as dusk fell and put a match to the lamps which earlier in the day he had trimmed and fed the gallons of coal oil which they consumed. The captains when coming from Owen Sound way would say: "You can see that light 12 miles away", and would then remark, "That's Dutcher's light."
   His salary as lighthouse deeper was $260. a year, and this salary was paid him until the time of his death, although the lighthouse is now on steel stilts, which needs attendance neither day nor night.
   Mr. Dutcher was twice married and is survived by his second wife and ...............

Lakeview Cemetery, Meaford, Ontario tombstone inscription, from BGOGS :

Ann MALLOY wife of Samuel Dutcher died Sept 29 1898 age 66 yr
Samuel Dutcher 1830 - 1925
Mrs. Calvin Dutcher   - 1949

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Obituary Source: Meaford Express

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