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Charles MOORE and wife Eliza DEACON

  John William MCCOLMAN and wife Margaret MOORE
John Tchemonance/Tchemaneus, Marie Anne Bidabanokwe Darlene Ackerland
Campbell, Bailey, Lee, Dickson Betty Allen
Color Me Violet Cantatore, Boero, Amerio, Gervais, Foucault, Gouge, Aubertin, Tasso, Tracanelli, Pierini, Tonello, Sandrin, Tagliabracci, Tondo, Zangari Violet Aubertin
Miller, Hall, Trevillion Nancy Bass
Beaudin, May Ed Beaudin
Shagonaby, Kenoshameg, Jawanikwanebi, Evans Janice
Crack, Baker, Dear, Gibbons, Ruttle Carol Beckett
Bett and Schiltroth/Schildroth Ashley Bett
Garry Bishop Home Page Bishop, Collins, Van Horn Garry Bishop
Caddel, Flesher, Holdback, Wright Patricia Blackstock
Israel and Matilda Bonenfant Glen Bonenfant
Bonenfant, Moran, Morin Wendy
Botting Family Tree May, Beaudin/Baudin, Willis, Robinson David Botting
Desjardins, Boyers, Latour/Letour,
Elaine Boyer
Ritchie, Johnson, May, Boyter, Leask Rene Breadner
Lanktree, McColman, Williton, Marshall, Luther JoAnn Cain
John Dever, Mary Peltier of Whitefish Falls
bef. 1904-aft. 1930; Tower Hill Cabins
Cameron, Willett Gwen Cameron
Gerue, Gerow Sheena Cannon
Carter, King, McGregor, Stace, Vickery Cliff Carter
Mervyn, Armstrong, Best, Bracken, Hall, Mitchell, Montgomery, Noakes, Noble, Norrish, Walsh, Witty Cliff Carter
Dinsmore Dinsmore, Greenlees, Jennings Judith Chidlow
Whissell, Villeneuve Debora Saunders Cloutier
Tustian, Smeltzer, Van Horn, Watson,
Farquhar, Rivett, Hill, Wilson, Akitt
Shannon LK Coates
Cole, Rombough Pat Cole
Rowley, Jessop Contact
Cadotte in Honora Bay Gail Darby
Bayers, Couch, Galloway, Merrylees, Tighe Barbara Davies
Dearing, Gareau, James Ann Dearing
Lane, McTaggart, Jennings, Lang Shirley May Duck Doan
Bloxsom, Blocksom, Tyndall Verna Dougall
Strain, Gerow Diane Dougherty
Drapers, Taits, Carlyles, Barker, Carons
1891 forward
J. Draper
Stanislaus "Tanis or Stanis" LANGEVIN
Philomena GRANDLOUIS dit Philomene COMMANDANT
Louis "Shawanakesi" COMMANDANT
Lucie "Cecile" MIJAKWAT, Delilah ARTHUR
Caroline "Carrie", Martin & Jeanne "Jane" CARPENTER
Rita Roy Drouin
Dubé Dubé, Kemp Don Dubé
Norton, Phillips, Heighs, Robbins Pat Dutton
Middaugh, Nigaunaagijig, Francis, Corbiere Anderson, Atkinson Doris Edwards
Campbell, Bailey, McGregor, Burns Jane Ellis
McNevin, Batty W. Ed Ewing
Fraser, MacQuarrie Thorburn, Bickell
Gore Bay, 1871 or later
Bill Fawcett
Gain Jim Gain
Gibson, Tipp, Warner Elizabeth Gibson
Gilbank, Stewart, Collar, Gould Shane Gould
Uffelmann, Heis, Bayers, Ferguson, Sickles, Johnson, Stone, White, Brown Lynn Goutouski
Hubbert Barbara Graham
McArthur, Kerr, Rowe, McAnch, Ednie,
Amy Grappin
Wendjikissina, Ininiwish Jennylynn Groulx
McKenzie, McRae 1870 Karen Haffermehl
Hua, Hall Michael Hall
DUXBURY Norma (Duxbury) Haines
Hay, Richie Jennifer Hay
Hayes, Lucas, McDaid, Cooper,
Watson, Duhamel, Thomas
Terrance Hayes
Hill Otta Sue Hilburn Hill
KERR, LOCKYER, MCCULLOUGH or MCCULLIGH Susan Kerr Herzog or Susan Kerr Herzog
Shigwadja, Neodigijig
Watson, Duhamel, Thomas
Liz Hester
Tustian, Farquhar, Rivett, Nixon Dianne Hunt
Linley, Wood, Dinsmore, Dixon, Plato Marilyn Irish
Kemp, Urquhart, Armstrong, McGibbon, Stephens, Trent/Trant Barbara Blandford Jester
Evans Gary Jacobson
VAN EVERY and POOLE Rosemary Jorgenson
JOHNSTON, Dr. Joseph Gore Bay, CURRIE, HERMAN, Margaret Ann (nee Johnston) CURRIE Hawley Johnston
McDonald, Grant, Fisher, Trick, Millman
John Noble Campbell, Anna Priscilla (Honeywell) Campbell Laura Priscilla (Couch) Kennedy
Atkinson, Antler, Armstrong, Bassingthwaite,
Bayes, Brown, Bryan, Copper, Crosley, Dafore, Dunlop,
Eade, Ferguson,Fogal, Gamble,Gordon, Heis, Hindle, Humphries, Hunt, Idle,Jackson, Lewis, May, McDonald, McCauley, McGaugley, McKay, McKenzie, Meredith,Montgomery, Moore, Morphet, Moulton, Nighwander, Nevills, Parkinson, Rowe, Scott, Skippen,
Slagle, Woolley
Bryan King
Baker, Jef(f)kins, Noble, Galbraith, Lewis, Marshall, Runnalls, Lane and Jennings Joe Lewis
Aiabens Sharon Lincicome
Lougheeds, McColmans Richard Lougheed
Lovelace Lovelace, Stirritt, Strain, Miller Laurie Lovelace
Stocks Family Genealogy Stocks, Trowbridge, Coburn/Cockburn,
Cooper, Runnalls, Gill and Brace
Sharon Luke
Strain, Mutchmor Mary Martin
Middaugh: Eric Lorne (01/24/63);
David Lorne (11/21/83);
Wayne Eric (01/01/88);
Tyler Frank (01/05/89)
Suzanne Middaugh
Moggy, Posger Adrian, Shalleday, Sparrow, Hughson Dale Moggy
Fogal, Woods and Slagel Liane Moir
Marie Anne CHAWENANAKWETOKWE (of Wilkongwalk), Marie CADA, Paul OKETA, CAUSLEY Vicki Moorhead or Alternate email
Montgomery, Patton and Armstrong Ray Montgomery
Murray, Campbell, McKim Dick Murray
Hopper (Algoma/Thessalon) Josie McAllister
McCOLEMAN, Soleman and Annie Dan & Darby McCann
Alice May STEELE and Albert FISHER Kenneth McDonald
McGOVERN, William Joseph Mary McGovern
Mc(Mac)Murray, Blue, Galbraith Lynn McMurray
Arnold, Ballantyne, Galbraith, Hardy, Kingsborough, Leeson,McDougall (Providence Bay), McIntyre, Shea,
Thomas, Ward
Carol McNeice
McVannel Bonny McVannel Jones
Ferguson, Campbell Sharon Nahwegahbow
BATES Pat Oakley
Ancestors of Brenda and Glen Pedersen Wildman, Bassingthwaighte, Cragg, Bagshaw, McCracken Brenda Pedersen
Munday, Namance, Pummance Paul Perigord
McKinney, Johnston Bob Rankin
Riesebos, Riesebosch, Riezebos, Riezebosch Hans Riesebosch
MacDonald, McDonald, MacKay, McKay, McIvor Ellen
McGillis, Gillies, Gillis Fran Saler
Mckechnie, Gilchrist Annette Selby
SWARTMAN, WAGG Karen Shirley
Boyter, Mckenzie, Norton and Armstrong Betty (Boyter) Smith
4 My Kin Duxbury, Gallaugher, Haner, Little Candy Spencer
George M. BRADLEY & Caroline MORPHY Bill Thompson
Tracy, Bock Doug Tracy
Dever, Evelyn Iris (nee Hicks), wife of Clifford Daniel Dever, daughter of Joseph Francis Hicks/Lydia Ann Myers. Tressie
Lizza Moggie Ann T. Valentine
Welsby Pastor Dave Welsby
Merrick Carol Ann Westbrook
Wiber, McDermid, Robinson, Waterhouse Joan Wiber
Williamson, Wagg, Vincer, Lynch Susan Williamson-Barton
Isabella Thompson Theresa Winnicky
Hilson/Hillson, Drolet, Chase, Boyter Lynn Winstanley
Young, Patterson, Dougherty

Pat Young

Manitoulin Lookups


To REGISTER the research item you have, or to delete one. Please request lookups for only the specific items listed below and from the person willing to do the lookup.No general items or surnames, please.
Send email to Laurie Lovelace.

Have a book or research tool that you would be willing to share by doing lookups?

Name of Item or Book
Notes and Comments
"How It All Began" - A History of the Kagawong Area Circa 1872 - 1910
Joan Wiber
Joan Wiber is willing to look up surnames of anyone who had family living in the Kagawong area to see if anything is mentioned.
"How It Continued" - A Continued History of the Kagawong Area Circa 1911 - 1979
Joan Wiber
Joan Wiber is willing to look up surnames of anyone who had family living in the Kagawong area to see if anything is mentioned.
"Through the Years"
Joann Cain
Joann Cain is willing to do look ups in the June 1988 and December 1988 issues only.
"Through the Years"
J.R. Hopkins
Joan Hopkins will do lookups in a couple of the older issues.
"Through the Years"
Avril Yoachim
Avril will do lookups in the following issues: Jan, 1984 Vol I, Feb, 1984, Vol I, July, 1984; Vol I, Oct, 1984 Vol I; Nov, 1984 Vol I; Dec, 1984 Vol II; Mar, 1985 Vol II; Apr, 1985 Vol II; July, 1985 Vol II; Aug, 1985 Vol II; Dec, 1985 Vol III
"Through the Years"
1984 issue"
Laurie Lovelace
Laurie will do lookups for 1984 Jan - April and July - December. She does not have the May issue. (Please ensure the surname is listed before requesting lookup.)
"Through the Years"
1986 issue"
Laurie Lovelace
Laurie will do lookups for 1986. (Please ensure the surname is listed before requesting lookup.)
"Through the Years"
1989 issue"
Laurie Lovelace
Laurie will do lookups for 1989. (Please ensure the surname is listed before requesting lookup.)
"Through the Years"
1991 issue"
Norma Hughson
Laurie will do lookups for 1991. (Please ensure the surname is listed before requesting lookup.)
"The Early Years of Gore Bay"
J.R. Hopkins
Joan Hopkins will do lookups.
"Robinson Twp. census 1901"
J.R. Hopkins
Joan Hopkins will do lookups.
"Holy Cross (Sainte-Croix)
Wikwemikong & Missions
Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Baptisms, Marriages, Burials
and Confirmations
1838 - 1910"
Alice Beaudin
Alice will do one name lookups

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