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Sidney TWP (Part 1)                    
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House Line # Name   Occ BP Rel Age/Sex Mar St Mem N-Mem
  1 Corbett Mary   IRE C 10 F S F F
  2 Corbett Michael   IRE C 8 M S M M
  3 Corbett Bridget   SI C 6 F S F F
  4 Corbett Patrick   SI C 3 M S M M
  5 Culhane James   SI C 35 M S M M
F 6 Finkle Jacob   FR WM 43 M M M M
  7 Finkle Laura   CW WM 30 F M F F
  8 Finkle Nancy   SI WM 8 F S F F
  9 Finkle Peter Smith   SI WM 7 M S M M
  10 Finkle Sarah Eliza   SI WM 3 F S F F
  11 Smith Amarilla   SI WM 23 F S F F
  12 Potter Nancy Ann   SI WM 13 F S F F

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