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MEAFORD EXPRESS (1911) - An old and respected resident of the town passed away on Monday morning in the person of Mr. Charles Ellis in the 74th year of his age. He was a sufferer from kidney trouble and anemia and had been ailing for going on three years, though he was not obliged to confine himself to the house until quite recently. He was taken out for a drive about two weeks since and conversed freely and pleasantly with several old acquaintances whom he chanced to meet.
   Mr. Ellis was born at Boar's Island, near Tenterden, on May 25th, 1838, and came to Canada with his parents in 1851. The family settled at what was familiarly known as "Little England", between the 9th and 11th lines north, At. Vincent. After working for some time in Stratford's sawmill at Centreville the deceased went to learn carpentering with the late James A. Ellis. He worked at his trade for some years and then took out an agency for the sale of nursery stock, at which occupation he was very successful.
   In 1863 Mr. Ellis was married to Miss Harriet Ellis, daughter of the late J. Ellis already mentioned. Though a carpenter by occupation, he had a liking for farming, as he was in possession of the Kirkpatrick farm at Centreville for some time and also lived on a farm on the 7th line.
   On moving to Meaford in 1891 the deceased erected a fine brick house on Union street, Kent, where he continued to reside until his death. He went quite extensively into the nursery business, besides carrying on market gardening.
   In religion Mr. Ellis was a Disciple and in politics a staunch Conservative of the old school. He was a member of the Town Council of 1909 and 1910, during which time he ably discharged the duties of chairman of the Printing Committee. He was an active member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. Though seemingly of a reserved disposition, Mr. Ellis was a man to whom it was always a pleasure to talk, as he was a most agreeable disposition and never failed .......(remainder of article missing)

Source: Meaford Express

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