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1851 Census  

*Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy*

The census is back up and running!

Otherwise, several other people have census resources that may help:

 Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index - they have some transcriptions of pieces of the Hastings County census, 

plus assorted transcriptions from other areas of Ontario


 The Official Ontario GenWeb Census Project - the Official Rootsweb Census Project has transcriptions for the 

1891 Sabine Township census, the 1851 Thurlow Township Census and many other censuses from all over 

Ontario. To see what is available, check out this link.


The 1871 census transcription, and images of the 1901 census (plus a whole lot more!) are available at the Canadian Archives.

As always, Genealogy.com also has a transcription of the 1871 (This one is not free, compared to the Canadian Archives). 

Of course, the 1881 transcription is available at FamilySearch.

And as always, Ancestry.com has some information (plus much more on the rest of Ontario for a fee): 

1901 Census

Deseronto Town




Stirling Village, Tudor & Cashel, Wollaston

Bangor, McClure & Wicklow, Dungannon

Elzevir & Grimsthorpe, Carlow

Faraday and Limerick


Madoc Township

Madoc Village & Mayo

Marmora & Lake Township, Marmora Village

Monteagle & Herschell






However, if you're like me and can't afford the Ancestry membership, 

I use the 1901 transcriptions located at: Automated Genealogy. They have partials (maybe full now?) of all 3

Hastings County Districts (North, West, East)