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APPLE, Johnny b. 5 Apr 1860 Sherbrooke, Haldimand Co./APPLE, John & JONES, Susan/mar. SMITH, Sarah/Sherbrooke/Toronto, On./Quebec/ 5 May 1930 Montreal, Quebec/

  • ARMSTRONG, Albert Wesley b. 16 May 1863 Hagersville, Haldimand Co., Ontario/ ARMSTRONG, John & HARRIS, Sarah Adeline/Manitoba/d. 17 Jul 1944 Reston, Manitoba/
    Allan Ready

  • BAMBRICK, Patrick J. b. 16 Aug 1877 Cayuga, Haldimand Co./ BAMBRICK, Thomas & SMITH, Mary Elizabeth/mar. CASEY, Agnes C./Cayuga/0 Buffalo, Erie Co., New York/d. 6 Jun 1955 Buffalo, Erie Co., New York/
    Steve Bamrick

  • BARRY, William b. abt April 1851 Haldimand Co./BARRY, Daniel & COLLINS, Mary/
    mar. SMITH, Mary Ann/Dunnville/Primate, Saskatchewan/
    d. 20 September 1928 Primate, Saskatchewan/buried Macklin, Saskatchewan/
    Suzanne Stewart

  • BARRY, Daniel Patrick b. 5 July 1882 Dunnville, Haldimand Co./BARRY, William & SMITH Mary Ann/
    mar. O'CONNELL, Mary Terese/Dunnville/Primate, Saskatchewan/Lisburn, Alberta/
    d. 12 October 1942 Edmonton, Alberta/buried South Park Cemetery, Sangudo, Alberta/
    Suzanne Steward

  • BARZEE, James/(mar. WHITHAM, Elizabeth (Betsy)/b. 1793/New York?/BARZEE, Lawrence & TANNER, Thankful/ Haldimand Co./Ohio, USA 1838/Mississippi, USA 1851/

  • BELL, Jane b. 28 Feb 1848 Walpole Twp./BELL, James & LOCK, Louisa/Oconto Co., Wisconsin/
    (mar. CHRISTIAN, Peter)/d. 28 Dec 1939 Abrams, Oconto Co., Wisconsin/
    James Schneider

  • BOOSE, William Fretz b. 6 Sep 1856 South Cayuga/BOOSE, John & FRETZ, Dianah/
    mar. SITTER, Emma b. 1858/Essex County, Ontario/
    Pam Tessier

  • CARRUTHERS, Allan Gow, b 29 Jan 1893, Cayuga, Cayuga Twp, Haldimand Co/CARRUTHERS James Gow & GOW Susannah/ mar ALLEN, Grace Emily 1 June 1920 Vancouver, B.C./ d 21 Mar 1953 Vancouver, B.C./buried Masonic Cemetary, Burnaby, B.C., Canada Ann Ryder

  • DeBOICE, John b. 25 May 1833 Haldimand Co. Ontario/DeBOICE/DeBOYS, Archibald & Rebecca/mar. ORVIS, Mariah/ Haldimand, Ontario/Myrtle, Ontario/Niagara Falls, Welland Co., Ontario/d. 9 Sep 1913 Niagara Falls, Welland Co., Ontario/
    Annette Anderson

  • DICKOUT, Enoch Alexander (mar. SNIVELY, Priscilla)/b. 19 Sep 1846/Sherbrooke/ DICKOUT, Thomas & MOORE, Margaret/Bayham Twp., Elgin County/d. 22 Oct 1889 Elgin County, On./
    Paddy Chitty

  • DOUGLASS, George b 1824, wife Mary b 1827, children: Margaret, John, William, Robert (my ggrandfather b 1855, Isabella & "Malt'n" North Cauyuga. Douglass, William & Matthew brothers to George.
    Julia Douglass

  • EFFRICK/IFFRIG, Francis Jacob/b. 17 Aug 1804 Alsace-Lorrain, France/ IFFRIG, Anthony & ?/mar. CRAMER. Christina 22 July 1834 Bucks Co., Pennsylvania/ Alsace-Lorrain, France/Plumstead, Pennsylvania/Canboro, On./d. 16 Apr 1856 Canboro/
    Noreen French

  • EFFRICK, John b. 4 May 1837 Bucks Co., PA/(mar. 17 Nov 1858, STRINGER, Margaret)/EFFRICK, Jacob & CRAMER, Christina (remar. WAY & FOLLICK/Plumstead, PA/Canborough, On./Pelham/Fenwick/ d. 4 May 1917/
    Noreen French

  • EFFRICK, Mary (mar. FRENCH, James)/b. 17 Aug 1844/Canborough/EFFICK, Jacob & CRAMER, Christina (remar. WAY & FOLLICK/ Canborough, On./Hamilton, Ontario/Harrisville, Michigan/Deerfield, Michigan/d. 25 Feb 1929 Deerfield, Michigan/
    Noreen French

  • EFFRICK, Peter (mar. Emma BEAVERS 1874)/b. 24 Jan 1849/Welland, Ontario/EFFRICK, Jacob & CRAMER, Christina (remar. WAY & FOLLICK/Welland, Ontario/Canborough, Ontario/Saginaw, Michigan/d. 29 Mar 1932 Harrisville, Michigan/
    Noreen French

  • EFFRICK, Susannah (mar. 14 Nov 1855, SWAYZE, Jesse/b. 22 Feb 1838 Bucks Co., Pa./EFFRICK, Jacob & CRAMER, Christina (remar. WAY & FOLLICK)/Plumstead, Pennsylvania/Canborough, Ontario/Pelham, Ontario/Harrisville, Michigan/Ceresco, Nebraska/d. 12 Feb 1893 Ceresco, Nebraska/
    Noreen French

  • ELDER, Susan b. 1810-20 Scotland/ELDER, Peter & Lillias/(mar NICOL, Andrew)/Haldimand Co./Ayr, On./
    Hal Hicks
  • FAWCETT, Alice Jane b.1856 Dunnville, Haldimand Co, ON/ FAWCETT, James & SLINGER, Ann / mar. BURKE, John Apr 1874 Dunnville, Haldimand Co, ON/ mig. Rochester, NY, USA 1867/ d. 5 May 1923 Rochester, NY, USA/ Laurie Winter

  • FIELD, Charles (marr. DOERNER, Clara 23 Aug 1896 New York City) b. 20 Sep 1866 Walpole Twp./FIELD, Hiram & VASBINDER, Anna/Jenison, MI; Brooklyn, NY/d. 22 Apr 1931 Weehawken, NJ/FIELD, Charles

  • FIELD, Hiram (marr. VASBINDER, Anna) b. 5 Jun 1833 Walpole Twp./FIELD, David McFall & McCOY, Mary Sarah (Sally)/d. 29 Oct 1920 Georgetown Twp., Ottawa Co., MI/FIELD, Charles

  • FITZGERALD, Michael b. 1814 County Limerick, Ireland/(mar. McMAHON, Margaret)/FITZGERALD, James/Grafton, Haldimand Co./ Penfield, N.Y. 1847/Livingston Co., Michigan 1851/d. 1907 Livingston Co., Michigan/
    Harold Fitzgerald

  • FRASER, Simon b. 1818 Scotland/FRASER, James & MUNRO, Catherine/(mar. McQUARRIE, Flora)/Caldonia, Haldimand Co., Ontario/Manitoulin Isl. (Gore Bay)/ d. C1880
    Wilmer Fawcett

  • FRENCH, Emma (mar. BEACH, Edward; mar. SMITH, George; mar. POOL, Edwin)/b. 19 Nov 1862 Hamilton, Ontario/FRENCH, James & EFFRICK, Mary/Hamilton, Ontatio/Canborough, Ontario/Deerfield, Michigan/d. 26 Dec 1954 Deerfield, Michigan/
    Noreen French

  • FRENCH, Milo Richard, (mar. FLEMMING, Clella 30 Sep 1889)/b. 6 May 1865 Harrisville, Michigan/FRENCH, James & EFFRICK, Mary/Harrisville, Michigan/Canborough, Ontario/ Deerfield, Michigan/Dundee, Michigan/Berkley, Ohio/d. 7 Aug 1937 Berkley, Ohio/
    Noreen French

  • FRENCH, William A. b. 3 Mar 1849 Pelham, Ontario/FRENCH, Robert & YOUNG, Letty Ann/mar. DAY, Delia/mar. Wilkerson, Mary Alice 12 Feb 1877/ Pelham, Ontario/Canboro, Ontario/Chicago, Illinois/Dundee, Michigan/d. 2 Mar 1903 Saginaw, Michigan/bur. Dundee, Michigan
    Noreen French

  • GIFFORD, Harvey b. 1805 New York/(mar. DELAIR, Eliza & YEAGER, Lydia)/GIFFORD, Perry & unknown/Haldimand Co./Ogle Co. Illinois USA 1853/Cherokee Co., Iowa USA 1876/d. Cherokee Co. Iowa USA 1876/d. 1886 Cherokee Co. Iowa USA/
    Roy Siple
  • GORDON, James b. 12 Aug 1831 Banffshire, Scotland m. GRANT, Jessie b. cir 1837 Banffshire Scotland / d. 1905 Gordon Twp., Manitoulin Island / Nancy

  • GOSS, Catherine b. 15 Apr 1838 N. Cayuga, Haldimand Co., Ontario/GOSS, Lawrence & COOK, Margaret/
    mar. 25 Dec 1855, WILD, Thomas/d. 22 Sep 1913 Bay City, Michigan/
    Moldymi (Researcher's name not given)

  • Grassie, Agnes Gertrude b. 08, Feb.1881, Binbrook township Blackheath , Ontario d. Jan. 31, 1979 d/o Grassie George b. April 21, 1838 & McCulloch Euphemia b. Oct. 15, 1851, Agnes Gertude m. Larkin, William b.20, Mar. 1879 Liverpool, England, d.Dec. 25, 1940 s/o Larkin, John & Ritchie Agnes. Parents Grassie William & Anderson Ann immigrated from Scotland 1847 to Albion, Mills, Wentworth county Ontario with 13 children. /Judith

  • HEDGES, Charles Henry b. 1 July 1888, Peacock Point, Walpole, Haldimand Co, ON/HEDGES, Henry Leuty & TURNBULL, Helen/mar. Myrtle Jewel Wynes/Haldimand Co, Ontario/Creditville, Oxford Co./Oyen, Alberta/Brandon, Manitoba/Volborg, Montana/Miles City & Libby, Montana/Chula Vista, San Diego, California/11 August 1972, El Cajon California/Carol Morrow
  • HEDGES, Henry Leuty b. 6 October 1854 Peacock Point Haldimand Co./HEDGES, William George & LEUTY, Margaret/mar. TURNBULL, Helen/ Peacock Point, Walpole Twp,Haldimand Co./Creditville, E. Oxford Twp, Oxford Co./Harrow, S Colchester Twp, Essex Co./17 July 1928, Harrow, Essex Co. ON/Carol Morrow
  • HEDGES, William Andrew b. 24 February 1887, Haldimand Co, ON/Hedges, Henry Leuty & TURNBULL, Helen/mar. DANBROOK, Ruth Naomi/Peacock Point, Haldimand Co/Creditville, Oxford Co./Oyen, Alberta/Fort St John, BC/25 July 1928, Fort St John, BC/Carol Morrow
  • HUMFRIES, Minnie, b. 1873; Cayuga, Haldimond Co; Humfries, John & Margaret; Chicago, IL; May 8, 1933, Chicago, IL; Susan Edwards

  • JOHSTON, Alice Blanche (Called Blanche) born September 26, 1877 in Dunnville, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada. Married to CUTHBERT, John A born Oct 24, 1874 born in Chatham but would moved to Wardsville and he and Blanche lived many years in Wardsville before moving to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. They had three girls, Zeta, Vera & Viva (called Babe). JOHNSTON CUTHBERT , Blanche would die on February 24, 1943 and CUTHBERT, John A would die on August 15, 1945 both are buried in Victoria Memorial Cemetery in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Blanche’s parents were JOHNSTON, Walter England, UK and ALLEN Alice Abigail born in New York to ALLEN, Isaac & ALLEN, Rachael. Allen, Isaac was from Vermont, USA and moved from there to New York to Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.

    Marjorie Munroe

  • KING, William Henry b. June 3, 1863, North Cayuga, Haldimand Co., Ontario/ King, Henry & Weaver, Catherine/ mar. Breckon, Lottie/ Alberta/ d. 1932 Irma, Alberta Shelley Bouska

  • LAMB, Caroline A. (mar. Thomas Robert Buckberrough)/b.18 Jul 1869/Rainham Twp./William LAMB & Caroline MATTICE/Detroit, Mi., U.S.A./d.14 Feb 1937 Detroit, Michigan/
    Alicia Anderson Crockett, Ca.

  • LEMMER, Michael b 4 Mar 1826 Zuzzendorf, Lorraine, Germany/(mar. BALTAUF, Barbara)/ LEMMER, Michael & ZELL, Caroline/Rainham Twp./Saginaw, Michigan 1862/d. 15 May 1902 Midland, Michigan/
    Lee Hayes

  • LOCKHART, Wallace b. 30 June 1860 Hagersville, Haldimand Co. Ontario/ LOCKHART, James & Jennie STURGIS/ d. 1 Feb 1923 Marine City, St. Clair, Michigan/

  • LOGAN, William Hamilton Henry/(mar. 1st Sarah; 2nd SIDER, Esther Susan)/b. 6 May 1848/Sherbrooke/LOGAN, Thomas & ROOT, Laura/ Wainfleet, On/St. Catharines, On./d. 22 Jun 1911 St. Catharines, On./
     Joan Somers

  • LOGAN, George Washington (mar. THOMAS, Rachel)/b. 28 Nov 1837/Sherbrooke/LOGAN, Thomas & ROOT, Laura/ Bosanquet, Lambton Co., On./Pt. Huron, On./d. 26 May 1919 Pt. Huron, On./
    Joan Somers

  • MacDonald,Ashley Roy (MD),m Josepine MacArthur. b 22 May 1891 Jarvis, Haldimand Co. Emerson Bristol/ Elizabeth Marie Sullivan. Jarvis, Hagerville, Hamilton, Mesopotamia WW1 Canadian Army Medical, Pakenham,St. Catherines, Port Dalhousie Ontario. d. 22 Nov.1943, St Catherines, Ontario.
    Douglas MacDonald. 879 Fordham Dr., Woodland, CA.95695

  • MacDONALD,John Alexander /m. Maude Seavy.b.10 Feb.1883,Jarvis,Haldimand, Co./MacDonald/Sullivan Emerson Bristol, Elizabeth Marie .Hagersville,,ON., Erie PA, Worchester, Mass., Niagara Falls ON., Niagara Falls NY.,Los Angeles, CA.d. Los Angeles,CA. 10 Feb,1939. Douglas MacDonald

  • McMAHON, Margaret b. 1824 County Clare, Ireland/(mar. FITZGERALD, Michael)/Grafton, Haldimand Co./ Penfield, N.Y. 1847/Livingston Co., Michigan 1851/d. 1907 Livingston Co., Michigan/
    Harold Fitzgerald
  • MARTIN, Michael G. & FARRELL, Catherine/ b. About 1831, Enniscorthy Parish, County Wexford, Ireland/ MARTIN, John & GOFF, Bridget/ about 1845, County Wexford, Ire. to Village of Indiana, Haldimand County, Ont., 1867 to Saginaw, Michigan/ d: Sept. 12, 1872/ Patrick Martin

  • MOORE, William b. 23 Jan 1816 North Cayuga, On./(mar. FARR, Margaret)/parents unknown/ North Cayuga, On./Taymoouth Twp., Michigan/d. 28 Feb 1897 Taymouth Twp., Michigan/
    Tina Moore

  • NOBLE, Helen b. 1815-25 Scotland/parents?/(mar NICOL, Walter)/Haldimand, On./Durham, On./
    Hal Hicks

  • SCRIVER, William G. b 16 Feb 1821 & Susana S. Shepherd b 1827 Simcoe, Haldimand Co., parents unknown, left 1879 to North Dakota, William d 27 Jun 1892 Minto, Walsh Co., North Dakota, Susana d before 1880 place unknown,

  • SHEEHAN, William Russell/b. Jan 1858 Dunnville/ SHEEHAN, Oscar & RUSSELL, Anne/Dunnville/Buffalo, New York/
    David West

  • SOVA (SAUVE), John Bte. b. 24 Jul 1856/Rainham/SOVA (SAUVE), Louis & KNAUF, Katherine/1868 Saginaw, Michigan/1870 Cheboygan, Michigan/d. 5 Feb 1912 Cheboygan, Michigan/
    Carol Marshall

  • SWEET, Eliza b. 1846 Rainham/(mar. TOMKINS, ?, mar. MacLAREN, John)/ Parents unknown/LaCrosse, Wisconsin/d. 1912 LaCrosse, Wisconsin/
    Brent Christianson
  • SWEET, William b. March 25, 1815/ m. Fite, Mary (Polly) August 12, 1839/ d. January 15, 1875, Sheldon, MN John Dickerson,

  • TAGGART, Abraham Benson/b. 13 Mar 1846/Oneida Twp./TAGGART, Samuel & [?], Abigail/Essex County/d. 13 Oct 1912 Kingsville, Ontario/
    Carol E. Taggart

  • TURNBULL, Thomas Gordon/ b. 1841 Fifeshire, Scotland/ TURNBULL, Andrew & SWAN, Agnes/ mar. MARTIN, Mariah Adelia/ Scotland; Seneca township; Page Co, Iowa; Nova Scotia/ d. 17 Mar 1912 Pictou, Nova Scotia/ Norm Prince;

  • TURNBULL, David/ b. 16 Dec 1840 Fifeshire, Scotland/ TURNBULL, Andrew & SWAN, Agnes/mar. ISAAC, Jane Mae/ Scotland; Seneca township; Dunn township; Atchison Co, Missouri; Page Co, Iowa / d. 04 Feb 1920 Blanchard, Iowa/ Norm Prince;

  • TURNBULL, Agnes Maud/ 06 Apr 1850 Seneca township/TURNBULL, Andrew & SWAN, Agnes/ mar. DUNKLE, Alexander Nelson/ Seneca township; Page Co, Iowa; Otoe Co, Nebraska/ d. 14 Aug 1885 Otoe Co, Nebraska/ Norm Prince;

  • TURNBULL, Charles McCelland/ 21 Nov 1854 Seneca township/ TURNBULL, Andrew & SWAN, Agnes/ mar. DUNKLE, Mary Ellen/ Seneca township/ Missouri/ Colorado/ Idaho/ d. 21 Jul 1914 Shoshone, Idaho/ Norm Prince;

  • TURNBULL, Helen b. 6 July 1860 Canfield, Seneca Tp, Haldimand Co, ON/TURNBULL, Andrew & SWAN, Agnes/mar. HEDGES, Henry Leuty/Haldimand Co. Ontario/Creditville, E Oxford Twp, Oxford Co./Harrow, S Colchester Twp, Essex Co/31 October 1960 Harrow, Essex Co. ON/Carol Morrow

  • VAN LOON, Mary Maheley/b. 19 Apr 1865/Walpole Twp./VAN LOON, John & SHANK, Elizabeth/(mar. SPENCER, John Herbert)/ West Lorne, Ontario/d. 23 Jun 1946 Plymouth, Michigan/buried St. Thomas, Ontario/
    Karen Murdock

  • VASBINDER, Phineas (marr. SWARTZ, Martha) b. I Feb 1817 Cambria,Niagara Co., NY/VASBINDER, Samuel & McCARTY, Elisabeth/d. 16 Mar 1901 Georgetown Twp., Ottawa Co., MI/FIELD, Charles

  • WEAVER, Adam William (mar. SEARS, Caroline/b. 1 Jul 1817/Upper Canada/Canfield/Cayuga North, Haldimand Co./ N. Gosfield, Essex Co./Leamington, Essex Co./d. 1 Apr 1880 Leamington, Essex Co., On./
    J. Garwood

  • WEAVER, Thomas b. Louth Twp./WEAVER, Jeremiah/(mar. LAMBIER, Magdalena, dau. of LAMBIER, Francis & ALAIR, Mary Ann)/Canborough Twp. C1839/ Woodhouse, Norfolk Co. 1852/Elgin Co./Tuscola Co., Michigan 1880/
    Barb Hoffmann

  • WHARTON, Eleanor, b 29 July 1865 Decewsville, Cayuga Twp, Haldimand
    Co/WHARTON, George & McPHEE, Mary/ mar 1. CARRUTHERS, James Gow 27 Dec
    1887/ Cayuga, Haldimand Co/ mar 2. REDMAN, Rev. William Henry b 1870 London, Eng. /29 June 1903 /Cayuga, Cayuga Twp, Haldimand Co,/mig 1903 to Vancouver, B.C./d 3 Nov 1938 Vancouver B.C.
    Ann Ryder

  • WILDE / WILD, George; married LOVE, Elizabeth/George Wilde/Wild; born ca. 1831; died, supposedly, 1867. born: Basingstoke, Hampshire, England./Parents: Stephen Wild(e) and Sarah Stamp./Migration Pattern: Unknown /Presumably 1867, in Haldimand Co. However, George Wild is also have said to have disappeared in the bush; and to have turned up at a funeral in Bay City Michigan some three decades after his purported death./
    Carolyn Perkes, great-great grand-daughter of said George Wild(e). Born Jan. 20, 1954, Hamilton, Wentworth Co. Ontario.

  • WILDE/WILDE, Thomas b. C1837 England/WILDE, Stephen & STAMP, Sarah/
    mar. 25 Dec 1855, GOSS, Catherine, N. Cayuga, Haldimand Co., On./
    Bay City, Michigan/d. 1 Feb 1893 Bay City, Michigan/
    Moldymi (Researcher's name not given)
  • WILSON, Benjamin Walter Wilson / Born: about Sept. 1863 / Born In: Haldimand Ontario Canada / Parents Name: Herny J. Wilson & Chrarity nee Stewart / Migration pattern : Not sure? They came to USA and settled in Wisconsin / Date: around 1863 / I am also looking for marriage of Benjamin and Dillie Wilson ( I do not know her sur name). / Any help would be great! / Thank you!
    Joan DeLeeuw


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