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and their various names, not included in the above map.
You may see these names in film indexes, records or books.
Some exist today. Twps. may be duplicated in other counties.
There also are Haldimand Twps. in Newcastle District
(census 1803-1847) & Northumberland County (census 1842-1891).
Reading below about Haldimand, will clarify some differences.

A brief quote from Wm H. Smith's 1846 Canada West Gazetteer:

A settlement in the township of Dunn; situated on the Grand River,
about one quarter of a mile from Dunnville. It contains about
sixty inhabitants, one grist mill, two saw mills, and two taverns.

A county in the Niagara District; it comprises the townships of Canboro,
Cayuga, Dunn, Moulton, Sherbrooke, and for the purposes of
representations in the Legislative Assembly, and of registration of
titles only, the townships of Seneca, Oneida, Rainham and Walpole.
It returns a member to the House of Assembly.

A township in the Newcastle District; it is bounded on the east by
the township of Cramahe and Percy; on the north by Alnwick; on the
west by Hamilton; and on the south by Lake Ontario.

Corrections? Any to add? 

  • Attercliffe (Canborough Twp.)
  • Attercliffe Sta. (Dunnville Twp.)
  • Balmoral (Walpole Twp.)
  • Beavers Corner (Oneida Twp.)
  • Blackheath (Seneca Twp.)
  • Byng (Dunn Twp.)
  • Caledonia Vlg.
  • Canfield (North Cayuga Twp.)
  • Cayuga
  • Cayuga Twp.
  • Cheapside (Walpole Twp.)
  • Clanbrassil (Oneida Twp.)
  • Cranston (Oneida Twp.)
  • Decewsville (North Cayuga Twp.)
  • Dufferin (Oneida Twp.)
  • Dunnville, (Moulton) not the same as Dunn Twp.
  • Edward (North Cayuga Twp.)
  • Empire Corners (Seneca Twp.)
  • Erie (Walpole Twp.)
  • Featherton (Rainham Twp.)
  • Fisherville (Rainham Twp.)
  • Garnet (Walpole Twp.)
  • Gill (Walpole Twp.)
  • Grand Point (Dunn Twp.)
  • Guilford
  • Hagersville (Haldimand & Brant Counties)
  • Haldimand (Dunn Twp.)
  • Hartford (Haldimand & Norfolk Counties
  • Highbanks (Sherbrooke Twp.)
  • Indiana (Seneca Twp. no longer exists)
  • Jarvis (Walpole Twp.)
  • Keadon Park (Walpole Twp.)
  • Kohler (North Cayuga Twp.)
  • Lowbanks (Moulton Twp)
  • Mohawk Island (Sherbrooke Twp.)
  • Moulton Sta. (Moulton Twp.)
  • Mount Carmel (Moulton Twp.)
  • Mount Healy (Oneida Twp.)
  • Nanicoke (Walpole Twp.)
  • Nelles Corners (Rainham Twp.)
  • Nober (Walpole Twp.)
  • Port Maitland (Moulton Twp.)
  • Sandusk (Walpole Twp.)
  • Selkirk (Walpole Twp.)
  • Seneca Twp. (presently, Town of Haldimand)
  • Sherbrooke Forest (Sherbrooke Twp.)
  • Sim Locks (Seneca Twp.)
  • Six Nations Corner (Oneida Twp.)
  • Springvale (Walpole Twp.)
  • Stromness (Sherbrooke Twp.)
  • Sweets Corners (Rainham Twp.)
  • Tyneside (Seneca Twp.)
  • Upper (South Cayuga Twp.)
  • Varency (Walpole Twp.)
  • White Oaks Village (Walpole Twp.)
  • Williamsville (Walpole Twp. no longer exists)
  • Willow Grove (Oneida Twp.)
  • Woodlawn Park (Walpole Twp.)
  • York

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