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Some simple rules to follow. These pages are dedicated to the display and identification of family genealogy photos. All photos must be submitted to me in .jpg or .gif format (no extensions). All photos must be accompanied by a description or identification. Please, no text documents, ie marriage register sheets.

Please email me first before submitting a photo; with all the viruses abounding, I will only open those I know are coming. Thanks Norma

Francis Albert ASH, and Lucy Charlotte (WHITE) Ash. Taken on the Manitoulin Island. Francis Albert Ash born Aug 13, 1861 in Hamilton Twp. Northumberland Ontario and Lucy was born in 1859; daughter of George and Maribah (nee Sickles) White. Albert and Lucy were married in 1881 in Rochester, N.Y. Lucy died Mar. 16, 1956, although I don't
have the date that Albert died--I know from her obituary that he died before her (Obituary can be found at Manitoulin Obituary Message Board

Submitted by Lynn Goutouski

(LEFT) This is a photo taken during WW1. The gentleman in the top right hand corner is George White. The photo was taken by: G.E. Carroll & Son, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, London, N.

Submitted by Lynn Goutouski

Franklin Nathan Lovelace (1876-1948) Maud Stirret Lovelace (1884-1946)
Both buried Mountain View Cemetery.
(Obituary for Franklin Lovelace can be found at Manitoulin Obituary Message Board

Photo supplied by Bill Barrow, submitted by Laurie Lovelace.

(LEFT) These people are John Brown, Darius H. White, Hester (Myers) Brown and Mary Elizabeth(Brown) White. This was taken at a White family picnic on the Manitoulin. No date on it. Darius H. White was born June 12, 1863 , his parents were George White (b.1831) and Maribah Sickles (b. 1833)

Submitted by Lynn Goutouski

David Bickell was an early settler who operated a general store near the old hotel in the 1880's, known as Bickell's store. This photo handed down in my family shows four generations (counterclockwise)...Dave Bickell (minus two fingers lost in a sawmill accident), daughter Ida Elizabeth Fraser (nee Bickell), HER daughter Mary Gertrude Fawcett (nee grandmother), and HER daughter Ida Muriel Fraser.

Photo submitted by Bill Fawcett

(LEFT)Photo identified on back as Miss Ida Jaggard, Sheguandah Ont.

Teacher at Ten Mile Point School, Howland #4.
Taught Pearl, Myrtle and Ethel White

It has a matt with the engraving "Runnalls, Little Current" on the right bottom corner.

Submitted by Lynn Goutouski - Manitoulin Mailing List-mom

Family of William and Caroline (Bowser) Marshall about 1909. They lived in Billings Township. The boys are Tom and Norman. The oldest girl is Mina and the baby is Lena. The other girls are Clara, Fanny and Lillian. Bill and Roy were born after this picture was taken.

Photo submitted by Bill and Peg Marshall


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