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MEAFORD EXPRESS (1912) - This week it is our sad duty to chronicle the death of Mr. Wm. Stewart, one of the early settlers of Meaford and one who was for many years a conspicuous figure in the mercantile life of the town. The deceased had been ailing for the past few years from troubles accentuated to some extent by old age, although not of so serious a nature as to confine him to his bed until within a week or so of his demise.
   Mr. Stewart was born in the township of Ottonabee, near Peterborough, 80 years ago last May and came to Meaford in the year 1856. In 1857 he was married to Christina McIntosh, daughter of the late Donald McIntosh, of Cape Rich. Mrs. Stewart predeceased him eight years ago. Shortly after coming to Meaford the deceased was joined by his brother James. The two brothers then formed a partnership and for some years carried on business as general storekeepers and grain merchants. An unfortunate incident in their business career was the heavy loss they sustained in 1865 by the sinking, a short distance from Meaford, of a vessel loaded with grain upon which there was not a cent of insurance. After the dissolution of the partnership the deceased started a merchant tailoring store in the frame building adjoining the post office which he continued to carry on until his retirement seven years ago.
   In politics Mr. Stewart was a staunch Liberal of the old school. He was never known to shirk his duty when asked to take an active part in furthering the interests of his party. He followed closely the reports of the proceedings of both Houses of Parliament and could discuss intelligently the questions that formed the subjects of debate from time to time. In municipal affairs also he took an active part, not as a speaker, but as a critic and a frequent contributor to the columns of the local press. He was a Town Councillor for some years. He believed it was the duty of every rate payer to take an interest in the administrative affairs of the town. He was strongly of the opinion that men holding municipal office should be above reproach not only in regard to their personal qualifications, but also with respect to the ability necessary to discharge their duties in a manner creditable to themselves and acceptable to the citizens of the town generally. His influence was always on the side of industry and enterprise, and seldom, if ever, was he wanting when opportunities were offered for making known to outsiders the advantages which Meaford possessed as a manufacturing and mercantile centre. In other words, it can be truthfully said of the deceased that he was a man whose upright living and firmness of purpose served to impress all with the honesty and sincerity of his life.
   Early in life Mr. Stewart joined the Presbyterian church, which he attended regularly. He could relate some interesting stories of the early history of Meaford and of the privations endured by many of the early pioneers who took up land in this portion of the Province, Mrs. J.C. Grant is the only person now living in Meaford who was here when he arrived.
   The deceased is survived by three sons and five daughters; William M.A, Grimsby; Charles, Winnipeg; Robert, Dawson City; Mrs. J.G. Sing, Toronto; Mrs. Chas. Telfer, Collingwood; Mrs. D.M. Brodie, Sudbury; Mrs. R.B. Gray and Mrs. (Dr.) Bennett, Meaford.

Lakeview Cemetery, Meaford, Ontario tombstone inscription, from BGOGS :

Christina wife of Wm Stewart
died Nov 8 1904 age 68 yr
William died Aug 13 1912 age 80 yr
Robert 1828 - 1975
John a son of Wm & Christina Stewart died
Dec 30 1880 age 23 yr

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Obituary Source: Meaford Express

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