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Listed in alpha order by cemetery name

  • All Saint's Anglican (Oneida Twp. ER L20, McCloy's)
  • Anderson Family Plot (Oneida Twp., abandoned, Anderson Block)
  • Anger, River Rd. (Dunn Twp. private, C2, L7)
  • Balmoral United Church (Rainham Twp. C8, L1)
  • Bethel Brethren (Rainham Twp. C4, L13)
  • Bethany United Church, Diltz Rd. (Moulton Twp. C2 Pt. L16)
  • Bretzler (Rainham Twp. C3, L5)
  • Briggs (Canborough Twp. C Jarden sideroad L8)
  • Caledonia Municipal (Oneida Twp. L5-6)
  • Canborough (Canborough Twp. C1, L14)
  • Canfield (North Cayuga Twp. C IN L9)
  • Chalmers Presbyterian (Walpole Twp. C8, L18)
  • Cheapside Baptist (Walpole Twp. C3, L18)
  • Cheapside United Church (Walpole Twp. C3, L19)
  • Christ Church, Anglican (Dunn Twp. C2, L24)
  • Christ Church Aglican (Walpole Twp. C1, L5, Nanticoke)
  • Chrysler or Rockport Church Cemetery (
  • Cook Family Plot (Oneida Twp., abandoned, Cook Block)
  • Cowell, private (South Cayuga Twp. County Rd. at Lines, L13)
  • Decewsville (North Cayuga Twp. C IN L43)
  • Dunn United Church (Dunn Twp. C1, L1)
  • East Seneca United Church (Seneca Twp. C1 ESCR L6)
  • Ebenezer United Church (Seneca Twp. C1 ESCR L7)
  • Edwards (Tyneside-Seneca Twp.) (see Tyneside)
  • Evangelical (Rainham Twp. R5, S , L6, C5)
  • Garnet United Church (Walpole Twp., Hullsville, C11, L9)
  • Gill (North Cayuga Twp. C IN L56)
  • Gore (Oneida Twp., C2, L24, about 1 mile north of Onieda on Hwy. 5)
  • Greenwood (Springvale-Walpole Twp. C14, L7)
  • Hagersville Union (Walpole Twp. C14, L11/12) (Haldimand & Brant Counties)
  • Hartford Methodist Episcopal (Walpole Twp. C16, L1) (Haldimand & Norfolk Counites)
  • Highbanks (Sherbrooke Baptist, C1, L11, Lakeshore Rd., Sherbrooke Twp.)
  • Indiana Roman Catholic (Seneca Twp. L16/17/18
  • Inman Road (Moulton Twp. C2, L16-17)
  • Jubilee (Oneida Twp., C River Range Rd., L57)
  • Kirk (Moulton Twp. C1, L19)
  • Knox Presbyterian (Jarvis Vlg. Walpole Twp. C8, L4)
  • Kohler United (Zion) (N. Cayuga Twp. C3, L22)
  • Longs Pioneer (Nanticoke, Walpole Twp. C3, L18)
  • Lowbanks (Moulton Twp. C1, L6 Lakeshore Rd., Moulton Twp.)
  • Lymburner (Canborough Twp. C3, L1 2 stones)
  • Lutheran Redeemer (Rainham Twp. N . L4, C4)
  • McCollom (Canborough Twp. C3, L2)
  • McGaw, also Steele (Walpole, near Cheapside Side Rd. C1, L18,
    opposite corner from Wm. Pugsley McDonald School Museum)
  • Melick (Canborough Twp. C1, L14)
  • Mennonite (Hoover Farm) (Rainham Twp. C2, N , L4)
  • Mennonite (Walpole Twp.)
  • Moote's (Canborough Twp. C3, L8
  • Mt. Carmel (Moulton Twp. C South Forks Rd. L9)
  • Mt. Healy (Oneida Twp., Mt. Healy Rd. L60)
  • Mt. Olivet United (North Cayuga Twp., C1 L30)
  • Nanticoke Christian Church (Walpole Twp.)
  • Nanticoke Union (Walpole Twp. C1, L5)
  • North Cayuga (North Cayuga Twp., abandon, C2, L13)
  • Old Anglican (Walpole Twp. C16)
  • Providence (North Cayuga C IN L15)
  • Rainham Centre Baptist (Rainham Twp. C1, L12)
  • Rainham Centre Methodist Disciples (Rainham Twp. C1, L12)
  • Rainham Evangelical United Brethren (Rainham Twp. C3, L6)
  • Rainham Mennonite, Hoover (Rainham Twp. C1, L6)
  • Reformed Mennonite (Rainham Twp., abandoned, C2, L5)
  • Redeemer Luthern (Fisherville-Rainham Twp. C4, L5)
  • Riverside (Dunnville Twp.)
  • Riverside (Cayuga Vlg. 3 sections)
  • St. Anne's Roman Catholic (Jarvis-Walpole Twp. C8, L13, Sects. A & B)
  • St. John's Anglican (Cheapside-Walpole Twp. C2, L19)
  • St. John's Anglican (South Cayuga Twp. C7, L9)
  • St. John's Anglican (York, Seneca Twp. C4, L1)
  • St. Michael's Roman Catholic (Dunnville Twp.)
  • St. Patrick's Roman Catholic (Oneida Twp. Caledonia Town)
  • St. Paul's Anglican (Jarvis-Walpole Twp. C7, L4)
  • St. Paul's Anglican (Seneca Twp. in Caledonia Town)
  • St. Stephen's Roman Catholic (North Cayuga Twp. C IN L33)
  • Sinclairville United Church (Seneca Twp. C4, L6
  • Selkirk Union (Rainham Twp. C2, L2)
  • South Cayuga Baptist (South Cayuga Twp. C4, L16)
  • South Cayuga Evang., United Brethren (South Cayuga Twp. C7 L14)
  • South Cayuga Mennonite (South Cayuga Twp. C6, L14)
  • Springvale, see Greenwood
  • Steele, see McGaw (Walpole Twp.)
  • Steen Burying Grounds (Springvale-Walpole Twp.)
  • Steen (Upper) (South Cayuga Twp. C5, L18
  • Sweet Corners Christian Disciples (Rainham Twp. C1, L19)
  • Sweets Corners Union (Rainham Twp. C2, L19)
  • Trinity Lutheran (Fisherville-Rainham Twp. C4, L6)
  • Tyneside, also Edwards (Seneca Twp., Tynside Rd.
    On private property. Owner & keeper, Roy Cox, C1, WSCR, L13)
  • Unity United Church (Seneca Twp. R1 WPR L3)
  • Wesleyan (Old Methodist) ( Seneca Twp. in Caledonia Town)
  • Wesley United Church (Jarvis-Walpole Twp. C8, L3)
  • White Church (see Rainham Evan. United Brethren)
  • Windecker (North Cayuga Twp. C3, L18)
  • Young Deceu (Oneida Twp. C1, L41)
  • Young-Nelles (Seneca Twp.)
  • Zoar (Seneca Twp. C1 ESCR L5)

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Transcriptions © Ontario Genealogical Society
  • Index---------------------MS 451 Reel 76
  • Dunn Twp.--------------MS 451 Reel 52
  • Moulton Twp.----------MS 451 Reel 21
  • North Cayuga Twp.---MS 451 Reel 5, 52
  • Oneida Twp.------------MS 451 Reel 29, 57
  • Rainham Twp.----------MS 452 Reel 21, 52, 53
  • Seneca Twp.------------MS 451 Reel 5, 29, 41, 57, 53
  • South Cayuga Twp.---MS 451 Reel 53
  • Walpole Twp.----------MS 451 Reel 5, 21, 53, 54
  • Miscellaneous---------MS 451 Reel 5

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Dear Ancestor:

Your tombstone stands among the rest
Neglected and alone
The name and date are chiseled out
On polished marble stone
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn
You did not know that I exist
You died and I was born
Yet each of us are cells of you
In flesh and blood and bone
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
Entirely not our own
Dear Ancester, the place you filled
One hundred years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left
Who would have loved you so
I wonder if you lived and loved
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot
And come to visit you

Author Unknown



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