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Mrs. Catharine Sutton, Sarawak
Mrs. Catharine Sutton, a Chippewa Indian, was born either in the fall of 1823 or 1824, on the river Credit Flats. At the time of her birth her parents were Pagans, being entirely ignorant of the Christian faith and plan of salvation. Soon after her birth they went up to the Grand River, where the Credit Band was collecting for the purpose of listening to the story of the cross from the late Rev. Peter Jones and others. Soon her parents embraced christianity, and with their child were baptized. In the following year the whole band moved to the Credit, where the government built their village, church and school-house. Here she was early instructed in the truths of the Bible, and when about twelve years of age was converted to God. Soon after her conversion she accompanied the Rev. Peter Jones' wife to England, and was present at the Queen's coronation. In the year 1860 she again visited England for the purpose of laying before Her Majesty the wrongs of her deeply injured race, and seeking redress. She had an honourable introduction to the Queen, who manifested a great deal of sympathy for the poor Indian.
   Mrs. Sutton was a general favourite both among white people and Indians. Her education, affability of manner and christian deportment rendered her capable of associating with, and enjoying herself among all classes. When in the Lake Superior country she has often stood with the Missionary as an interpreter.
   Mrs. Sutton was a devoted christian, always ready for every good work. Many will remember with pleasure the honorable testimony she had frequently borne, both in public and private, to the power of saving grace. She had strong confidence in God's faithfulness and willingness to answer prayer. When on her way to England, she was recommended to an individual in New York as a person likely to aid her in her undertaking, but was disappointed. In a strange country, without friends or acquaintances, she retired and laid her case before her heavenly Father, who answered in a remarkable manner. A lady called at the hotel and enquired for her, who with her husband, took a deep interest in her welfare; they told her they were friends and had her removed to a private residence. The friends, having examined her papers and finding she was no imposter, appointed a committee to take her case into consideration; and she was soon furnished with the funds necessary to defray her expenses to England.
   Mrs. Sutton was strong in her attachments to all denominations of christians--loving piety wherever it was found, but she was particularly attached to the Methodists, whom God had made instrumental in rescuing her people from the most degraded state of drunkeness, poverty and paganism. When in England a child was born to her, and a Clergyman of the Church of England called on her wishing to baptise it, saying that it would be of great pecuniary benefit to the child; she however refused, and had it baptized by one of the Secretaries of the Wesleyan Missionary Society.
   Her acquaintance with the Scriptures was very extensive, and frequently it was her delight to relate and explain Bible stories to her people, particularly the aged who were very desirous to have her do so.
   For two and a half years Mrs. Sutton had suffered very much with Asthma, during which time she was evidently ripening for her home on high. For several weeks before she died her health was greatly improved, and on the morning of the day of her death left home for Leith, six miles distant, in very buoyant spirits; on the way home she took bad and expired, in a few moments after being brought into the house. She died surrounded by her family and my colleague, Bro. Kidd, repeating these words, "Jesus, I want to love thee better". She died on the 26th of September, leaving a husband and seven children to mourn her loss.
Keppel, Oct. 1, 1865                     J.O.*

[or J.G.? or J.Q.?]

Source: County of Grey - Owen Sound Museum: Transcript of the obituary for Catharine Sutton that was published in the Christian Guardian, November 8, 1865.

Submitted by: Susan Schank

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Comment: Susan Schank is the ggg grandaughter of Catherine and William Sutton

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