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Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Perth Courier, Jan. 10, 1890

Hartney—Died, at Perth on Friday, 3rd Jan., Michael Hartney, aged 60.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We regret to have to record the death on last Friday of Michael Hartney, a long resident of our town and a respected citizen.  Mr. Hartney was attending to some stock at a house some distance from his own and in the middle of his work was stricken down with apoplexy.  He was found about 9:30 p.m. in a dying condition and was at once taken home where he breathed his last.  The funeral took place on Tuesday and was largely attended.  Mr. Hartney was employed as a section man on the C.P.R. and was about 60 years of age.  He leaves a widow and grown up family.  He was a native of Ireland.

Ritchie—Died, in Grafton, Dakota on the 2nd Jan., Alice D. Ritchie, late wife of William F. Ritchie, aged 31.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Last Friday a telegram was received in town to the effect that Mrs. William F. Ritchie of Grafton, Dakota had died suddenly the day previous.  The news was a shock to her many friends here as the sad event was totally unexpected.  Later intelligence revealed that her death was caused by hemorrhage.  The deceased and estimable lady was the daughter of Mr. William Allan of North Burgess and some six years ago married W.F. Ritchie, formerly of the Scotch Line but then and now a merchant at Grafton, Dakota.  She was of a most amiable and winning disposition and of a high Christian character.  Her husband, parents and friends have the undoubted sympathy of all her acquaintances here.  The remains were brought from Grafton to Perth and buried in Elmwood Cemetery on Wednesday, the last solemn services being held at the residence of Hugh Robertson, Wilson Street by Rev. J. W. Weeks, Smiths Falls, the remains being taken there on arrival.

Buffam—Died, on Tuesday, 31st Dec., at his residence in Ashland, Wisconsin, William Scott Buffam, late of Fallbrook, Lanark County, aged 35 (?) years, 3 months and 29 days.

The Gazette says the death of Mr. Jas. Cowle of Almonte on New Year’s Day was caused by inflammation of the lungs having taken cold while driving to Carleton Place on Christmas day.  The deceased was in his 41st year and was born on the Scotch Line near Perth.  He was the proprietor of the Almonte pump factory and at one time was a member of the town council.  He leaves a wife and six children.

Hopetown—On Saturday night, 21st December Robert Craig of Lanark Township who had been visiting his sister Mrs. Robert Craig and who became unwell there was taken suddenly ill at Henry Bullocks and died almost immediately.  Heart disease was the principal cause.  He was about 60 years of age and was born in the township.  He was buried at Lanark on Tuesday last week.

Perth Courier, Jan. 17, 1890

On Sunday last the remains of James Wilson, North Elmsley, were buried in Elmwood Cemetery and were followed to the grave by a large concourse of neighbors and relatives.  The deceased was the father of John Wilson of the Hick’s House and was a native of the north of Ireland and was 68 years of age.  He was a Presbyterian.

Clark—Died, at Rossville, Montague on the 5th Jan., Mr. Alexander Clark, 44 years, ten months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We regret to record the death of Alexander Clarke, eldest son of Mr. Peter Clarke, ex Reeve of Montague and cousin of Mrs. G. B. Farmer of this town.  In the summer we met Mr. Clarke at Westchester (?) Springs and made his acquaintance and it was plain to be seen that he was afflicted with a mortal disease.  He was about 44 years of age and leaves a family.

Ferguson—Died, at Admaston on Sunday, 5th Jan., Mrs. Ferguson, wife of John Ferguson, Esq., M.P., aged 36.

Rutherford—Died, at Perth on Saturday morning, 11th Jan., Jennie Rutherford, daughter of the late John Rutherford, aged 25.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Friday last Miss Jennie Rutherford died at the residence of her aunt Miss Nichol, of consumption at the age of 25.  She was the eldest daughter of John Rutherford of Perth, iron founder.  Her remains were interred in Elmwood on Tuesday afternoon.

News was received on Saturday of the death of Dr. Robert Ferguson of Winnipeg from pneumonia following an attack of the influenza epidemic.  The deceased was a well known and popular physician in the prairie city and for some years practiced in Lanark Village.  He was an elder brother of Duncan Ferguson, postmaster, Smith’s Falls and brother-in-law of W. C. Caldwell, M.P.P., Lanark.  His eldest son was the first volunteer killed during the late Northwest Rebellion.  He was about 50 years of age.  His widow survives him.  We understand his life was insured for $25,000.

Mrs. George Blair of Dalhousie, an old settler originally from Scotland, died about a fortnight ago at the age of 90 years.  Her husband died a few years earlier.

A telegram was received here Saturday by John Charles that his son William Charles had died at Seattle, Washington on Friday, 10th Jan., though few particulars have so far followed.  The remains were brought to Seattle on Monday by the Plasterers’ Union of which he was a member.  The deceased was about 30 years of age and unmarried and was born in Drummond but the family afterwards removed to Bathurst where they lived for 20 years before coming to Perth.

Died, at Canton, S. Dakota on the 2nd Jan., Nellie Hurd Mallory, daughter of Rev. A. Jamieson and wife of Grant Mallory.  Nellie was born in Perth 28 August, 1870 was at her death 19 years, 4 months and 5 days.  She leaves a baby boy who will be tenderly cared for by her parents.  Her faith in Christ supported her in death.

Perth Courier, Jan. 24, 1890

Stanleyville—Death has been busy in our midst this week there being three funerals, one on Tuesday and two on Wednesday.  The one on Tuesday was that of Miss Bridget McVeigh, daughter of Mr. John McVeigh.  She died on Sunday morning the cause of her death being consumption.  One of those on Wednesday was that of Mrs. Jackman of the 3rd Line Bathurst, widow of Peter Jackman who was a resident of North Burgess at the time of his death.  She is among the victims of influenza.  Her remains were interred by the side of those of her husband in the cemetery here.  The other funeral on Wednesday was that of Mrs. John Lesarge(?) daughter of Mr. John Adams of North Burgess.  She died on Friday of last week in Manatee, Michigan where she had come with her husband about six months ago.  Her remains arrived here on Tuesday.

Ferguson’s Falls—We are sorry to record the death of John Sheppard.  It appears that he drove to Carleton Place on Tuesday and when leaving home the animal which he drove became very frightened and ran into the open river throwing him out.  Some boys who were skating upon the river saw the horse standing in the water and came to see what it meant.  They took the horse out and a search was made for the driver but the unfortunate man had already perished or drowned.  He leaves a widow and two children to mourn his loss.  The funeral took place on Friday and was attended by over 100 vehicles.  The remains were interred in the English Church burying ground.

Lanark Links:  On Wednesday morning the 15th inst., Thomas McGinnis of Lanark Township departed this life at the age of 69 years.  His remains were interred in the Hopetown Cemetery on Friday.

Lanark Links:  On Friday, the 17th inst., Mrs. M. Leninger of Hopetown passed away after a long illness from cancer of the stomach.  The funeral took place on Monday to the English Church cemetery, Lanark Village, followed by a large concourse of friends and relatives.

Lanark Links:  On Monday, 20th inst., Miss Maggie Lorimer of Dalhousie died from that terrible disease of consumption at the age of 23 years.

Scott—Died, on the 3rd Line Bathurst on the 22nd inst., John Scott, aged 64 (?).

McCullough—Died, at W - - dland Ranch, Pincher Creek, Alberta, NWT on Tuesday, 21st Jan., Albert Andrew McCullough, brother of T. A. McCullough, Perth, aged 33.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We regret to learn that Albert McCulloch, brother of T. H. McCulloch of this town, died suddenly on Tuesday at his ranch near Pincher’s Creek, N.W.T.  The cause was acute bronchitis.  No further particulars were telegraphed.  The remains will be brought to Brockville for burial.

Ryan—Died, on the 29th December, Aggie Ryan, daughter of Mr. M. (?) B. Ryan, 3rd Concession Bathurst, aged 22.

This lovely but so young and fiar

Called home by early doom

Just came to show how sweet a bud

In Paradise would bloom.

Hudson—Died, at the residence of his son, A. T. Hudson, Carleton Place, on the 8th (?) Jan., Thomas Hudson, aged 81 (?).

Livingstone—Died, at his residence in Simcoe on Friday, 17th Jan., Robert T. Livingstone, Judge of the County of Norfolk, in his 52nd year.

Ferrier—Died, in Perth on Monday morning, 20th Jan., Walter Lawson Ferrier, in the 36th year of his age.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Monday morning, after a severe struggle for nearly a fortnight with the prevailing influenza, our much esteemed townsman Walter Ferrier died at his residence on Gore Street at the age of 36 years.  His death was the source of general sorrow in town where his genial and agreeable manners and his sterling integrity were known and appreciated.  He was buried in Elmwood Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon under the auspices of A.O.U. Workmen Society of which he was a member.  Mr. Ferrier conducted a prosperous harness business here for some years and was an honorable businessman.  He was on the Board of Managers of St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian) Church and from his religious convictions was well prepared to die.  He leaves a widow and child.  Mr. Ferrier held life assurance in the Workmen’s Society, Canada Life, for $5,000.

The Herald chronicles the death at Carleton Place of Thomas S. Bothwell, eldest son of the late James Bothwell of that town.  The cause of his death was consumption contracted while traveling in Mexico some years ago.  He was of a genial, kindly disposition, clever and a good conversationalist.  His age was 31 years, and he was born at Balderson Corners.  Mrs. John McIlquham of the Christie farm, Drummond, is his sister.

We regret to learn that Rev. Francis L. Stephenson, Anglican clergyman, Brockville, died there of pleura pneumonia brought on by La Grippe.  His brother in Perth, Rev. R.L. Stephenson, Rector of St. James Church, is just recovering from the complaint.  The deceased was a brother-in-law to W.W. Berford, Perth, County Treasurer.

The Carleton Place Herald announces the death of Mrs. William Hopkins of Boyd’s Settlement and mother-in-law of Mrs. A.B. Code, at the age of more than four score years.

Perth Courier, Jan. 31, 1890

McHugh—Died, at Perth on Sunday, 26th Jan., Annie McHugh, wife of the late Mr. Patrick McHugh, aged 75.

Jackman—Died, on the 20th Jan., Bridget Kehoe Jackman, relict of the late Mr. Peter Jackman off Bathurst, aged 59 (?).

Elsewhere in the same newspaper:

Among the victims of the prevailing La Grippe was Mrs. Peter Jackman of the 3rd Line Bathurst, who died on the 20th January.  Deceased’s maiden name was Bridget Kehoe.  She leaves a family of 8, six girls and 2 boys.  Her remains were buried in the Burgess cemetery.

Robinson—Died, at Perth on Wednesday evening, 22nd Jan., Sarah Todd Robinson, wife of Peter (?) Robinson, aged 69 (?) years, 9 months and 21 days.

Cook—Died, at Manitoba on Saturday, 18th Jan., Edward Cook, formerly of Drummond, aged 44.

Bothwell—Died, at Carleton Place on the 17th Jan., Thomas Stedman Bothwell, son of the late Mr. James Bothwell, aged 31.

William Bell, P.L.S. Pembroke, died in that town on Thursday of last week at the age of 76 years.  He was an old resident of Pembroke and was a quiet man of a retiring disposition, of deep thought.  The Observer says he was a brother of John Bell of Belleville, Grand Trunk Railway solicitor and of the late Robert Bell, M.P. for Russell.  He leaves two grown up daughters.

An old resident Mrs. Patrick McHugh, died at Perth on Sunday last.  She was a native of Ireland.

Lanark Links:  On Friday, 24th Jan., Mrs. Penman of Lanark Township passed away at the age of 22 years.  Her death was caused by a very severe attack of La Grippe.  The young widower has the heartfelt sympathy of all in his bereavement.

Lanark Links:  Died, at Fallbrook on Monday, 27th inst., Mrs. Bain, relict of the late Alexander Bain.  The funeral took place on Wednesday, the 29th to the Highland Line Cemetery near McDonald’s Corners.

Middleville—We are sorry to announce the sad death of Mrs. James Penman who died at Rosetta on Friday morning at 5:00.  The deceased had a severe attack of LaGrippe and it ended in inflammation of the lungs.  She was a daughter of John Langstaff of Darling and who about three months ago was united in marriage in the house of the bride’s mother to James Penman of Galbraith.  The funeral took place from the Presbyterian Church of Middleville on Sunday service, by Rev. Mr. Andrews assisted by Rev. E.C.W. MacCall, who offered up a very comforting prayer.  The remains were conveyed to the Greenwood Cemetery in Middleville by James Young, under taker of Lanark.  The young husband has the sympathy of the whole community.

With tearful eyes I looked around

Life seems a dark and stormy sea

Yet ‘mid the gloom I hear a sound

A Heavenly whisper “come to me”

“come to me, come to me”

A Heavenly whisper “come to me.”

The Gazette tells of the death of Mr. Jas. C. Bruce of Almonte on Friday, 10th Jan., at the age of 70 years.  He was a native of County Wicklow, Ireland and after spending his early years in Glasgow, Scotland at calico printing he came to Almonte and Huntley 40 years ago.  Only two months ago he married Miss McQuat of Almonte.  He had amassed considerable wealth.  He was a strong Liberal in politics and a Presbyterian in religion.

Brownlee—(note see births for this same issue.)  Died, on Thursday, 30th Jan., David Wilbert Brownlee, infant son of David Brownlee of Bathurst, aged 2 days.

Spalding—Died, in North Elmsley on the 2nd inst., John Spalding, infant son of John R. Spalding, aged 6 months.

Sim—Died, at the residence of her son in North Sherbrooke on Friday, 20th Jan., Mrs. Walter Sim, aged 86 years and 9 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Friday of last week 30th Jan., there passed away at the residence of her son Walter H. Sim, at the advanced age of 86 years, 9 months, Mrs. Walter Sim.  Her end was peace.  Deceased came from Scotland to N. Sherbrooke in the year 1833 and resided there until her death.  She leaves behind her to honor her name a family of 9 children, 3 sons and 6 daughters.  Her descendants number 77 grandchildren and about 20 great grandchildren.  She was a loving mother and a kind friend to all in time of trouble.

Smith—Died, at Lanark Village on Monday, 3rd Feb., John Smith, aged 97.

Kennedy—Died, at Kingston on the 26th Jan., Owen Kennedy, formerly of Newboro, aged 68.

The Carleton Place Herald announces the death of Mrs. John Draffin (?) of Newboro on the 27th Jan.  Her complaint was complications arising from the prevailing influenza.  The deceased was the daughter of the late John Bell of Perth and a sister to Mr. A.W. Bell of Carleton Place.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  She leaves one son and two daughters.  Her husband John Draffin, died about 18 months ago.

Perth Courier, Feb. 7, 1890

Lanark Links:  We regret to announce the death of our oldest resident John Smith, who passed away on Monday morning last in the 98th year of his age.  He was born in Thorne, Moorlands, Yorkshire, England, on the 19th March, 1799 and came to Canada in 1818 settling first in Kingston where he married an English lady in 1819.  In 1824 he came to Lanark County and settled on a free grant of land about three miles above Middleville where he resided for 19 years.  He then came to Lanark Village where he resided until his death.  He had a family of five boys and 3 girls, 4 of whom are dead.  Two daughters died in Kingston and a son, a merchant in Beachburg, in 1863.  His daughter Mrs. Hall died in Lanark in 1854.  There still survive him two daughters Mrs. Patterson of Walkerton, Ontario and Mrs. Elder of Manitoba and two sons John in Renfrew and William in Lanark.  In 18?? accompanied by his son William and daughter Elizabeth he paid his old home a visit.  A few years ago he wrote in the family bible the inscription he wished printed on his tombstone.  Mr. Smith was a staunch Reformer and a strong advocate of Temperance principles.

Middleville—We regret to announce that William Blackburn one of our finest young men, passed away to his silent rest on Thursday night about 7:00.  The deceased was the son of John Blackburn and he had been ill for about three weeks but had been able to go around until a few days previous to his death.  He was a carpenter by trade.  The funeral was held in the Congregational Church on Saturday afternoon.  The services were performed by Rev. E.C.W. MacCall assisted by Rev. J. Andrew.  A large number of friends were present to show their respect for the deceased.

His precious hand will wipe the tears

From every weeping eye

And pains and groans and grief and fears

And death itself shall die.

Lanark Links:  Died, at Mr. Thomas Davidson’s on the 28th Jan., Mrs. Jane Machan at the ripe old age of 97 years.  The funeral took place to the Watson’s Corners Cemetery on Friday.

Perth Courier, Feb. 14, 1890

McEwen—Died, at Bolingbroke, S. Sherbrooke, on Sunday, 2nd Feb., John McEwen, aged 76 (?).

Westhall—Died, at Bathurst on Friday, 7th Feb., Mary Bailey (?) Rulug—or Ruley??? Westhall, wife of George A. Westhall, Sr., aged 74.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Allan—Died, at Balderson on Saturday, 8th Feb., (three names, illegible) Allan, relict of the late William Allan, aged (illegible, two numbers, the second is a ‘7’).

Lanark Links:  Died, at the residence of her son-in-law, John Mathers, Middleville, on Sunday, 9th inst., Mrs. Nairn, relict of the late Archibald Nairn, in the 71st year of her age.  The funeral took place on Tuesday to the Hopetown Cemetery.

Lanark Links:  Died, at her home on the 2nd Line Lanark Township, Miss Maggie Baird, daughter of Mr. Andrew Baird in the 20th year of her age.  The funeral takes place on Thursday at 1:00 to the church at Hopetown where Rev. James Wilson will conduct the services thence to the cemetery in that village.

Note, one death was completely illegible and could not be transcribed.

Scotch Corners—Mrs. William McDonald passed over to the silent majority on Thursday last at the ripe old age of 80.  The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon to Sinclair’s burying ground and was very largely attended.  The much esteemed old lady was the only one that remained of the old settlers coming out many years ago and settling in the Scotch Corners in the midst of the woods.

Scotch Line—We regret to chronicle the death of Peter Dodds, second son of Mr. Thomas Dodds of this Line.  He passed away at 3:00 Monday morning.  La Grippe was the cause of his death.  Peter was a general favorite with everyone.  The funeral took place from his home to the Scotch Line Cemetery on Wednesday at 2:00 pm.  The services were conducted by Messrs Dunlop and Heney(?).

Perth Courier, Feb. 28, 1890

Lanark Links:  Died, on Saturday, 22nd inst. the infant child of Mr. Alexander McIntyre after an illness of about three weeks.  The funeral took place Sunday to the Middleville Cemetery.

Perth Courier, March 14, 1890

McCann—Died, at Eganville on Saturday, 8th March, Lawrence McCann.  No age given.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

An old resident of Perth, Laurence McCann, died at Eganville, Renfrew County, on Saturday last and was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Perth Monday.  The deceased was a native of Ireland and was 78 years old.

Brownlee—Died, on the 25th (?) Jan., of La Grippe, William Brownlee, North Sherbrooke, aged 40.

Bain—Died, on the 28th Jan., Robert Bain of N. Sherbrooke, aged 86.

Cameron—Died, at Sioux City, Iowa on the 21st Feb., of pneumonia, Mr. William (?) A. Cameron, brother of Mrs. J.M. Jackson of Kingston, in his 24th year.

Clarke—Died, at Montague on Tuesday, 11th March, Peter Clarke, aged 80.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Mr. Peter Clark, Montague, died at his residence in Roseville on the 11th March, at the age of 80 years.  Mr. Clark was a native of Scotland and a member of the Presbyterian Church and a much respected citizen.  He was a merchant and farmer and for many years was elected reeve of Montague Township and for one year was voted to the Warden’s Chair.  He was a brother of the late Messrs. Alexander Clark and Hugh Clark of Smith’s Falls.  His funeral took place yesterday.  Mr. Clark was a subscriber to the Courier for a great many years.

Perth Courier, March 21, 1890

Shad(?) Shand (?)—Died, at Beckwith on Thursday, 6th March, Catharine Shad (or Shand), wife of Mr. Edward Shad (or Shand), aged 31.

Morris—Died, at Drummond on the 2nd March, Mrs. Henry Morris, aged 49 years and 11 months.

On Wednesday last the remains of Mr. William Devlin, Sr., of Drummond were brought to Perth and interred in the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rev. Father O’Donohue conducting the burial service.  The late Mr. Dodds died at the age of 94 years having been born in the town of Castlebar, County May, Ireland about the year 1790.  He came to Canada in 1821 settling at once in the Township of Drummond.  He had a family of 9 children, 6 of whom with his aged widow survive him.  Mr. Devlin was a man of sterling character and a firm Liberal.  He had many connections in Drummond, Perth and other parts of this section of Ontario and being widely known in the locality his funeral was a very large one.  The infirmities of old age were aggravated by an attack of La Grippe which was the immediate cause of his death.

Perth Courier, March 28, 1890

Landon—Died, at Watertown, N.Y. on Sunday, 2nd March, Mrs. Harriett Hayes Landon, wife of Mr. Henry Landon and formerly of Smith’s Falls, aged 49.

Lee—Died, at the residence of her son, John Lee, on Monday, 24th March, Mrs. James Lee of North Sherbrooke, aged 84.

Toshack—Died, at Ramsay on Sunday, 23rd March, Eneas Toshack, aged 77. (see also April 11 issue.)

Dittrick—Died, at St. Catharines, Ontario on the 13th March, William Dittrick, formerly of Perth, aged 86.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

From the St. Catharines paper we learn of the death of Mr. William Dittrick, formerly of this town at the age of 86 years.  He died at the residence of his daughter Mrs. Jane Burch on the 13th March.  The deceased was born in St. Catharines in 1804 and came to Perth over 60 years ago and was once as well known here as anyone in the county.  He was a man of original character and in his way a genius.  He was of Dutch descent.

McEwen—Died, at the residence of her brother, Duncan McEwen, North Elmsley on Friday, 21st March, Miss Janet McEwen, aged 69.

Thomas Garvin, formerly of Westport, died in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan on the 6th March.  He left Westport 8 years ago.

From the Lena, Illinois Star we learn of the death of Mr. Alexander McEashron (McEastron?) who was born in Perth on 28th April, (year illegible).  With his parents he removed to Illinois in 1850 and in 1857 he started a drug store in Lena.  He was all through the Civil War a volunteer and in 1862 he contracted (illegible word) during the campaign from which he never fully recovered.  The family was much respected in Lena also in Perth where they are still remembered by many.  The deceased’s brother Stephen has been a Courier subscriber ever since the family left here.

Perth Courier, April 4, 1890

Bennett—Died, on Friday, 28th March, Mrs. Bennett, relict of the late Thomas Bennett, 6th Line Bathurst, aged (illegible.)

Lee—Died, on the 24th March, Catharine Lee, wife of the late Mr. James Lee, Dalhousie, aged 81.

Ferguson—Died, at Perth on Wednesday, 2nd April, Annie McFarlane Ferguson, relict of the late Mr. John Ferguson, Drummond, aged 85.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Wednesday last Mrs. John Ferguson died at the residence of her daughter, Gore Street, at the advanced age of 85 years.  The deceased formerly lived on the homestead farm on the 1st Line Drummond.  She was a native of Scotland and a Presbyterian

Jamieson—Died, at Pakenham on the 30th March, John Jamieson, M.D., aged 39.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Sunday, word reached Perth of the death of Dr. Jamieson of Pakenham, cousin to Robert Jamieson of this place.    A dispatch to the Press dated Sunday gave the following particulars:  Dr. Jamieson of Pakenham, nephew of Joseph Jamieson, M.P. for North Lanark, was found dead in bed at the (unreadable word) hotel here this (Sunday) morning.  He retired at 10:00 last night in good health and spirits.  The deceased suffered for years from insomnia and nervousness and was in the habit of using chloroform to produce sleep.  When found, his face was (unreadable word) in a towel saturated with chloroform and a bottle which had contained a (unreadable word) of the fluid was standing on the dressing table half empty.  He was a skillful physician and very popular and his death is deeply regretted.

Code—Died, at Scotch Corners on the 2nd April, Mr. George Code, aged 93(?).

An old resident, Thomas Ewart, died at his residence on the 2nd Concession Drummond on Saturday last at the age of 73 (?) 75(?).  He left a number of sons and daughters behind him.  The funeral service was conducted by Rev. D. Laing of Kingston, formerly a Baptist minister here.

On Sabbath morning the people of this town were startled at learning the news of the sudden death of Henry Allan, caretaker of the town hall and market. (unreadable word) with the statement that the unhappy man had made away with himself by taking a dose of that arsenical preparation (two unreadable words) on rats.  It appears that poison had been bought by him on Saturday afternoon and that he had retired (unreadable word) after telling his family to let the (two unreadable words) at the proper time and not to disturb him that night.  No one suspected anything unusual but next morning he was found dead in his bed with the remainder of the poison in his room.  The deplorable death gave a shock to the community (two unreadable words) is a dreadful occurrence and is extremely rare.  An inquest was held and the remains were interred in (unreadable word) Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon.  The deceased was at one time a boot and shoe man (two unreadable words) town but lately he was put in charge of the town buildings.  He was of an (unreadable word) disposition and had many (unreadable word).  It is thought a fit if despondency added to the unfortunate habits drove him to the (unreadable word) dreadful deed.

Watson’s Corners—Death has been in our midst again this time choosing for a victim Mrs. Johnson, mother of Thomas Johnson of this place and formerly of the 11th Concession Bathurst.  The deceased was pretty well advanced in age being about 76 years.  She leaves a large family of grown up sons and daughters with several grandchildren to mourn her loss.  The funeral today (Thursday, the 27th) was large considering the condition of the roads.  Rev. T. McAuley of McDonald’s Corners preached the funeral service.

Perth Courier, April 11, 1890

Leitch—Died, at the Township of Alice, on Wed., 2nd April, Mrs. James Leitch, 87 years and 4 months, a native of Scotland born in 1802.

Malloch—Died, at Toronto on Wed., 2nd April, of pneumonia, Mr. Andrew Hill Malloch, in his 33rd year.

Code—Died, at Scotch Corners in Beckwith on the 2nd April, Mr. George Code, aged 93(?).

McHugh—Died, at Perth on Thursday morning, 3rd April, Rebecca J. A. McHugh, aged 39.

Findlay—Died, at Carleton Place on the 6th (?) April, Mr. David Findlay, Sr., aged 54 years and 19 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Carleton Place Herald announces the death of David Findlay, Sr., of that town on Sunday night from peritonitis.  He was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland in June of 1834(?) and came to Canada in 1857(?), first locating in the town of Perth.  He was married here and about the year 1860 went to Carleton Place.  For a time he worked in Allan McDonald’s foundry and then struck out for himself in the same business.  His business by degrees grew to large dimensions and in 18?? He took his two eldest sons, David and William into partnership with him.  Latterly, he retired from the business altogether making it over to his sons.  He leaves behind him a wife, 6 sons and 2 daughters.  The deceased was an active member of the Presbyterian Church and in politics was an ardent Reformer.  In character he was honest and true.  He was also a member of the Carleton Place Board of Education and Town Council.

The Gazette records the death of Eneas Toshack of Ramsay on Sunday of last week at the age of 77 years.  He was born in Glasgow, Scotland and with his parents came to Ramsay in 1821.  About 50 years ago he married Margaret Wilkie, who survives him.  He was the father of 11 children of whom 7 are living.  The deceased was a Presbyterian and an enthusiastic Liberal in politics.  The Gazette adds the following:  “Some idea of the hardship endured by these early settlers may be gathered from the way in which they reached Ramsay.  They came from Montreal to Prescott or Brockville in flat boats rowed by Frenchmen.  They were then conveyed to Perth in wagons full of deep ruts and bog holes.  A rough temporary road had been cut to Lanark where there was a military post.  Many of the first settlers in Ramsay went first to Lanark and then slowly and tiresomely made their way along the windings of the Mississippi until they reached the point where they selected to settle”.

Stanleyville—Mrs. Stephen Young of Ramsay died at the residence of her son-in-law J. McLean, Montreal on Friday, 28th March.  She had been in poor health for some time.

Perth Courier, April 18, 1890

By the Belleville paper we learn of the death of E. F. Potts of that city, on Wednesday, 8th April.  The deceased was the son-in-law of James Bell, Perth, Registrar, having married his daughter Jennie 25 years ago.  Mr. Potts was born in Sterling, Hastings County in 1837.

Thomas Morton, who had charge of the lumber yard in the C.P.R. shops here three or four years ago died at Sudbury on Wednesday.  His remains were brought to Perth for interment today.  The deceased was an Englishman and had been in Australia prior to coming here.  Before his death he signified a wish that his remains be buried in Perth.  He was a Mason and the funeral will be taken in charge by the members of the True Britons Lodge here.

Houple—Died, at Park River, Dakota on Sunday, 6th April, Emily Houple, wife of Wesley Houple and daughter of Mr. Joseph Thompson, formerly of S. Elmsley, aged 24(?) 21(?).

Watson—Died, on Wednesday morning, 16th April, David Watson, Drummond, aged 73.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We regret to announce the death of our old friend David Watson at his residence on the 10th Concession of Drummond on Wednesday morning of this week.  Mr. Watson had been ill for some months from a disease of the liver and other complications and for the past few weeks had been confined to bed.  The deceased was born in the town of Brechlin about twelve miles from the city of Montrose, Scotland in the year 1817.  He came to Canada in 1847 and was a resident of this county 42 years.  On first coming to Canada he worked for a while with the late Mr. Buell, Perth, and afterwards settled on a farm in Bathurst, lately buying the farm on the 10th Line of Drummond belonging to the late Arthur Tullis where he removed and lived up until the time of his death.  Mr. Watson was married in Scotland to Marion Rutherford who died in Canada 29 years ago.  In 1862 he was married again to Mrs. Graham who survives him.  He was the father of five children all by his first wife:  William, now in Dakota; James, who became one of the first members of the Canadian Mounted Police and who died in the Northwest of typhoid fever some years since; John who remains on the farm; Catharine, wife of Lt. John S. Tullis of Drummond; Robert and Nellie of Perth.  Mr. Watson was a Presbyterian and a staunch Liberal.  He was a man of character and intelligence and in every way a respected member of the community.

Perth Courier, April 25, 1890

McManus—Died, on the 27th March, Christina McManus, daughter of Mr. J. McManus of Drummond, aged 8(?) months and 2 days.

Grant—Died, on the 18th April at his residence in Montreal, John P. Grant, 72.

May—Died, on Tuesday, 22nd April, Agnes Cameron May, relict of the late William May, 8th Concession Dalhousie, aged 70.

Morton---Died, at Sudbury on Wednesday, 16th April in the 47th year of his age, Thomas Morton, son of the late Mr. James Morton, Esq., of Waroncliff (?) Villa, Lawson Road, Sheffield, England, and cousin of Rev. John Lockwood, Vicar of Runcarn (?), near Liverpool.  The deceased was a respected servant of the C.P.R.. Company for six years and J.P. for the Algoma District.  Sheffield and Australia papers please copy.

Perth Courier, May 2, 1890

Carley—Died, at Franktown on Friday, 23rd April, Mr. Samuel Carley, aged 76.

Aitkman—Died, at Middleville on the 26th April, Mr. George Aitkman, aged 67(?).  (note, unsure of surname.)

Bessey—Died, at Lanark on the 30th April, Fannie C. Bessey, wife of Rev. W. N. Bessie and daughter of the late Hamilton Beggar.  No age.

Campbell—Died, at Carleton Place on Monday 28th April, Anne Shannon Campbell, relict of the late James A. S. Campbell, aged 78.

Hogan—Died, on Sunday afternoon, 27th April, Michael Hogan, Scotch Line, Bathurst, aged 80.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Sunday one of the oldest residents in this vicinity, Michael Hogan, passed away at the age of 80 years.  The late Mr. Hogan was born in Queen’s County, Ireland and came to Canada when a young man.  He worked at his trade of cooper for a time at Smith’s Falls and afterwards bought a farm on the Scotch Line in Bathurst where he lived the rest of his days.  He married Mary McGowan, whom he survived many years.  The deceased left a family of three sons and a daughter.  The former is Patrick Hogan and Bernard Hogan at home and the Rev. John F. Hogan at Napanee.  The remains were interred in the R.C. Cemetery at Perth on Tuesday forenoon.

A paragraph in the Globe of Tuesday says that “there died on the 7th April at St. Mary’s Hospital, Duluth, James Somers, whose parents reside in Perth near Ottawa.  Relatives can get particulars by communicating with Angus McNevin of Oseota (?) Minn.”.  We are not aware of any family of that name living in this vicinity.  Perhaps one of our readers are better informed and if so they can let the parents know of the occurrence.

Perth Courier, May 9, 1890

McLean—Died, at Dalhousie on the 20th April, Laughlin McLean, aged 79.

Dearest loved one we must leave thee

In the peaceful grave’s embrace

But thy memory will be cherished

And will see thy heavenly face

The following is copied from the Brantford Expositor on Thursday, 1st May:  “News was received by friends in this city yesterday afternoon of the death of the wife of Rev. W. N. Bessey, Congregational minister at Lanark which sad event occurred yesterday morning at 10:00 the result of an ulcerated sore throat.  As Miss Fanny Beggar she was well known in Brantford as one of the loveliest and noblest Christian characters.  She was one of the originators of the North Ward School for Boys, was deeply interested and very active in the Queen Street Mission work and a blessing to scores of poor and sick people among whom she was constantly visiting.  Her whole happiness seems to have been found in doing good and relieving suffering and want and her philanthropy will not soon be forgotten.  She was married on October 30, 1889 and died April 30, 1880, 6 short months of happy married life.  The deceased was attended at her death bed by her mother and sister Mrs. Nelles of Simcoe and Mrs. C.R. Beggar of this city.  The bereaved relatives in this city are the aged mother Mrs. Charles Beggar and Mrs. Stinson who will have the sincere sympathy in their loss.  The funeral will be private to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.”

Middleville News:  A great many deaths have occurred around here lately but still they are not ended.  Another occurred on Friday morning which was the death of Mrs. John James who had been confined to bed for a long time.  The funeral took place on Saturday, services at 2:00 in the Baptist Church and was very well attended.  The remains were conveyed to the cemetery by the hearse of James Young.

Wemyus—The remains of Mrs. Peters arrived here from Ottawa by train on Thursday, 31st April and were taken to the 6th Line Cemetery and laid beside those of her late husband George Peters and other members of the family who perished in the burning of their home at Sharbot Lake about five years ago.

Perth Courier, May 16, 1890

McVeigh—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sunday, 3rd May, Mrs. Johnson McVeigh, aged 27.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Mrs. Johnson McVeigh of Smith’s Falls is suffering from an ulcerated tooth and suddenly expired in her husband’s arms.

McLaren—Died, at Carleton Place on Thursday, 8th May, Robert McLaren, aged (illegible).

Moodie—Died, on Sat., 10th May, Annie Wilson Moodie, wife of Mr. Thomas Moodie, of Balderson.  (no age given.)

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Scotch Line:  Mrs. Thomas Moodie of Balderson’s Corners passed away last Friday after an illness of only a few months of that terrible disease, consumption.  The funeral took place Monday and the remains were interred in the Scotch Line Cemetery.  Mr. Dunlop officiated.

Jacobs—Died, at Perth on Monday, 12th May, John Francis Jacobs, infant son of Mr. J. H. Jacobs, aged 9 months, 12 days.

Gray—Died, at 102 Stanley Street, Montreal, on Monday, 14th April, Sarah Ann Andrews Gray, relict of the late Mr. John Gray and sister-in-law of Mr. George Gray of Bathurst, aged 80.

Stephenson—Died, at Perth on Monday, 12th May, Rosa C. Stephenson, wife of Rev. R. L. Stephenson, M.A., Rector of Perth.  (no age given.)

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Sunday last the wife of Rev. R. L. Stephenson, M.A., Rector of Perth, St. James Church, passed away after a long illness and her remains were interred in the old burying ground beside those of her daughter, on Thursday.  The deceased was a native of Ireland.  Her bereaved husband has the sympathy of the community.

The Recorder of Wednesday chronicles the death of Robert Fitzsimmons of Brockville who died that morning aged 89 years.  The deceased was born in Exeter, England and when not quite 12 years old settled with his family in Perth but he soon after left for Brockville to fill a situation with the late J.C. Potter, grocer.  He was an uncle to John Cox of the Tay Canal locks and Mrs. D. Hogg of Perth.  The deceased was a Conservative and an adherent of the Church of England.

Perth Courier, May 23, 1890

Hayes—Died, at Brockville on Thursday, 15th inst., Martin Hayes, in the 65th (?) year of his age.

Ferguson's Falls—It is with much regret we chronicle the death of Miss Minnie Crampton, daughter of Mr. B. Crampton.  The young lady was a devoted Christian for a number of years.  The funeral took place on Sunday, 18th inst., and was attended by over 60 vehicles.

On Tuesday, John Malloch of Drummond received a telegram announcing the death of his brother Donald Malloch of Clinton, Public School Inspector of the County of Huron, Ontario.  The deceased left this city over 30 years ago and proved to be an able and successful teacher.  Many people in Drummond still remember him when he was a young man.  His other relative in this section was Mrs. James Herron of Lanark Township.  The Globe on Tuesday contains the following notice of the deceased:  “Clinton, May 19  Mr. D.M. Malloch, Inspector of the Public Schools for N. Huron, died suddenly this morning of paralysis.  He had been unwell for some weeks but was not thought to be so near death’s door.  He was born in Carleton County in 1831(?)1834(?) and received his education in the public schools at home.  Some time after, he went to New York and upon his return entered the Normal School, Toronto, taking there a first class certificate.  He was a man of very high educational standing, a ripe and cultured scholar, much above the average.  He taught during his career as Master in Languages in Lanark, Perth, Simcoe and Huron Counties.  He taught for 16 years as principal of the Clinton High School and in January of 1884 received the reward of his competency and efficient services in the appointment as Inspector of Public Schools for North Huron. Mr. Malloch is one of the most prominent Masons in the county having been initiated in St. Mark’s Lodge in Port Stanley in 1858(?).  He was the first Worshipful Master of the Orillia Lodge.  He received the capitular degree (?) in Orillia in 1870, the Order of Knight Templar and Knight of Malta in Mount Calvary Encampment in the same place and year and likewise the investment of Knight of the Red Cross at Rome and Constantine.  He was up to the time of his death Principal Z of the Malloch Chapter of Clinton and it may be said he was the father of the Clinton Lodge.  He was also a prominent member of the Preceptory of Goderich and a prominent member of the Scottish Riters of Hamilton.  Mr. Malloch also has done a military (illegible word) to be summed up with his creditable educational record.  His loss will be deeply felt by all with whom he was acquainted as he was, on account of his genial manner, a general favorite.  He leaves a wife and sons to mourn his loss.  He will be buried Wednesday at 11:00 with Masonic honors.”

Perth Courier, May 30, 1890

Dittrick—Died, at Perth on Sunday morning, (date illegible), Alonzo Dittrick, aged 36.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Sunday morning, Alonzo Dittrick of this town, breathed his last, at the residence of his mother at the age of 36.  The deceased was born in Perth and was the youngest son of the late William Dittrick.  He was an expert mechanic.  His remains were interred in Elmwood Cemetery Tuesday by Rev. H. G. Henderson, pastor of the Methodist Church.

Last Thursday evening, Mrs. Peter Cram, relict of the late Peter Cram of Carleton Place, passed to her final reward at the residence of her son-in-law, Jas. - - - - of Ramsay.  The deceased was the daughter of the late John Toshack and came with her parents from Glasgow in the year 1820 (?) to Canada and settled in the township of Ramsay then an unbroken forest but shortly afterwards, by persevering industry, became the stronghold of an intelligent and happy community.  The subject of this notice was the youngest of a family of 7 sons and 2 daughters.  Her married life was blessed with a family of 12 children.  The three surviving sons are Peter, James, and (illegible), are now thrifty farmers in Manitoba.  Her daughters are Mrs. John Turner, Mrs. James T - - - and Mrs. Dr. Sinclair.

We regret to learn of the death last week of Mr. William M. Kennedy, blacksmith, Lombardy.  The deceased was probably 65 years of age.  He was an ardent Liberal and a Presbyterian.

Perth Courier, June 6, 1890

Stewart—Died, at Ashton on Thursday, 29th May Rev. James Stewart, aged 35.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Tuesday of last week word was received in town that Rev. James B. Stewart, Presbyterian minister of the congregation at Ashton and Appleton had died and the remains were interred in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth on Saturday afternoon.  The deceased was born in Scotland 35 years ago and was married about two years ago to Jennie McLaren of Perth, youngest daughter of the late B.(?) A. McLean who with one child survives him.  Mr. Stewart was inducted in Ashton and Appleton only a year back and his early death is much deplored by his congregation.

McGregor—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Wednesday, 28th May, Margaret Ann McLaren McGregor, wife of Mr. Duncan McGregor, aged 43.

Cross Lake:  James Stevens’ daughter, aged one, died last week from whooping cough.  R.C. Johnston’s youngest daughter died on Sunday, funeral Tuesday.

Mrs. William Huddleston of North Elmsley died on Saturday of last week at the age of 53 years.  The deceased was the mother of 15 children, 13 of whom survive.  She had been all her life a hardworking, good wife and mother.  She was a daughter of the late Mrs. Sarah Jane Stephens of this town.  The funeral took place on Monday to the Church of England Cemetery at Perth and was attended by a large number of friends and relatives.  Smith’s Falls News

Templeton—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Thursday, 22nd inst., the wife of Mr. Allan Templeton in the 48th year of her age.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Mrs. Allan Templeton died on Thursday of last week and as she had been an invalid for some time her demise was not unexpected.  Her sufferings were patiently borne and before the end came she expressed herself ready for the change.  The family circle left is composed of her husband and an only daughter.  She was the oldest daughter of Mr. George Sanderson of Kemptville and from her long connection with the book store was well known particularly by those doing business in the town 9 or 10 years ago.  The funeral took place on the 24th to the public cemetery and was attended by many of her old friends.  Smith’s Falls Record

Perth Courier, June 13, 1890

McEwen—Died, at North Elmsley on the 3rd (?) June, Sarah McEwen, sister of Mr. D. McEwen, aged 38(?).

Gardner—Died at his residence in Bock- - - - (?), Manitoba on the 1st June, Mr. Robert Gardner, formerly of Dalhousie, aged 74(?).

Perth Courier, June 20, 1890

Mrs. John Shields of Montague died on the 4th inst., in her 71st year.

Lanark Links:  Died, at his home at Drummond on Friday, 13th inst., William Cunningham, in the 59th year of his age.  The funeral took place on Sunday to the English Church Cemetery which was the largest ever seen in Lanark the carriage numbering in the vicinity of 130.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Friday evening William Cunningham, a well known farmer in Drummond who lived on the 11th (?) Concession about two miles from Balderson, died after an illness of something over a week.  The deceased had worn a new pair of boots and the (illegible word) wearing off it is thought that the wound had been aggravated by the new leather.  Blood poisoning set in and his illness was aggravated by a chill received while washing sheep (?).  He was forced to take to his bed and from there he never rose.  With difficulty he had gone to the polling place on the 5th June and voted but on returning home he was destined never to leave the house again.  His funeral on Sunday was attended by 130 carriages.  He was 53 years of age and a Conservative of strong opinion on all subjects and a member of the Church of England.  He leaves a wife and several children.

Perth Courier, June 27, 1890

McNee—Died, on Wed., 25th June, at the residence of her daughter Mrs. John McGregor of Balderson, Margaret Clark McNee wife of Mr. Peter McNee, Sr., aged 82 (?).

From the Hastings, Minnesota Democrat of the 14th June we take the following obituary announcement.  The deceased lady was a daughter of William Moorhouse, formerly of Lanark, brother of Henry Moorhouse of Perth. L “Last evening at the house of her husband, Mr. C. M. (?) Thomas in S. St. Paul, Isabella G. J. Thomas departed this life.  Mrs. Thomas was the (illegible word) daughter of William Moorhouse of this city and was universally known and respected.  She was born in Canada on December 5 (?) 1855(?) and came to this city early (?) in life and spent her school days in (illegible word) graduated from the high school.  In May of 18?? she was united in marriage to Mr. Thomas and removed to Dakota where the young couple resided a short time and finally settled in S. St. Paul.  The deceased had been trouble with a disease which finally ended with her death last evening.  She leaves a husband, father and two sisters to mourn her loss.  Of the latter, Miss Emma Moorhouse of this city was with her when her lamp went out and her second sister Mrs. Clara E. Eberly (?) resides at St. Louis (?), Missouri.

Perth Courier, July 4, 1890

Cunningham—Died, at Perth on Thursday morning, 3rd July, Agnes Stewart Cunningham, wife of Michael Cunningham, aged 55.  We regret to record the sudden death of Mrs. Michael Cunningham, East Ward, from heart disease.  The deceased was a sister of Nichol Stewart of Bathurst.

Balderson:  On Wednesday, 29th June, Mrs. Peter McPhee departed this life at the advanced age of 82 years.  She came from Lochearnhead (?) Scotland in early life.  She married and settled with her husband at Harper’s Corners where she lived until a few years ago.  At that time she and her husband retired to live with her daughter Mrs. John McGregor of Balderson.

Clarendon Station:  On the 17th June there passed away from our midst to a happier land from the effects of La Grippe, Henry Robinson, beloved son of James Robinson at the age of 18 years.  The funeral was largely attended.  His remains were conveyed to Maberly for burial by the side of his mother.  Rev. Mr. Raine of Sharbot Lake preached the funeral sermon at the house.  A great deal of sympathy is extended to the friends in their bereavement.

North Sherbrooke:  Died, at N. Sherbrooke, Ellen Millar, wife of William Millar, a native of Scotland, city Glasgow; who came to Canada in 1842 on the ship Carleton and settled in North Sherbrooke and remained there until the time of her death.  She was a life long member of the Presbyterian Church and lead a married life of 51 years.  She had a family of ten all living but one.  Four of them settled in Minnesota.  She was a severe sufferer for quite a number of years through pain and sickness but she bore it with Christian fortitude.  She was a kind friend and a loving mother.  Her husband, Mr. Millar, is an Elder in the Elphin Congregation.

McLeod—Died, at Perth on Monday, 30th June, Mr. William McLeod, aged 78.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Wednesday morning William McLeod one of the oldest residents of Perth died at the residence of his brother-in-law John Riddell after a long illness.  The deceased was born in Glasgow, Scotland on Christmas of 1811 and came to Perth in 1833.  Her he followed the occupation of tinsmith up to a few days previous to his death.  Mr. McLeod was for many years a member of the Perth Town Council, an active magistrate and a member of Knox Presbyterian Church.  He was a staunch Reformer in politics.  His wife who was a sister of Francis Hall of Perth died some years ago.  James McLeod of the Almonte Gazette was a nephew of the deceased.  The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon to Elmwood Cemetery.

The Carleton Place Herald records the death of John McFarlane, 10th Concession Drummond in his 68th year.  He was a native of the Township of Drummond of Irish parentage and was a Methodist in religion.  He leaves a wife and six children the latter being George now at Toronto, Robert in Lanark, John and Joseph in Carleton Place, William on the homestead and James a teacher at Appleton.  The daughters are Mrs. White at Toronto and Mrs. Manahan of Lanark.  The deceased was a man much respected in this locality.

After a lingering illness Mrs. James Halliday expired at her residence North Street on Thursday at the age of 70 years.  She was a sister of James Allan, merchant, and Mrs. M. R. Dobbs of this town.

Perth Courier, July 11, 1890

Ferguson—Died, on the (date illegible) June, Bella Ferguson, Bathurst, 18.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  Rev. 13 “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.”

Somerville—Died, at Middleville, Lanark Township, on Sat. 6th July, Robert Somerville, 74.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Middleville:  On Sunday morning last one of our oldest and most respected residents Robert Somerville, Sr., departed this life after a long illness at the age of 74.  The deceased was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1816 and came to Canada with his parents in 1820.  They settled in Lanark Township at Merrickville where most of the family yet reside.  The deceased married Helen Murray, daughter of the late James Murray who with four children, John, James, Robert, Margaret (Mrs. Purdy) yet survive him.  Another daughter Mary, wife of A.R. McIntyre, died some six years ago.  Mr. Somerville had three brothers two of whom John and William reside near Middleville and the third David in the County of Bruce.  He was a staunch Liberal all his days and belonged to the Congregational Church.  Mr. Somerville, though quiet and unassuming in disposition, was a man well known in the township and like most of his countrymen possessed keen intelligence and a large fund of general knowledge.  His funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon and was largely attended.  The funeral services were conducted by the pastor of the Congregational Church, Rev. E.C.W. MacCall.

The Ottawa papers contained the obituary notice of the late George P. Drummond of that city brother to Mr. R. J. Drummond, agent of the Bank of Montreal, Perth.  The deceased died from the effects of paralysis on the 4th July after an illness of several months.  The deceased was a man of much ingenuity and an inventor.  Among his inventions was the type (illegible word) machine of entirely new typing.  He was employed in the technological branch of the Department of the Interior.  He was the author of sketches entitled “Reminiscences of Old Bytown” which appeared in the press some time ago.  A widow, son (?) and 2 daughters are left to mourn their loss.  The funeral took place on Saturday and the remains were interred in the family plot in Montreal.

Perth Courier, July 18, 1890

Thompson—Died, on Friday, 11th July, of bronchial pneumonia, Elmira Thompson, daughter of John F. Thompson, 3rd Line Bathurst, 7 years.

Ennis—Died, at the residence of her son-in-law, William Code, Park River, Dakota, U.S., on Thursday, 26th June, Candine (?) Caroline (?) Buell Ennis, relict of the late James Ennis, formerly of Innisville, aged 72.

Perth Courier, July 25, 1890

Holden—Died, at Carleton Place on the 20th (?) July, Sarah Holden, wife of Mr. Holden, aged (illegible, two numbers, I think the first is a ‘6’).

McLean—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Wednesday evening, 16th July, Christopher Wilson McLean, aged 29.

Lowe—Died, at Carleton Place on the 22nd July, Mr. George Lowe, aged 76.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Tuesday afternoon George Lowe of Carleton Place passed peacefully and without pain after an illness of several years.  The Central Canadian says:  “The report of the death came with something of a shock to the citizens though the news from the bedside was never very encouraging during the last few weeks.  Mr. Lowe was born in Scotland but spent some time in Ireland whence he came to Canada and settled in Perth initially coming to Carleton Place a quarter century ago to occupy the position of station master on the old B.&Q.  This berth he held for many years, discharging its many intricate and important duties with ability and courtesy and continuing to rise in esteem as the business expanded.  He was the local master spirit of those trying years and never hesitated in the march of progress.  He was a capital companion in hours of recreation, seldom silent from lack of foods, which supplied anecdotes, stories or histories which he could scorch to a blister with a satire to heal sore spirits with a medicated sentence.  During his long term of railway service he saved with abundance to keep him and his devoted partner in splendid circumstances all through their decline.  There were two sons and four daughters George and Archie, Mrs. Simon McViety, Mrs. Gonigle (?), and Mrs. Higman.  Maggie died years ago in the bloom of girlhood and is still remembered by many people.  The funeral took place on Thursday, 24th inst. at 1:00 to Cram’s Cemetery.

Perth Courier, August 1, 1890

Denison—Died, at Fernbank, Brockville on the 29th July, Elsie Margaret Denison, youngest daughter of Lt. Col. George T. Denison, of Heydon Villa, Toronto, aged 1 year and 7 months.

Foley—Drowned, at Perth, on Sunday, 27th July, Mr. John Foley, aged 48.

Lanark Links:  Died, at Brockville, the infant child of William Kennedy.  The funeral took place at the house of Mr. James Drysdale, this village at 1:00 pm Tuesday.

Lines on the death of Elmira Thompson, daughter of J.F. Thompson

The fairest flowers that God has sent

Bloom at early dawn of day

By noon their tender lines are spent

And they have passed away.

Dear Dolly too fair for here below

A short, sweet life was given

Twas better now for her to go

For such is the Kingdom of Heaven

We took the cup of life to sip

Twas full of grief and pain

She meekly took it from her lips

And went to sleep again.

Bell—Died, at Carleton Place on Friday, 25 July, William James Bell, eldest son of the Late Mr. John Bell, Esq., Perth, aged 57.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

William J. Bell of Carleton Place died on Friday, 25th July, aged 57 years.  The deceased was the son of the late John Bell, once a merchant in Perth and elder brother of Messrs. A.W. Bell and George Bell.  He served his time as a cabinet maker with the late David Hogg of Perth, afterward spending many years in the gold fields of California.  The deceased never married.  His remains were brought to Perth and interred in Elmwood Cemetery on Sunday last, the funeral services being conducted by Prof. Hart of Manitoba College.

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