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Niagara Genealogy

Your home for Genealogy in the Niagara Region in Ontario!

Welland County Lincoln County


Name Township County Notes
Arent Bradt Burial Ground Louth Lincoln  
Beamsville Baptist Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Bucknall Farm Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Campden Mennonite Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Christopher Culp Family I Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Colver Cemetery Louth Lincoln Also known as Cartmer Family Cemetery
Crysler Family Burial Ground Niagara Lincoln  
Eden United Cemetery Clinton Lincoln Also known as Zimmerman Burial Ground
Gregory Family Cemetery Louth Lincoln  
Haines Cemetery Louth Lincoln Also known as Jordan Mennonite Cemetery
Haynes Cemetery Louth Lincoln  
Haynes Family Cemetery Grantham Lincoln  
Henry Family Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Honsinger Family Burial Ground Grantham Lincoln  
House Family Cemetery Clinton Lincoln County  
Indian Countymmunal Gravesite Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Jacob Culp Family II Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
John Culp Family III Cemetery Clinton Lincoln County  
Jones Family Cemetery Louth Lincoln  
Jordan Mennonite Cemetery Louth Lincoln Also known as Haines Cemetery
Kimbo Free Methodist Cemetery Grimsby Lincoln  
Konkle II Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Louth United Cemetery Louth Lincoln Also known as Maple Lawn Cemetery
Maple Lawn Cemetery Louth Lincoln Also known as Louth United Cemetery
Miller Family Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Mountain Presbyterian Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Neutral Indian Burial Ground Grimsby Lincoln  
Nicholas Smith Family Burial Cemetery Louth Lincoln  
Price Family Burial Ground Louth Lincoln  
Quarry Road / Dean Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Rockway Presbyterian Cemetery Louth Lincoln  
Schram Tinlin Burial Ground Louth Lincoln  
Servos Burial Plot / Rolph Farm Cemetery Grantham Lincoln  
Snure / Christ Disciples Cemetery Louth Lincoln  
St George's Anglican Church Cemetery Grantham Lincoln  
St John's Anglican Church Cemetery Grantham Lincoln  
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery Grimsby Lincoln  
Tenbroek Family Cemetery Grantham Lincoln  
Thirty Mountain Methodist Cemetery Grimsby Lincoln  
Tufford Family Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Turney / Boyd / Christie Cemetery Grantham Lincoln  
Vineland Mennonite / Moyers Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery Clinton Lincoln  
Zimmerman Burial Ground Clinton Lincoln Also known as Eden United Cemetery

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