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King Cemetery 

Lot 8, Con. 7 - Darling Twp.

  Burials - 1841 to 1925


In Memory Of

James King, (born 1816), died Jan. 22, 1895, aged 79 years. 

Also his Children:

John, died Apr. 24, 1850

William, died Apr. 8, 1862

Alexander, died Sept. 21, 1866

Peter, died Sept. 26, 1866

Margaret, died Feb. 26, 1871


This is a Headstone made of Oak Board, nailed to the rail fence.  The writing on the board is very hard to read, but I believe it relates to 2 boys, children of Wm. King and A. Boyle, 1866-1872.

This is a small wooden cross made out of two cedar poles wired together.


This is field stone with a point facing up.

This is a smaller field stone, white in color, also facing up.

It is believed that there are approximately 19 to 30 people buried in this cemetery.  Some of them may be as follows;

"Granny" Wark, as she lived with her daughter, Mrs. Margaret (Wark) King.

Thomas Duncan King, father of Jack King died Nov. 1925.

James King Sr., born 1786/7, his wife Grace, sons John & James and daughter Eliza.

James King Jr., his wife Margaret ((Wark) died 20 June 1906 aged 80 years) and some of their children (listed above on the headstone)

John Albert King, died 21 Jan 1900, aged 5 years.

William Hanson, died 27 Feb. 1896, aged 84 years.

Ann Barrie (wife of Wm. Hanson) died 24 April 1906, aged 84 years.

These last two are parents of Mrs. Thomas King.

Keith Thompson, Clayton, Ontario - 25 April, 2001