(Transcribed and generously donated by Don Kellaway)

The Intelligencer a local Belleville paper with roots going back to 1834 decided to publish the names of those persons who were eighty years of age or older. The number that contacted the paper surpassed their wildest estimates and the initiative which was to run over the summer of 1893 continued with the last list being published in February of 1894. Many of the names only give the age of the individual, while a number of others provide significant details of value to the family historian.

The dates of the lists are 8, 22 July, 16 August, 26 October,1893 and 1 February, 1894. There appears to be a small number of duplicate names, however, since a number of persons were responsible for submitting names and related birth information some overlap could be expected. All names mentioned in the articles have been included. The lists have been sorted in alphabetical sequence to assist in accessing the information. It is evident that the lists are far from complete since papers of the day tended to have their readership divided frequently by political stripe and/or religion. We hope that the lists will assist in your research.


ADAMS, Johnston, 84; Edw'd, 82; sister Mrs. GRAHAM, 88; Thomasburg, all born Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, They came to the country in 1837; and the two brothers served in the rebellion.

ALFORD, William, Belleville, was born in the county of Managhan, north of Ireland 15 March, 1812; came to Canada in 1821 and lived in Montreal until 1832, then came to Belleville, where he has since resided.

ALLEY, Mrs. James., Wooler, born 1803 in Sixth Town, Prince Edward County

ANDERSON, Donald, Melrose, Tyendinaga, born 1812 at Perth, Scotland, lives in 2nd concession of Tyendinaga, was a member of the County Council.

ANDERSON, D. Tyendinaga, born 12 Feb. 1812, Dundalk, Scotland, 80 years plus.

ASHLEY, Simeon, 4th Huntington, born Fredericksburg, 3 March, 1810.

ASHLEY, Levina, wife of Simeon, born Fredericksburg, 26 March, 1810.

ASHLEY, Wm., Foxboro, 80+ years

AVERY, Mrs.Elizabeth, (maiden name Huyck) born in Prince Edward County on Oct. 3, 1801.

BAKER, Lucy, 4th Huntington, born Prince Edward, 80 years.

BAKER, Lucy Anne, Huntington, born Fredericksburg, 17 November, 1812.

BEHO, Mark, Murray, born Ireland, 86 years.

BELFORD, Henry, of Codrington, born in 1804 in Brighton Tp.

BELFORD, Henry, Brighton, born in Ireland, 90 years of age.

BELL, Dr. James T., b England, 82 years.

BENEDICT, David, Murray, born in States 1 June, 1799.

BIRD, Rev. William, born Ireland over 80 years of age.

BIRD, Rev. Wm., born Ireland, 80 years +, Thurlow.

BIRD, William C., 9th Thurlow, (lot 4) born Fermanagh, Ireland, March, 1811; came to Canada in 1840.

BIRD, Mary, wife Wm. C., born Fermanagh, Ireland, March, 1811; married 1843 and had six children of which five are still living.

BIRD, Hannah, 7th Sidney, born Newburg, age 85.

BOLYEA, Mr., 92 and his wife 91.

BOWERS, P., Hungerford, born Prince Edward County 87 years ago.

BOWERS, Britton, 4th concession of Hungerford is 87 years of age. Born Prince Edward, he moved to his present home nearly a half a century since and has resided there since. The old gentleman is hale and hearty as can be expected at his age.

BRISTOL, N.H., born Ernesttown in 1807.

BURNETT, Samuel, Ivanhoe, born Ireland, age 85, served in 1837 and 38.

BUTTERFIELD, Mrs., Sidney, born New York state, 84 in August.

CALLERY, Michael, 80+.

CAMPBELL, Mrs., mother of Chief Engineer W. H. CAMPBELL.

CARD, Mrs. Elizabeth, Belleville, born Kingston, 80+.

CARMAN, David, Point Traverse, born Jan.11, 1813 in North Fredericksburg.

CARROLL, Mrs. Michael, 7th Thurlow, b Ireland, 86 years old.

CARSON, Martha, 6th Huntington, born Ireland, aged 80.

CARTER, James, Tyendinaga, born Canada, 80+, deceased 1890.

CARTER, Edward, Tyendinaga, b Canada, aged 81.

CHAPMAN, John, born Ireland, 80 years +.

CLAPSADDLE, George, Tyendinaga, born USA, 87, deceased.

CLEMENTE, Mrs. Thomas, Rawdon, born County Cavan, Ireland in 1809.

COCHRANE, Mrs., Hotel St., 94.

COLLINS, Edward, Tyendinaga born Ireland, 80 years.

COURTENAY, Mrs. W., Rawdon, born County Cavan, Ireland in 1801.

CROWTHER, Mrs., now living Norwood is a twin of Samuel Minaker now living Rednersville, these twins were born at South Bay, Prince Edward Co.on 13 July 1810. She was married twice and has five children living one of whom resides in Belleville. Since she was eighty years old she has made 11 quilts for her grand-daughters. She remembers Belleville when it contained a few settlers and was surrounded by wilderness.

CURLETT, Dr. James, 82 years old, born in Prince Edward Co. He is quite vigorous and attends to his professional duties.

CURLETT, Dr., 85.

DANFORD, Robert, born at Yexford, Suffolk, England, is 93 years old, was never sick a day in his life.

DAVIS, Cornelius, born in New York State, 5 April, 1799, now living with his son, James in the rear Foxboro, is in the enjoyment of good health.

DEAN, Adam, born in Sidney, 82 yrs & 2 mos, lives in Thomasburgh.

DECLAIR, John, Stirling, is over 80 and is hale and hearty.

DEVLIN, Martha, 7th Sidney, born Prince Edward age 93 years.

DORLAND, Wm., aged 80 years +.

DUNNING, Jno. Nicholas, 1st Tyendinaga, aged 80 years.

ELLIOTT, Short Willie, b Ireland, 80 years +.

EMBURY, Mrs. George, Thomasburg, daughter of the late Col. Wm. Bell, born Thurlow 17 April, 1808. (For more details on Bell family see Mrs. Sager.)

EMERSON, Robert, Huntington near Ivanhoe was 82 years old in September. Born in Ireland, County of Farmanagh, near Eniskillen; joined the Orange Lodge in 1831 and came out in the same year; settled in Hungerford in 1832, from there I moved to Huntington. He writes, "I have been a subscriber to your valuable paper for nearly 40 years."

FARGY, James, born Ireland, 80 years +.

FLETCHER James, Sidney, born Sidney, 83 years of age.

FORWARD, C., 1st Huntington, born 1813.

FOX, Wm. Louis, Prince Edward County, 86.

FOX, Janet, born Edinburgh, Scotland, age 84 years.

FOX, James, of Lincolnshire, England, is eighty-seven and is at the post office every Thursday when the mail arrives for his Intelligencer, his wife Janet, 84, born Edinburgh, Scotland, is a very remarkable woman both intellectually and physically.

GARRAT, Hugh, 81 years.

GARRISON, Joshua, Iowa, born in Fredericksburg, 20 July 1805, moved to Thurlow when he was twenty-one years of age.and going to Iowa at the age of sixty-seven. Both of my grandfathers came over from England with Wolfe-they were engaged in the bloody battle of Quebec and also served as soldiers in the United States. Returning to Canada they settled in Quebec. My brother served in 1812, but neither he nor his father received any pay for their services. I am still loyal to Canada, never having taken out papers of naturalization in the states. I remember the late Jas. Jamieson, also a mill built by him in the eighth concession of Thurlow. My wife Rachel died Nov. 2nd last, age 80. I have not used liquor for thirty-three years. I never used tobacco.

GARRISON, Rachael (Davison) b 1810, died 2 Nov. 1892 in Iowa; wife of Joshua.

GIBSON, Robert, Halston, writes: I came from Monaghan County, Ireland, and am 84 years of age. In 1837 I came to Brockville and served in the battle at Prescott in '38, settling in Tyendinaga in '39 with my family. There was no religious tolerance in Tyendinaga in those days, but I supported the Presbyterian church when religion came to be tolerated. I have been a member of the Orange Lodge for sixty years and still feel it is my duty to support these two societies; our forefathers had to fight for the bible and the crown. I am still able to walk, but am getting too feeble to attend the classes which I belong but my heart is there, my hopes are good and when God sees fit to take me I hope I am prepared."

GILBERT, Benjamin, born Sidney, 86 years, his wife 85 years.

GILBERT, Mrs. Samuel, Belleville, 80+.

GILBERT, Benjamin born in Sidney, still living on the farm on which he was born, now 86, Mrs. GILBERT is 85 years old.

GOLDSMITH, Henry, Sidney, 82 years.

GRAHAM, Francis, 8th Thurlow, b Ireland, 88 years old.

GRAHAM, Mrs. Jas., Thomasburg, (maiden name ADAMS) born County Fermanagh, Ireland, 88 years of age; came to Canada in 1837 with her brothers.

GRAHAM, Francis, born Ireland, 80 years +.

GRAHAM, John, Hungerford, born Ireland, 80 years +.

GRASS, Henry, Belleville, born near Kingston, over 80 years.

GRASS, Henry, 80+.

GROFF Jones, Rawdon, born Montgomery County, NY in 1809.

HAGERTY, Mrs. John, Picton, is 85 years old, and has recently been visiting her grand-daughter, Mrs. M.B. SPAFFORD, Dundas Street, for four weeks.

HAMILTON, Robert, Tyendinaga, born Ireland, 81 years.

HARRISON, John, born County Armagh, Ireland, in 1804, aged 89 years.

HARRISON, James, Bridgewater, 80+.

HARRISON, John, Thomasburg, born Ireland, 85 years of age.

HAWLEY, Margaret, sister of the late Isaac MORDEN, born Northport in 1808, enjoys good health; all UEL stock.

HICKS, Peter, Tyendinaga, born Ireland, age 80.

HOARD, Roderick, Seymour, near Hoard's Station, 84 years old.

HODGEN, James, Tyendinaga, born Ireland 87, deceased.

HOGLE Mrs., Sidney, 87 years.

HOGLE, Mrs. mother of Austin, 2nd Sidney, 80+.

HOWELL, Hector, nearly eighty-one years old, born on Big Island. His father was Major John HOWELL, a UEL and one of the first settlers in Prince Edward Co. Mr. HOWELL can remember when Belleville was a small village, when that part now containing the best residences on TAYLOR'S hill was almost unbroken wilderness. Coleman Street was a cedar swamp, and there was not a house this side of the river. On North Front St. there was one building-the old COLEMAN homestead.

HUBBLE, Nehemiah, Rawdon, born Rawdon in 1811.

HUDSON, Chas., Roslin, born Sheffield, England in 1811. Was Deputy Reeve of Thurlow for several years.

HUFFMAN, 5th Sidney, born near Bath 87 years ago.

HUNT, Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of the late Burliegh HUNT, 80 years old, born in Sidney, enjoys perfect health. She is a grand daughter of the late Capt. MEYERS.

JACKSON, Mrs. Delilia, Bannockburn, born in Canada in 1809.

JEFFS, Wm., born in Ireland 1813, living in the township of Elzevir, where he has lived for 47 years, belongs to the Methodist church. His father was secretary for 47 years in No. 2 L.O.L. of Ireland.

JOHNSTON, Mrs. Hannah, aged 83, born in the United States. Settled in Sidney when a child where she resided until a few years ago, when she took up her residence with Mr. M. GRIFFITH.

JOHNSTON, Mrs., 80+.

JOHNSTON, Jas., Rawdon, born Ireland in 1800.

JOYCE, Valentine, Tyendinaga, 87, deceased .

JUBY, Henry, a native of Scoulton, Norfolk, England, is 83, is as active as some men at sixty.

KENNEDY, Elliot, Rawdon, born Castlebar, County Mayo in 1802.

KETCHESON, Peter, 80+.

KETCHESON, Phillip, 2nd Con., Huntington, b Sidney, 89 years.

KETCHESON, Phillip, Moira, 80+.

KETCHESON, Phillip R., 3rd Huntington, born Sidney, age 86.

KEITH, Mrs. John, 80+.

KILMURRAY, Patrick, who lives in the 1st concession of Tyendinaga. An Irishman as his name implies he was born in the green isle 96 years ago. He came to Canada as a very young man and has followed the occupation of a farmer. Judging from present appearances Mr. KILMURRAY may live for several years yet. His health is so good that he is quite active and complains of no ache or pain, other than his corns, his eyesight is excellent.

KINGSTON, William, Rawdon, born Ireland in 1811.

KINGSTON, Wm., 4th of Rawdon, born Ireland, aged 82

KYLE, William, born Ireland, 80 years +.

KYLE, Samuel and his wife both over 90 years of age.

KYLE, Wm., 6th Thurlow, born Ireland 91 years of age.

LAYCOCK, Jane, Marmora, mother of R. LAYCOCK, Deloro, was born Wexford County, Ireland, 86 years; enjoys good health, memory good, has second sight and reads the Intelligencer every week.

LEWIS, John, 80+.

LLOYD, Mrs. Benjamin, Rawdon, born Prince Edward in 1808.

LOTT, Mrs., 82 years of age.

LOTT, Elizabeth, nee BELFORD,resides 1st con. Sidney, born Ireland, 84 years, sister to Henry BELFORD of Brighton Township.

LOVELL, Jas., Rawdon, born England in 1810.

MACKLEY, Wm., born England, aged 86 years.

MACKLEY, William, another Yorkshire man is smart at eighty-seven and proud of his native land.

MAITLAND, James, JP, Bannockburn, born in Ayr, Scotland, September 10, 1808

MARTIN Thos., born Ireland, 80 years +.

MAYBEE, Emanuel, is in his 83rd year, he was for many years a resident of Rawdon where he acquired considerable property, some years ago he settled Stirling.

MCCOMB, David Sr., Rawdon, b Ireland in 1808.

MCCONNELL, Elias, Rawdon, born Rawdon in 1811.

MCCUMBER, Jarvis, 6th Huntington, born near Fredericksburg, aged 81.

MCDONALD, Christopher, 80+.

MCGUIRE, Mrs. Bernard, Tyendinaga, born Ireland, age about 90 years.

MCGURN, Wm., 2nd Tyendinaga, aged 87 years.

MCKENZIE, William, born Glasgow, Scotland 1810, came to Canada in 1837 settled in Seymour on the farm on which he still resides.

MCMAHON, Michael, 80+.

MCMURRAY, Wm, Tyendinaga, 93 years old, born Fermanagh, Ireland, has lived in the Township for 52 ,years where he still resides. He has been an Orangeman for 66 years.

MCTAGGARt, James, 3rd Thurlow, 80 +.

MEACHAM, J.H., born Canada, 84 years.

MEACHAM, J.H., 80+.

MEADOWS, Hannah, born in Cambridgeshire, England in 1812. wife of W.J. MEADOWS.

MEADOWS, W.J., was born in England in a village named Long Orton, Huntindonshire in 1808, came to Canada in 1856.

MERRICK, Sawyer, 80+.

MINAKER, Samuel, (twin of Mrs. CROWTHER of Norwood) Rednersville, born South Bay, Prince Edward County on 13th July, 1810.

MOORE, James, who lives one mile north of Plainfield, was born in Ireland in 1798, being now 95 years of age. He is in the full possession of all his faculties and recently walked to the village and gave the neighbours a general call. He is a weaver by trade.

MORDEN, Jas. C., Sidney, born Prince Edward County, 80+.

MORDEN, Hester, mother of George MORDEN, Deseronto; born Sidney, two miles from Belleville on 10 January, 1808, and enjoys good health.

MORDEN, James C. 7th Sidney, born Prince Edward, age 86.

MULLEN, Mrs. 1st of Sidney, 80+.

MULLETT, James C., Huntington, born Ireland, June, 1808.

MUMBY, George, Rawdon, b England in 1813.

MURDOFF, Robert R. of Sidney, born Fredericksburg, 81 years old.

MURPHY, Wm., born Ireland, 80 years +.

MURPHY, Wm., Thurlow, over 90 years of age.

MURRAY, Mrs. John, 4th Huntington, aged 83 March last.

NELSON, S., Oswego, writes "I was born in Ireland, and settled in Belleville when I was 20 years old; lived in Belleville a number of years. I am now nearing my 85th year, sight and memory very good. There are some in Belleville that remember me-Dr. Hope and several others. Is Mrs. RIDLEY living or Mrs. GREER? Are there any of Zenas DAFOE's family living? Receive your paper regularly."

NICHOLSON, J.J. and his wife both 80+.

NIX, Harriet, Charles NIX of Welman's Corners, Rawdon, under date of March 31st says: "My mother is in her 86th year. Her maiden name was STOTENBERG. They were called here STONEBURG. She was born in Northumberland County, 3 miles west of the Carrying Place. At the age of eighteen she married Peter NIX of Prince Edward County, and lived in Ameliasburg until 1879 when they moved to my place, my father dying on 31st December last in his 91st year. My Mother's father, Peter STOTENBERG, was engaged in the British service throughout the revolutionary war and fought at the battle of Bunker's Hill in 1775 and again in the war of 1812-14 and helped drive the Yankees in their big bath tub at the battle of Lundy's Lane under the command of Gen. BROCK. He never received a cent from the British Crown for his services , nor enough to bury him with when he died at the age of 99 years, and six months. His wife Hannah died at the age of 105 years, six months.

NIXON, John, Bannockburn, born Ireland in 1808.

ONDERDONK, John, Ameliasburg, born New York State in 1812.

OSTROM, Isaac Brock, was born Sidney 20 May, 1812, when an infant was held in the arms of Gen. Isaac BROCK after whom he was named.

OSTRUM, J.B., b Sidney near the front, 82 years.

OUTWATERS, Lewis, 3rd Con., Huntington, born Murray, 84 years.

PALMER, P.R., 80+.

PARKER, Joseph, 80+.

PARRY, Mrs., born Third Township near Bath, 83 years.

PLATT, Mrs., (Mary Ann STONE) born Jan. 31, 1804, in Percy Township, now living at Newcomb's Mills with her son in law, F.M. PEARSON.

PORTT, James, Tyendinaga, born Ireland, over 80.

POTTS, Wm. Sr., Rawdon, born Prince Edward in 1810.

PREST, William, an Englishman of Yorkshire,is well up in his 80s, is perfectly well and works every day.

RANKIN, Wm., N. Front, Belleville, 84; wife 80 years.

RANSOM, Samuel, 5th Huntington, born Ireland, over 80.

REDMOND, Mrs., of Hilton, born in Cramahe Township 1809.

REED, Mrs. Nicholas, was born on August 22nd, 1803, on lot no. 1, on the 5th con. of Sidney, (the old DEMERREE homestead) that being her maiden name. When nineteen years of age she married Nicholas Reed and came to reside on lot no. 9 in the 4th con. of Thurlow and is still living in the same house which she entered seventy-one years ago as a bride. Her four children were present at her last birthday. A remarkable feature of her family is that she has three great great grand-children, there being now five generations of her family.

REED, Mrs., w/o David, 81 years.

REED, David, born in 4th con. of Thurlow on 26 July, 1808, on the farm on which he still lives. Mrs. REED, his wife is eighty-one years of age.

REEVES, William, was born in Cheetham, Kent, England, 11 Sept., 1811, came to Belleville 6th June, 1839 after a hard voyage of 9 weeks. He has lived here for 48 years and for many years carried on the business as a carpenter and joiner. During his lifetime he has been a leading member in the Methodist Church.

REID, Mrs. Elsie, born Thurlow, age 83.

RUTHERFORD, Thos., 80+.

RYCKMAN, Mrs., (maiden name DYER,) born 1805 in Prince Edward County.

SAGER, Julian Isabella, daughter of Col. William Bell of the British Army who distinguished himself in the American revolution and raised a force for service in 1812. She married William Sager Sr. who died in 1879. Was born Thurlow, 6 June, 1812; and while not as active as her sister Mrs. Embury she is able to be about the house most of the time. She resides with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ADDISON, Cedar St.

SATCHELL, Mrs. Jonathan, 6th Thurlow, born England, 83 years old.

SEELY, Martin, 6th Sidney, born Rawdon, age 84 years.

SHANNON, Felix, Tyendinaga, born Ireland, aged 81.

SHANNON, Thomas, Tyendinaga, born Ireland, aged 84.

SHANNON, Ellen, Deloro, was born 1807 in County. Antrim, Ireland; came to this country in 1829, married Frank GOODWIN and settled in Prince Edward Co. where she resided until the death of her husband. She now spends the winters with her daughter Mrs. P. FLYNN and the summer with her son, John GRAHAM of Waupoos Island, she has had 8 children, all of whom are living; she possesses all of her faculties.

SHEFFIELD, James, 5th Thurlow, father Coun. SHEFFIELD, 80 yrs +.

SIMMONS, Mrs. Sophia, widow of the late S. Simmons, was born in Sidney in the 3rd concession on 13 November, 1810. Her maiden name was MCCARTY and her grandfather was the first Methodist Minister in Canada.

SIMPSON, Wm., Rawdon, born England in 1807.

SINCLAIR, Mrs. Helen, is one of those old residents who still survives at the age of ninety. She is better known by the generation who are today the authors of still an another generation, and by the former she is remembered in ways more tangible than words. Mrs. Sinclair was formerly Miss FRASER and was born in Inverness, Scotland, ninety years ago last March. Her husband settled in Napanee, where he died. Soon after Mrs. SINCLAIR came to Belleville, where she took up the calling of a nurse, in which office she was employed by the better class of families many of whose descendants still live in Belleville. The subject of this necessarily brief sketch has been bedridden for five years, although her hearing, memory and sight are fair. Years ago Mrs. SINCLAIR nursed the late Dr. KENNEDY, the discoverer of the now famous Kennedy's Medical Discovery, and who afterwards moved to Boston. At his death, his son, also a doctor of medicine, learned through City Clerk D.B. ROBERTSON, who has taken the kindest interest in the old lady, and L.W. YEOMANS, that his father had annually remitted $250 to the old nurse. The result was that the doctor accompanied by his wife came to Belleville a year ago last summer saw that his father's charge was placed in comfortable circumstances and has since sent the annual remittance of $250 which he says will continue until her death.

SMITH, Phillip, Rawdon, 83 years old.

SMITH, Sarah, widow of the late Peter SMITH was born near Rednersville, Prince Edward County in 1808, and was 90 years old last February.- She is a sister of James REDNER, of Rednersville; she was the mother of six children, 3 sons and 3 daughters; the daughters are dead; two sons H.R. and G.A. SMITH are in Los Angeles, Cal. while the other brother, Jas. H. SMITH, remains on the homestead with his mother lot 7, 4th con. Sidney, where she has lived for over sixty years. She has been a member of the Methodist Church for a great number of years.

SNIDER, Geo., Murney Street, aged 86, born in Adolphustown. Lived in Prince Edward County for over 79 years. U.E. Loyalist stock, never tasted liquor.

STICKLE, Elizabeth, aged 82 on 22 May, 1893, born in the 2nd concession of Sidney.

SULLIVAN, Dennis, Tyendinaga, 83, deceased.

THOMPSON, John, born Ireland, 86 years.

THORN, Mrs., of Hilton, born in the township of Brighton in 1812.

THRASHER, Joseph, Thrasher's Corners, Thurlow, 80 years +.

VANLEEK, Barnabas, JP, Cooper P.O., born in Canada in 1803..

VANTASSEL, Phoebe, Moira, 80+.

WALKER, James, Belleville, born Ireland, 80+.

WALLBRIDGE, A.E., Ameliasburg, 80+.

WALTON, Mrs., now living Boston, 80+.

WARD, Robt., born in Co. Wexford, Ireland, 14 March, 1811; emigrated to Canada 1831, settled in Sidney and has lived there ever since; has taken the Intelligencer since 1838, and is still a subscriber; did duty in 1838.

WARD, Robert, Sidney, b Ireland 80+.

WARD, Robt., 7th Sidney, born Wexford, Ireland, age 82.

WEIR, Matthew, 81 years.

WELSH, Mary Mrs., Rawdon, born Montreal in 1807.

WESCOTT, Nicholas, Rawdon, b New York State in 1803.

WHITEMAN, Lucy, Hungerford, born England, 80+.

WILLIAMS, George, Wallbridge, born Cobourg 26 December, 1812.

WILSON, Alex, father of J. WILSON, butcher, formerly Treasurer of Thurlow is over 80.

WOOD, John, born 18 Feb 1810 Coldstream parish, Berwick'r, Scotland.

WOOD, John, Ivanhoe, born Scotland, aged 84 years, served 37 & 38.

WOOD, Robert, Ivanhoe, born Scotland, age 85, served 37 & 38.

YOUNG, Ezekiel, born Sidney 84 years ago.

YOUNG, Reuben, of the Carrying Place, recently attained his 88th year.