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Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Indexing Project (OGSPI)

Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Indexing Project (OGSPI) –  1891 Census Transcribing for the counties of Peterborough, Victoria, Haliburton and Northumberland.

Thank you to our wonderful group of volunteers, we are now finished this project. The last of the reports are expected to be posted on the OGSPI site later this month. The paper versions are filed into special folders (Books) and stored in the Library cabinets available to anyone wishing to “check” the paper copy of the original census.

June James has gone beyond the proofreading stage to enhance the completed census by adding maiden names she has located from obituaries and tombstones. All completed enhanced editions are then posted on the OGSPI site, printed and added to our Library collection at the Delafosse Library.  These enhanced publications are also available for purchase. Please check the publications list online at or contact June directly for information. June has also completed enhanced versions for Cavan Township, Manvers Township, Port Hope, Millbrook Village and Hope Township which are also available for purchase or viewing in the Library.

The boldfaced sections are the 2009 final additions.



Book 1

Book 6

Ashburnham Village – 109a     (GW)

Seymour – 098i1                  (GC)

Asphodel – 109b1               (AR)

Seymour – 098i2                  (GC)

Asphodel – 109b2               (MM)

Seymour – 098i3                  (GC)

Asphodel – 109b3               (MM)

Seymour – 098i4                  (GC)

Book 2

Seymour – 098i5                  (GC)

Belmont – 109c1                 (NS)

Seymour – 098i6                (GC)

Belmont – 109c2                 (NS)


Book 3

Book 1

Burley, Anstruther, Chandos – 109d  (ST)

Alnwick – 099a1                 (JB)

Cardiff – 109e                        (BG)

Alnwick – 099a2                 (JB)

Cavendish – 109f                  (JA)

Cobourg Town – 099b1     (EC)

Book 4

Cobourg Town – 099b2     (EC)

Douro – 109g1                        (KM)

Cobourg Town – 099b3     (EC)

Douro – 109g2                        (KM)

Cobourg Town – 099b4     (EC)

Dummer – 109h1                     (ER)

Book 2

Dummer – 109h2                     (ER)

Haldimand – 99c1                (JJ)

Book 5

Haldimand – 99c2                (JJ)

Glamorgan – 109i                    (BG)

Haldimand – 99c3                (JJ)

Twelve Townships – 109j  *   (PS)

Haldimand – 99c4                (JJ)

Harvey – 109k                         (ST)

Haldimand – 99c5                (JJ)

Lakefield Village – 109l          (MAS)

Haldimand – 99c6                (JJ)

Book 6


Methuen – 109m                     (AS)

Hamilton – 099d1               (EC)

Monmouth – 109n                  (AS)

Hamilton – 099d2               (EC)

Norwood Village – 109o        (MR)

Hamilton – 099d3               (EC)

Book 7

Hamilton – 099d4               (EC)

Otonabee – 109p1                (BG)

Hamilton – 099d5               (EC)

Otonabee – 109p2                (BG)

Hamilton – 099d6               (EC)

Otonabee – 109p3                (BG)


Otonabee – 109p4                (BG)

Book 1


Anson and Hinden – 120a    (AS)

Book 1

Bexley – 120b                        (NB)

Ennismore – 110a                   (KL)

Carden – 120c                        (JA)

Monaghan North - 110b1       (KH)

Dalton – 120d                       (AS)

Monaghan North - 110b2       (KH)

Eldon – 120e1                         (KL)

Monaghan South - 110c1       (KH)

Eldon – 120e2                         (KL)

Monaghan South - 110c2       (KH)

Eldon – 120e3                         (KL)

Book 2

Book 3

Peterborough – 110d1        (JJ)

Fenelon – 120f1                        (NB)

Peterborough – 110d2        (JJ)

Fenelon – 120f2                        (NB)

Peterborough – 110d3      (ST)

Fenelon – 120f3                        (NB)

Book 3

Fenelon Falls Village – 120g   (NB)

Peterborough – 110d4      (JJ)

Book 4

Peterborough – 110d5      (JJ)

Galway – 120h                         (NS)

Peterborough – 110d6      (JJ)

Laxton, Digby, Longford 120i1     (AS)

Book 4

Laxton, Digby, Longford 120i2     (AS)

Smith – 110e1                  (JJ)

Lutterworth 120j                             (AS)

Smith – 110e2                  (JJ)

Book 5

Smith – 110e3                  (JJ)

Minden – 120k                 (SH)


Snowden – 120l                (SH)

Book 1

Stanhope, Sherburne, McClintock-120m1(NS)

Brighton Township - 98a1       (RW)

Stanhope, Sherburne, McClintock-120m2(NS)

Brighton Township - 98a2       (RW)

Book 6

Brighton Township - 98a3       (RW)

Somerville – 120n1                 (VD)

Brighton Township - 98a4       (RW)

Somerville – 120n2                 (VD)

Brighton Township - 98a5       (RW)

Woodville Village – 120o      (KL)

Brighton Village - 98b1            (RW)


Brighton Village - 98b2            (RW)

Book 1

Brighton Village - 98b3            (RW)

Bobcaygeon Village – 121a     (NB)

Book 2

Emily East – 121b1                    (MCD)

Campbellford Village - 98c1      (MM)

Emily North–121b2                   (MCD)

Campbellford Village - 98c2      (MM)

Book 2

Campbellford Village - 98c3      (MM)

Lindsay Town – 121c1            (AS)

Colborne Village - 98d                (EC)

Lindsay Town North Ward – 121c2   (GC)

Book 3

Lindsay Town South Ward – 121c3   (GC)

Cramahe – 098e1                (JC)

Book 3

Cramahe – 098e2                (JBL)

Mariposa South – 121d1         (KL)

Cramahe – 098e3                (JBL)

Mariposa Center – 121d2        (KL)

Cramahe – 098e4                    (JB)

Mariposa North – 121d3          (KL)

Cramahe – 098e5                    (JB)

Mariposa – 121d4                    (KL)

Hastings Village – 098f          (JB)

Book 4

Book 4

Omemee Village – 121e         (NS)

Murray Township – 98g1         (JJ)

Ops North East – 121f1          (NS)

Murray Township – 98g2         (JJ)

Ops West – 121f2                    (NS)

Murray Township – 98g3         (JJ)

Ops South East – 121f3          (NS)

Murray Township – 98g4         (JJ)

Book 5

Murray Township – 98g5         (JJ)

Verulam North – 121g1       (RW)

Book 5

Verulam South – 121g2       (RW)

Percy – 98h1                             (JJ)


Percy – 98h2                             (JJ)


Percy – 98h3                             (JJ)


Percy – 98h4                             (JJ)


Percy – 98h5                             (JJ)


* These 12 townships consist of Harcourt, Dudley, Dysart, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton, Clyde, Eyre, Havelock, Livingstone, Lawrence and Nightingale.

Alvina Seawright, OGSPI Co-Ordinator




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