The original document is preserved by the State Library, Albany, New York. Copied by Lieutenant-Colonel H. C. Burleigh, M.D., C.M., U.E. of Bath ca. 1950. The References to the "Old UEL List" and Reid's Sons and Daughters has been added by The Schooner. This document has been archived from the Bay of Quinte Schooner for the purposes of data retrieval for genealogists looking for it from the Bay of Quinte Region GenWeb project. The original formatting has been removed as it was copyrighted from the Bay of Quinte Schooner. The data, however, is not copyrightable and is henceforth presented for free genealogist use.

  Town Town Surname Given Name Old UEL List Residence Old UEL List Rank Old UEL List Descendants Reid's Sons & Daughters Residence Reid's Sons & Daughters Add. Info
1 Arlington ADAMS Gideon   Lieutenant Jessup's Corps, L.B.L. Loyal Rangers South Gower m. Mary Snyder
2 Pownal ANDERSON Benjamin Eastern District   Not in the Province J.B. (P.L. 2d, 1786) Cornwall m. Anna Bird
3 Pownal ANDERSON Joseph Eastern District, M.C. Lieutenant Sir John Johnson's or R. Yorkers Cornwall m. Joanna Farrand
4 Pownal ANDERSON Samuel Eastern District Captain S.G.R.R.N. York P.L. 2d, 1786 Cornwall m Deliverance d.1836 AE 98
5 Cumberland Co., New Fane (*1779) BALL Shadrick Ernest Town Soldier Loyal Rangers L.B.M., 1791, 400 acres - drew land in Charlottenburg, 100 acres relinquished this land, P.L.N.J., 1786 Ernest Town  
6 Wells BEACH John Eastern District Sergeant*** Son's Petition   Sgt.
7 Arlington BENEDICT Abel          
8 Arlington BENEDICT Ithannah          
9 Arlington BENEDICT R          
10 Rutland (*1779) BOSTWICK Joshua Eastern District, Augusta   Employed in the Lumber Service for Government    
11 Clarendon BOWDISH Moses          
12 Bennington (*1779) BRAKENRIDGE (Breakenridge) James, Jun. Eastern District Captain S.G., Rogers, say Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. Elizabeth Town  
13 Clarendon BRAYTON Gideon          
14 Clarendon BRAYTON Joseph          
15 Clarendon BRAYTON Thomas          
16 Arlington BRISCO Isaac Ernest Town Sergeant S.G., K. Rangers or Loyal Rangers (P.L. 1786) Ernest Town m. Ruth Hawley (Archives Report 1904 p.436)
17 Pownal BUCK Beriah (Berecu) Elizabeth Town   On original Roll, Sarah his widow    
18 Arlington BUCK Samuel          
19 Clarendon BULL (Buel) Timothy Eastern District   Joined the Royal Standard before the Treaty of Separation, was in during the war.   m. Mercy Peters
20 Arlington BURITT (Burritt) Deniel (Daniel) Augusta   Land Board Certificate of 1792, not stated U.E., only a settler, L.B. 1790, Loyalist from Vermont, 4 article. Restored O.C. 9th March 1808 Augusta  
21 Cumberland Co., Westminster (*1779) BUSH Crean          
22 Reuport (Ruport) CASE (Cass) Josiah (Joseph) Eastern District, Grand River   R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll - his sons, Joseph P. Cass, Elihu, Daniel Hawkesbury b.Hebron CT, 2   Feb 1730
23 Pollet (Pawlet) CASTLE David          
24 Cumberland Co., Brattleboro (*1779) CHURCH Malachi          
25 Cumberland Co., Brattleboro (*1779) CHURCH Oliver Fredericksburgh Lieutenant R.R.N.Y. Stamped Book. P.L. 1786 Fredericksburgh m. Jemima Richards D.U.E.
26 Clarendon (*1779) CLARK James          
27 Clarendon CLARK John          
28 Clarendon COLVIN Oliver          
29 Clarendon CURTICE John          
30 Clarendon CURTICE (Curtis) Comfort          
31 Pownal DAFOE (Defoe) Abraham Fredericksburgh Corporal King's Rangers, p. Regt. Roll, L.B.M. 1792, 100, in right of his late brother Jacob.   m. Catherine Diamond O.C. 7 Jan 1830
32 Pownal DEAL Adam          
33 Pownal DEAL Peter          
34 Pownal DEAL (Dell) Hendrick (Henry) Home District   States Soldier New Jersey Volunteers - Discharge required Wainfleet  
35 Pownal DEFOE John (father?)       Richmond and Fredericksburgh m. Lois Pringle
36 Pownal DEFOE John (son?) Fredericksburgh Soldier King's Rangers p. Regt. Roll, L.B.M. 1790, 400   dau. Mary m. Andrew Rikley
37 Pownal DEFOE (Dovoe/Devoe) Coomadt (Conrad/Conradt) Eastern District   R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A.P.L. 2d, 1786 Osnabruck  
38 Pollet (Pawlet) FAIRFIELD William, Senr. Ernest Town   U.E. Loyalist, a pensioner during the war. Ernest Town  
39 Shelburne FILE (s/r) Samuel          
40 Wells FRENCH (Henry) Eastern District Corporal*** Loyal Rangers, Joined in 1777. A corp. in Capt. Drummond's company. L.B.L. (Jessup's) Augusta Apparently left Augusta abt. 1815
41 Manchester FRENCH Andrew   Soldier Appendix B - Loyal Rangers    
42 Manchester FRENCH Benjamin Eastern District   son of Jeremiah    
43 Pownal FRENCH Charity          
44 Manchester FRENCH Jeremiah, Esq. Eastern District Lieutenant R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 1786 Cornwall  
45   FROOM James, Jun. Eastern District Soldier King's Loyal Rangers Edwardsburgh  
46   FROOM James, Senr. Eastern District Corporal King's Royal Regt. New York   father of Daniel & Rachel
47 Cumberland Co., Chesler (*1779) GRANT (Grout?) John     6 John Grants listed in Old UEL List    
48 Shelburne GRAY John Eastern District   Sgt. John Gray in Old UEL List is from South Carolina also a John Grey of the 42nd    
49 Cumberland Co., New Fane (*1779) GREEN Caleb          
50 Clarendon GREEN Thomas          
51 Sunderland HAWLEY Abel, Jun.          
52 Arlington HAWLEY Jeptha Ernest Town, M.C. Lieutenant Lt. Of Batteaux. L.B.M. 1789 - L.Bd. Certe. And Quebec palin, P.L. 1786   lists children
53 Pollet (Pawlet) HAWLEY Reuben (Rupell) Ernest Town   Son of Jeptha, L.B.A. 1793 200 acres    
54 Clarendon HILL Daniel          
55 Clarendon HILL Daniel, Jun.          
56 Clarendon HILL Timothy          
57 Arlington HOLT Benjamin          
58 Pollet (Pawlet) HOUGH Barnabas Ernest Town   Genl. Haldimand, 300. Loyal Rangers, P.L. King's Rangers, 1786 Ernest Town  
59 Cumberland Co., New Fane (*1779) HOWE Abisha          
60 Clarendon HOWE Amariah          
61 Arlington HURLBERT Philo          
62   IRISH John          
63 Tenmouth IRISH William          
64 Clarendon JENNY (Jenne) Simpson          
65 Clarendon JOHNS Solomon Home District Lieutenant S.G. Loyal Rangers Elizabeth Town  
66 Arlington KNAPP Ephraim          
67 Pownal LARABEE Elezer          
6 Clarendon LEE John          
69 Clarendon (*1779) LEE Joseph          
70 Wells LEWIS Caleb          
71 Clarendon LEWIS Joseph          
72 Manchester LOCKWOOD Joseph     Could be Joseph Lockwood (had two sons in York Volunteers and was himself within the British lines)    
73 Shelburne MABIS (Mebus) (John)          
74 Dorsett MALLERY Enoch          
75 Wells MALLERY Enoch of Yonge Soldier in Jessup's - R. J. D. G. Yonge  
76 Dorsett MALLERY Ephraim          
77 Manchester MARCH William          
78 Clarendon MARSH Daniel          
79 Dorsett MARSH (Marsh) William, Colonel Midland District   A Pensioner, L.B.M., 1789, 1,050 acres in all   lists children
80 Shaftsbury MARSH (Mash) Abraham Eastern District   P.L. 2d. 1786 Cornwall m. Catharine French
81 Clarendon MATTISON Joshua          
82 Wells (*1779) MOORE James          
83 Shaftsbury MUNROW (Munroe) John, Esq.     3 John Monroe's    
84 Clarendon NICOLS Philip          
85 Clarendon OSBOURN Elijah          
86 Wells PARKER ______          
87 Clarendon PARKER Jerrimiah          
88 Rutland PERRY Robert, Senr. Ernest Town Sergeant Loyal Rangers - Ld. Bd. Ce. (P.L. 1786) Ernest Town  
89 Bridport (Breadport) PRINGEL (Pringel/Prindle) Joseph Fredericksburgh   King's Rangers, by Order in Council, 13th Jan 1807 Richmond  
90 Pownal REYNOLDS Benjamin Home District Soldier by Order in Council, 13th Oct 1807 R.R.N.York Etobicoke m. Dolly 16 dec 1823
91 Pownal REYNOLDS Caleb, Jun. Home District Lieutenant B. Rangers, S.G. Niagara Stamped Book S. P.L.N. 1786 Barton, Trafalgar, Delaware  
92 Pownal REYNOLDS James          
93 Manchester REYNOLDS William          
94 Bridport (Breadport*1779) RICHARDSON Samuel          
95 Cumberland Co., Kent (*1779) ROGERS James, Colonel Marys & Sophiasburgh Colonel S.G. Major Commandt. P.L. 1786 Fredericksburgh m. __ McGregor d. Fredb. Sep 1790 AE 63
96 Manchester ROSE Samuel     3 Samuel Roses   m. Chloe Canfield
97 Reuport (Ruport) SCOTT Daniel   Soldier Appendix B - Loyal Rangers    
98 Arlington SEELEY Austin          
99 New Haven SHERWOOD Justus, Esq. Eastern District Captain S.G. Jessup's Augusta m. Sarah Bottum d. Three Rivers 1798
100 Rutland SHOREY David, Senr. Ernest Town   M.C. Loyal Rangers. A. McL., 2 Certe, 400. P.L. 1786 Ernest Town  
101 Bridport (Breadport*1779) SMITH John     10 John Smiths    
102 Clarendon SPENCER Barnard (Barnabus)          
103 Clarendon SPENCER Benjamin, Esq. Sophia & Ameliasburgh Soldier King's Rangers, ;p. R. Roll Sophiasburgh See W. half 18/4 Richmond
104 Clarendon SPENCER Haselton (Hazelton) Fredericksburgh Lieutenant S.G. R.R.N.Y. A. McL., P.L. 1786. Stamped Book Fredericksburgh m. Margaret Richards   D.U.E.
105 Clarendon SPENCER Jerrimiah          
106 Clarendon SUTTON William          
107 Clarendon WALKER Daniel, Senr. Ernest Town Private*** Gov. Hamilton, 1785-100-1789. Atkins-200(Loyal Rangers). A.McL. P.L. 1786 Ernest Town  
108 Pownal WALKER Nathan          
109 Rutland WASHBURN Ebenezer Fredericksburgh Sergeant S.G. Loyal Rangers. A. McL. P.L.1786 Hallowell m. 1 Sarah De Forest 2 Hannah
110 Arlington WILLIAMS David, Senr. Ernest Town Sergeant L.Bd. Certificate, in Jessup's L.Bd.M. 1790, 700 P.L. 1786 A.McL.   Senr. Loyal Rangers
111 New Haven WOOLCOT Abner          
112 Shaftsbury WRIGHT Ebenezer         dau. Rebecca m. Henry Mace of Cornwall