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Lot 16, Concession 7, Drummond Township, Lanark County, Ontario.

Burials - 1820 to 1852


Donald McDonald 1816/1858                         Nathaniel Caswell died 1820

Isabel McDonald (daughter of above)            John Caswell died 1837

John McEwen (Senior)                                   John & Jane Caswell died 1852

Mrs. Jas. McDonald                                       (Grandchildren of Nathaniel)

And others of whom record is lost.            
October 12, 2005

Received an e-mail as follows:

I just wanted to let you know that I am related to Nathaniel Caswell and have the Shirley Mayse (British Columbia) book - seen on  the National Archives website - and according to Shirley Mayse, the Archives of Ottawa Dioese of the Anglican Church of Canada states death dates different from those on the gravestones. Apparently one of the descendents erected the gravestone and the dates are mixed up.  Nathaniel Caswell died 15 Sept, 1828,  not 1820. He was buried on 17 Sept 1820. John Caswell was born 1808 and died in 1820, not 1837. John and Jane Caswell died in 1853. Jane was born 08 Aug 1848 and died 01 Oct 1853 of diptheria. John died on 09 Nov 1853. John was born 14 Sept, 1850.  Both are buried in Boy'd Methodist Cemetery. The date is incorrectly given as 1852 on the gravestone. Both were born in Drummond Township.

Regards, Vonnie Haner -


Keith Thompson, Clayton, Ontario, Canada. 10 April, 2001.                           Up-dated: 13 October, 2005.