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Adelaide Township

Named for Amelia Adelaide Louisa Theresa Carolina, wife of King William IV of England

Settled by Irish farmers c1832

Early settlers include: M. Bixel & John Stewart Buchanan

Principal Settlement -- Strathroy

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Biddulph Township

Became part of Middlesex in 1865 (originally part of Huron County)

Early settlers include Peter Butler, James Hodgins, Donnelly Family

Principal Settlement-- Lucan

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Caradoc Township

Named for a place in Shropshire, England

Settled c1821. Many settlers arrived to this twp via Longwoods Road (now known as Highway 2 [Dundas Street within the City of London])

Early settlers include: Colonel Mahlon Burwell, Dougald Leitch, Lieutenant-Colonel William Saxton,Sinclair Family

Principal Settlement -- Mount Brydges

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Delaware Township

Named for an early settlers Indian band that begat it's name from Lord De laWarr, Governor of Virginia in 1610

Early settlers include: Ebenezer Allan, Springer Family, Gideon Tiffany, Charles & John Woodhill

Principal Settlement-- Delaware

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Ekfrid Township

Named for Northumbrian King Ekfrid (Egfrid)

First settled by those brought from the UK by Colonel Talbot in the 1820's

Early settlers include: Elliott Family

Principal Settlement -- Glencoe

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Lobo Township

Named for the Spanish for wolf by Sir Peregrine Maitland

First settlers arrived from Argyllshire, Scotland around 1820

Early settlers include: Edward Charlton Family, Benjamin Cutler, John Siddall, Jacob Marsh

Principal Settlement -- Komoka

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London Township

First land grant was in 1812 to the widow of Major William Derenzy but she did not remain in the township; First permanenet settler was Joshua Applegarth in 1816 was followed by 25 families brought by Richard Talbot from Ireland in 1818; The north-west corner of the township (lots 28-31, concessions 14-16) was known as the "Welsh Block/Settlement" and were settled by more than 30 family members of John Matthews from Wales

Early settlers include: Duncan Anderson, Ardiel Family, Thomas Askin, Joshua Applegarth, ThomasCarling, John Carmichael Family, Orange Clark, Abraham Cumming, Dorman(d) Family, David Doty,Edwards Family, Finch Family, Edward Fitzgerald Family, John D. Getty, Ezekiel Gilman, GreenFamily, Gustin Family, William Harrison Family, Charles Henry, Daniel Hine, Hodgins Family, JosephJayne, Duncan MacKenzie Family, Lawrence Marckle, Thomas Martin, Matthews Family, DudleyMerrill, Morden Family, O'Neil Family, Christopher Oxtoby, John Parsonson, Pierce Family,Paisley/Pixley/PeasleyFamily, Timothy Quirk, Robson Family, Rosser Family, Routledge Family, John Scott Family, ShipleyFamily, John Siddall Family, Sifton Family, James Smibert, Richard Talbot Family, Arthur ThompsonFamily, Valentine Tiet, Thomas Webster Family, James Williams, John Young

Principal Settlement -- London

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McGillivray Township

Became part of Middlesex in 1865 (originally part of Huron County)

Early settlers include: David Craig, Patrick Flanagan

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Metcalfe Township

Originally part of Adelaide & Ekfrid Townships, Metcalfe Township was createdin 1840.

Thought to be named for Sir Charles Metcalfe, Governor-General in 1845

Settled by Officers from the Napoleanoic Wars & Highland Scots c1831

Early settlers include: Captain Beear, Edward Blake, Samuel Preston

Principal Settlement -- Napier

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Mosa Township

Earlier known as D Township & Aragon Township, this township was named for theSpanish name of the river Meuse in Belgium by Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

First settler was George Ward, founder of Wardsville

Early settlers include: Nathaniel Currie, Thomas Robinson, Thompson Family, John Watterworth

Principal Settlement -- Newbury & Wardsville

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North Dorchester Township

Originally known as Dorchester Township it was split into North Dorcester and South Dorchester (Elgin County)

Named after Sir Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester, Governor General of Canada, 1786-1796

Settlement began in 1794

Early settlers include: Edward Matthews, William Niles, Thomas Putnam, Richard Tooley

Principal Settlement -- Dorchester

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Westminster Township

Named after Westminster, England

Early settlers include: O'Dell Family, William Proudfoot, Sumner Family

Principal Settlement -- Lambeth (first settled by Abraham Patrick in 1810)

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Nissouri Township

Believed to have been named for an Indian word meaning "gurgling waters". Split into West Nissouri (Middlesex County) & East Nissouri (Oxford County) in 1851

Early settlers include: Robert Alway, Bailey Family, Clawson Burgess, Robert Davis, Dr. Moffit Forster,William Logan, Scatcherd Family, Shanly Family, Stoddard Family

Principal Settlement -- Thorndale

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East & West Williams Townships

Became part of Middlesex in 1842

Named for William Williams,Deputy Governor of Canada Company.

Originally one township - Williams Township, but was later split into the current two townships

Most settlement started 1848-1850. A large number of immigrants were from Scotland, Wales, England & Ireland

Early settlers include: Donald McIntosh, Ronald McIntyre, Henry Saul, James Ross Family, Stewart Family

Principal Settlement -- Ailsa Craig (East Williams) & Parkhill (West Williams)

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Information from:
London Township Pioneers by Frederick T. Rosser, 1975, Mika Publishing
From Stone... To Steel by The Middlesex County Board of Education, 1978

NOTES: Principal Settlement refers to current (1998) population

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