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Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Perth Courier, Aug. 8, 1890

Cameron—Died, at Harper on Saturday, 2nd August, Jane Christie Cameron, wife of James Y. Cameron, aged 28.

Ferguson —Died, at Beckwith, on the 3rd Aug., John Ferguson, aged 62.

Moodie—Died, at Carleton Place on Monday, 4th Aug., Katie Moodie, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert D. Moodie, aged 4 years, 3 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Monday the sad news was received in town of the death at Carleton Place of little four year old daughter of Robert Moodie under painful circumstances we are thus given by the Herald:  “Last Saturday afternoon the little four year old daughter of Robert Moodie of the Revere House, named Katie, got possession of a bottle of corrosive sublimate and before she was noticed swallowed a draught of the poisonous stuff.  Medical aid was summoned immediately but without success and she died on Monday morning about 6:00 after suffering intensely for 36 hours.  Much sympathy is expressed for the bereaved parents in their time of sorrow”.  The little one was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Perth on Tuesday.

Perth Courier, Aug. 22, 1890

McIneray—Died, at Utica , N.Y. on Thursday 14th Aug., Patrick McIneray, formerly of the 3rd Line Bathurst, aged 72 (?).

Kidd—Died, at Beckwith, 3rd Line, Mr. George Nelson Kidd, only son of Mr. George Kidd, aged 21.  (unsure of this surname.)

Henry—Died, at Carleton Place on the 13th Aug., James Hamilton Henry, son of Mr. David Henry, aged one year and one month.

Lowe—Died, at Carleton Place on the 18th (?) Aug., Ernest G. Lowe, son of Mr. Samuel Lowe, aged 7 months and 21 (?) days.

McConnell—Died, at Winnipeg on the 21st July, Anne Isabella Stewart McConnell, beloved wife of Mr. D.S. McConnell, barrister, Carleton Place, aged 30.

Truelove—Died, on Monday, 18th inst., at his residence on the 11th (?) Line Bathurst , Mr. John Truelove, aged 71.

Wrathel—Died, at Perth on the 16th (?) Aug., the wife of Samuel Wrathel, aged (illegible, might be three numbers.)

Samuel Wrathell, for many years a resident of Perth , died at his residence at Darcy St. on Saturday after a long illness.  The deceased was born in Bathurst 41 years ago but came to town while quite young following the trade of a carpenter.  He was of a quiet genial disposition and was respected by all who knew him.  He leaves a wife and three children.  The fire brigade of which he was a member turned out in uniform to his funeral on Monday to Elmwood Cemetery .

McNaught—Died, at Downer’s Grove, Illinois on Tuesday, 12th inst., James McNaught, formerly of Lanark Village , aged 57 (?).

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We regret to hear of the death in Downer’s Grove, Illinois of James McNaught, at one time a resident of Lanark Village and known to many in this section.  Although his health had not been good for years, the immediate illness which caused his death lasted only 21 hours.  When the American Civil War broke out he enlisted in the Chicago Mercantile Battery and made a splendid record for himself both as a man and as a soldier.  He was buried with military honors at Lockport , Illinois .  Some years ago he married Margaret Rupley who survives him.

Perth Courier, Aug. 22, 1890

Wilson —Died at Burgess on Monday, 25th Aug., Jennie Wilson, daughter of Mr. Samuel Wilson, aged 20.

Strong—Died, in Michigan on Sunday, 24th Aug., of acute diarrhea, Thomas Strong, son of Mr. Thomas Strong, 1st Concession Bathurst, aged 29.

On Sunday, 18th Aug., Mr. John Truelove died after a very severe illness which he bore with great patience till death released him from all the pain.  Never once during his illness was he heard to murmur at his fate but submitted patiently knowing that in His good time God would free him from all pain.  He leaves a widow and ten children to mourn his loss.  The funeral took place on Wednesday of last week and was very largely attended by friends and acquaintances all of whom felt they were losing a good friend and neighbor.  The deceased was born in March of 1819.

Perth Courier, Sept. 5, 1890

Price—Died, at Carleton Place on the 1st Sept. Mr. F. Price, aged 87.

Miller—Died, at Lanark Township on the 28th (?) Aug., Mr. William Miller, aged 39 (?).

Boles—Died, at S. Sherbrooke on the 31st Aug., Mrs. Boles, relict of the late Robert Boles, aged 86.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

S. Sherbrooke lost one of its most respected citizens by the death of Mrs. Johanna Boles, relict of the late Robert Boles on Sunday, 31st Aug.  The deceased was born in County Sligo , Ireland 86 years ago and came to this country with her husband, settling in S. Sherbrooke 13(?)15(?) years ago where she lived up to the time of her death.  She survived her husband by about 12 years.  The deceased was the mother-in-law of Patrick Corley.

Yuill—Died, at the residence of her son, Jas. Yuill, Ramsay, on the 30th Aug., Ellen Atkenhead Yuill, relict of the late Alexander Yuill, aged 86.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Another old resident passed over to the silent majority in the person of Mrs. Alexander Yuill, relict of the late Alexander Yuill, Carleton Place and mother of Jas. Yuill, the well known stock raiser of Ramsay.  Mrs. Yuill, it will be remembered, met with a severe accident some years ago from which she never recovered and death finally ended her sufferings on Saturday.  The deceased was one of the early settlers of the township and had attained the good old age of 86 years.  The funeral took place yesterday afternoon to the 8th Line Ramsay Cemetery .  Carleton Place Herald

Lanark Links—We are pained to chronicle the death in this correspondence of Mrs. Duncan McLaren, wife of one of our prominent farmers which occurred Monday.  The deceased had been ailing for some months back and her death, though, was a shock to her large circle of friends and acquaintances.  She leaves a husband and three small children to mourn her loss.  The funeral took place on Wednesday and was very largely attended.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Perth Courier, Sept. 19, 1890

The death is announced of Mrs. D. G. Martin at her home in N. Burgess on Wednesday after a lingering illness.

Perth Courier, Sept. 12, 1890

Oxley—Died, at Daisy Hill, Acorn Villa, Durham, England, on the 18th Aug., Mary Ann Oxley, relict of the late George Oxley and mother of W. J. Oxley, formerly of Perth, aged 59.

McNab—Died, at Perth on Wed., 10th Sept. Margaret McNab, aged (illegible, two numbers, the second is a ‘6’, might be 66.

Perth Courier, Sept. 26, 1890

Sutton—Died, on Friday, 12th Sept., at his home in Newboro, George Sutton, publisher of the Standard, aged 61 (?).

Perth Courier, Oct. 3, 1890

McMartin—Died, at Stanleyville on Wed., 17th Sept., Mrs. D. George McMartin, aged 53.

Ballantyne—Died, at Friday, 19th Sept., at S. Elmsley Mrs. Jane Ballantyne, wife of the late Mr. William Ballantyne, aged 59 (?).

Couch—Died, at Kingston on Saturday, 20th Sept., Mr. Arthur Couch, Smith’s Falls, aged 38.

Corry—Drowned in the River Tay, Perth , on Wed., 24th Sept., George Corry, Jr., son of Mr. George Corry, aged 28

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Wednesday of last week George Corry Jr., went down to the river to shoot ducks.  The boat in which he trusted himself was a small “monitor” almost 8 feet long and about 2 ½ feet wide at the top sloping to a very narrow width at the bottom, a very small and dangerous craft.  He did not reach home that night as expected but as he was accustomed to stay some times down the river this did not cause a great deal of apprehension.  However, on Saturday, someone found his canoe with a broken paddle and a dead duck in it but could not see or find the owner.  The boat was found in a little bay almost 100 yards from the entrance to Bowman’s cut and quite two miles from the Basin.  Search was made that day and his coat and hat found near that locality.  It was continued on Sunday afternoon when the searchers in the canal barge grappled with the body in the canal near the cut spoken of and brought it to the surface.  The remains were not disfigured or discolored, only slightly mutilated in the operation of the grappling.  The funeral took place to Elmwood Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon under the auspices of the Court Tay body of Foresters of which the deceased was a member.  The deceased was 28 years old.  His affected parents in their bereavement have the sympathy of the entire community.

Graham—Died, at Perth on Friday, 26th Sept., Richard Graham, son of Mr. Richard Graham, aged 19.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

After a protracted illness Richard Graham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Graham of this town died of consumption on Friday, aged 19 years.  The body was taken to Huntley, Carleton County for interment after services had been held here in the Catholic Church. 

Perth Courier, October 10, 1890

Hope—Died, at Minot, Dakota on the 27th Sept., Bernice Hope, only daughter of Mr. William Hope, aged 1 year.

Stephenson—Died, at Carleton Place on the 2nd Oct., William Stephenson, Esq., aged 51 (?) 54(?) years and 5 months.

Pratt—Died, at Ottawa on the 27th (?) Sept., Margaret Pratt, daughter of Mr. William Pratt, Esq., of Carleton Place , aged 18.

O’Neil—Died, on Monday, 5th Oct., Paul O’Neil, Bathurst , aged 88.

Perth Courier, Oct. 17, 1890

Hughes—Died, at Mount Brydges, Ont., on Thurs., 9th Oct., of pneumonia, Anna Bella Hughes, aged 17, formerly of Perth, granddaughter of Mrs. William Smitherman.  The body was interred in St. James Church cemetery, Innisville, on Sunday last.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Mr. A.E. Smitherman of the C.P.R., Mt. Brydges , Ont., was in town Monday.  His errand down here was to bring the body of his niece Miss Anna Bella Hughes to its last resting place at Innisville.  We regret to say that his sister Anna is still very ill.

Perth Courier, October 24, 1890

Lanark Links:  An old resident of Lanark passed away on Friday, 17th inst., Miss Bella Fleming, sister of Mrs. Thomas Cameron.  The deceased had been ailing for some time the first sign of her disease being La Grippe.  She was 50 years of age.

Perth Courier, October 31, 1890

Menzies—Died, on Sunday, 29th Oct., Susan Ritchie Menzies, wife of John Menzies, first line Bathurst , aged (illegible, maybe 53?).

Hughes—Died, at Bathurst , on Thursday, 25th (?) September (?), Mrs. Joseph Hughes, Jr., aged 35 (?).

Burgess—Died, at Baltimor, Ontario, on Sunday, 19th Oct., James Burgess, grandfather of Mr. A. C. Burgess, of Carleton Place aged 99 years and 19 months

Fleming—Died, at Lanark, on Friday, 17th October, Isabella Fleming, aged (illegible).

Perth Courier, November 7, 1890

Farry—Died, at Perth on Saturday afternoon, 1st Nov., Sarah Helen Farry, infant daughter of Mr. Daniel Farry, aged 2 months and 23 days.

On Tuesday last Mr. Charles Symington of Ramsay passed from the cares of the earth after having been unconscious from the previous Saturday as the result of a paralytic stroke—the second within a month.  The Gazette gives the following obituary:  “The deceased was born in Glasgow , Scotland in 1821 and came to Canada with his uncle the late John Muir about 1840.  They settled in Montague Township .  Mr. Symington spent several years there in Carleton Place .  In 1846 he married Ann Doherty who died 15 years ago.  38 years ago the deceased bought the homestead in Ramsay and resided there continuously until his death.  He was a Conservative in politics and in religion a member of the Church of England.  Two sons survive, John Symington in Greenbush and Joseph Symington on the homestead.

Smitherman—Died, at Mount Brydges Ont., Sunday, 9th Nov., of anemia (?), Miss Annie H. Smitherman, formerly of Perth , aged 33.  The deceased was the daughter of the late William Smitherman and taught in the Perth public school for some years.  She also latterly taught in Carleton Place but had to leave through illness.  Her remains were brought to Perth by her two brothers and buried in Elmwood Cemetery .

On Tuesday, 21st Oct., David Boyle of Darling died at his residence near Brightside at the age of 70 years.  He was born in the town of Johnstone , Scotland near Glasgow and was brought by his parents when a child to this country.  His funeral was largely attended the service being conducted by Rev. Mr. Bessey of Lanark.  The deceased was a Reformer in politics.

Perth Courier, November 21, 1890

Taylor —Died, at Hopetown on the 9th inst., Mr. John Taylor, aged 29 (?) 20 (?).

Chalmers—Died, at her residence on Merrickville Road, Montague, on Sat., 8th Nov., Margaret Chalmers, wife of Mr. Edward Chalmers, Esq., 72 years, and 10 (?) months.

Dodds—Died, at Glen Tay on the 15th (?) Nov., Ross Dodds, infant son of Mr. John A. Dodds, 8 months and 15 days. 

We regret to learn of the death on Monday of Mrs. Thomas Pink, Pembroke from consumption.  The deceased was a native of Perth and was married to Mr. Pink about 23 years ago.  Her maiden name was Jennie Steele, sister of John Steele of the Scotch Line and of Mr. A.F. Steele, Forest , County Lambton .

Perth Courier, November 28, 1890

Pink—Died, at Pembroke on Monday, 17th November, Jane Steele Pink, formerly of Perth , wife of Mr. Thomas Pink, aged 49 years, 11 months.

Bathwell—Died, at Lanark on the 23rd Nov., Annie Maud Bathwell, infant daughter of Mr. John H. Bathwell, 7 months.  (note, surname could have been Bothwell.)

Brooke—Died, at Perth , on Friday, 21st November, William Boswell Brooke, printer (?), eldest son of Mr. Thomas Brooke, County Clerk .  (no age given.)

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Friday evening after an illness of three months William Boswell Brooke, eldest son of our venerable town and county clerk Thomas Brooke died at the residence of his father on Gore Street .  The deceased was a printer, having learned the trade many years ago in the old time British Standard office at Perth but for the past twenty years worked little if any at that occupation having engaged in writing at his father’s office.  He was about 54 years of age.  His remains were followed to the grave in Elmwood Cemetery by a very large concourse of his fellow citizens.

Brooke Blair’s Corners—Another old Bathurst resident in the person of William Borrowman died at the advanced age of 80 years.  His remains were taken from his late residence to St. James Church where the funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Haige who dwelt on the enormity of sin and the blessing of prayer and being ready to meet our Judge.

Perth Courier, Dec. 5, 1890

McNeely—Died, at Carleton Place on the 30th Nov., Jane Moore McNeely, relict of the late Mr. Bruce McNeely, aged 92.

Dougherty—Died, at Perth on Thursday, 27th Nov., the wife of Mr. Edward Dougherty, aged 63.

McCarthy—Died, at Perth early Saturday morning 29th Nov., Annie Gertrude McCarthy, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael McCarthy, aged 12 years, 2 days.

Darou—Died, at Lanark on Sunday morning, the infant son of Mr. Benjamin Darou, aged 4 weeks.

Lanark Links—We are called upon this week to record the death of an aged Christian lady Mrs. McQuarry, who passed quietly away at Lanark on Sunday morning 30th Nov.  Mrs. McQuarry came out to this country from Scotland in 1821 and has resided in Lanark from that time up until her death.  She bore her affliction which lasted about two years with Christian fortitude.  The remains were interred in the Lanark Cemetery .

Perth Courier, December 12, 1890

Ringer—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 27th Nov., Emily F. G – dg - - - Ringer, wife of Mr. George Ringer, aged 32.

Goodfellow—Died, at S. Elmsley on Thursday morning, 27th Nov., Mary Goodfellow, widow of the late Mr. Robert Goodfellow, aged 84.

Crampton—Died, at Innisville on Wed., 3rd Dec., Benjamin Earnest Crampton, son of Mr. Benjamin Crampton, aged 8.

Bellamy—Died at Clayton on the 1st Dec., Mr. Edward Bellamy, aged 64.

Lanark Links—An old resident of Darling, Mr. Bissett, died on Thursday, 4th inst.,  Mr. Bissett was 93 years of age.  The remains were buried at the Lanark Village cemetery.

Perth Courier Dec. 19, 1890

Graham—Died, at Perth on Sunday, 14th Dec., the wife of Mr. George Graham, aged 66.

McNaughton—Died, at Balderson on Monday, 15th Dec., Miss Kate McNaughton, aged 34.

Perth Courier, December 26, 1890

Malloch—Died, at Hamilton on Tuesday morning, 23rd Dec., Mrs. Eliza Malloch, relict of the late Judge Malloch of Brockville.

We regret to announce the death this week of Mr. Robert Taylor, Smith’s Falls, who died very suddenly on Friday last.  Mr. Taylor had been for some years, we believe, a section boss on the C.P.R. at the Falls and was respected as a trusted servant of the company.  He was also respected and beloved as a brother of the Canadian Order of Forresters in which he showed a lively interest being one of the brethren of Port Hope, who came to Perth to attend the funeral of the late George (illegible name) little thinking that his own would be the next Forresters’ funeral.  He was buried (illegible word) the Canadian Order of Forresters the (illegible word) being attended by about 25 from the Perth court; also the Frankville and Merrickville courts were well represented.  This shows the respect and fraternal feeling of sympathy and brotherhood which exists with the members of the order.

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