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Register of Marriages from St. George's Church
St. Catharines

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"St. George's Parish Church, St. Catharines. Jubilee Celebration and
Historic and Centenary Review." Edited by Rev. Robert Ker, Rector
Contributed by: Wendy Standish

Point of interest (this is added by Wendy): This A. F. Atkinson who performed so many of these marriages was the Rector of St. George's Parish (an Anglican church, by the way) from 1840 to 1864. According to this book he seems to have been very popular, unlike some other ministers who are recorded in it. His full name was Reverend Abraham Fuller Atkinson, and he died February 24, 1866, at the age of 63 years, at his residence, Queen St., Toronto. He had been educated at Trinity College, Dublin, coming to Canada in 1827. He was soon ordained by Dr. Charles Jas. Stewart, Bishop of Quebec. He spent 8 years in Montreal, 4 years in Kingston, then went to St.Catharines.

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Feb. 8 - Thomas Clark and Margaret Sarah Tinline, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: Wm. Powell, Annie Reid; by J. McLean Ballard.
July 5 - Charles Colthurst and Elisabeth Jane McIntyre, both of Hamilton; witnesses: Mary Letitia Holland, George Gander; by Henry Holland.
July 20 - John Edward Caroll and Margery Harris, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Sarah Hall, James Brownlee, James Harris; by Rev. A. L. Shaw, Missionary, Grantham.
Aug. 1 - James Noble and Mary Ellen Stanton, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: Thomas Woodall, Deloss May; by Henry Holland.
Aug. 10 - John Swanson and Emma Fletcher, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Samuel Fletcher, Priscilla Fletcher, Agnes Leeper; by J. McLean Ballard.
Aug. 24 - John Thomas Lee, Georgetown, D. C., and Mallie McGuinn, St. Catharines; witnesses: Samuel M. Mason, Alex. Moore, Catharine Moore, Mary Talbott; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 20 - Patrick Steep, Thorold, and Frances Urlocker, Grantham; witnesses: Michael Urlocker, Louisa Urlocker, Sarah Steep, John P. Boucock; by J. McLean Ballard.
Oct. 18 - Thomas James Prior, Merritton, and Sarah Ann Winslow, Merritton; witnesses: George Paton, Florence E. Knight, Wm. Winslow, Mrs. Wm. Winslow; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 7 - Thomas Brigham Bentley, B. M., Sutton, Co. York, and Catherine McKenzie Anderson, Co. York; witnesses: Charles Norton, Mrs. M. J. Norton; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 19 - Theodore Thompson, St. Catharines, and Harriet Groves, St. Catharines; witnesses: T. P. Thompson, George Groves; by Henry Holland.


Mar. 3 - John Bradley, Merritton, and Semanthe Bessey, Merritton; witnesses: John Foley, Jonathan Jackson; by Henry Holland.
June 11 - James A. Gage, Township of Barton, and Harriet Amelia Lottridge, Township of Saltfleet; witnesses: P. R. Gage, H. J. Gage; by Henry Holland.
June 13 - Adelbert Clark Tuttle, of St. Catharines, and Margaret Eleanor S. Carlisle, of St. Catharines; witnesses: Wm. Dougan, M. D., Annie Carlisle, Albert G. Brown, Fannie Keating, George C. Carlisle; by Henry Holland.
July 3 - Wallace Tufts, Township of Crowland, and Maria Hanna, Township of Crowland; witnesses: Wm. Hanna, Sarah Tufts; by Henry Holland.
July 10 - John Hastings, Hamilton, P. C., and Jane Mulholland, Port Robinson; witnesses: Reginald H. Starr, C. A. Graft; by Henry Holland.
July 25 - George Albert Thomas and Elizabeth Watson, both of Port Robinson; witnesses: John H. Watson, Elizabeth H. Murray; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 23 - John Boyle, Carbondale, Pa., U. S. A., and Jane Boyle, St. Catharines; witnesses: William Huston, Mary Boyle; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 23 - George Everett Cooper and Julia Ann Smith, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Robert McNicol, Sarah McLean, William Young, Georgie Smith; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 30 - Dexter D'E. Potter, Fonthill, and Anne Bullivant, St. Catharines; witnesses: J. S. Buchner, Martha Bullivant, Thomas Bullivant, Laliah Potter, John Bullivant, J. McLean Ballard; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 5 - John Jeeves and Augusta Ray, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: George Jeeves, Lizzie MacKinder; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 12 - Philip H. Grobb and Alice M. Dittrick, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Chancey Dittrick, H. J. Hainer, Alex Dittrick; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 4 - George Ben. Brooks and Theresa Helena Henshaw, both of Grantham; witnesses: Thos. R. Merritt, Stephen R. Boyle, Elizabeth Landor, Annie M. Benson; by John McLean Ballard.
Dec. 11 - John Akins and Sarah Haynes, both of the Township of Wainfleet; witnesses: John Simpson, Jeannette Ballard and another; by John McLean Ballard.
Dec. 24 - James Brewer and Geraldine Elizabeth Wheeler, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Augusta Wheeler, Jane L. Quirt, Robt. Wheeler and another; by John McLean Ballard.


Jan. 29 - Phileskey Edwin Stanley of London, Ont., and Ellen Peterson, of St. Catharines; witnesses: W. W. Fitzgerald, Katie Peterson, Alex. Munro, Maggie Stanley; by Henry Holland.
Feb. 11 - John Goodliffe, Byron, N. Y., and Margaret Clambert, St. Catharines; witnesses: W. H. Hooke, Florence Knight, Hannah Chatfield, W. Clambert; by John McLean Ballard.
April 16 - James Raymond Clark and Caroline Bertha Tucker, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: F. J. Helliwell, S. K. Clarke, L. D. Raymond, E. A. Clarke; by Henry Holland.
April 16 - Saml. Gilbert Crow and Elizabeth Keating, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: W. H. Brownlee, Edward Ellis; by Henry Holland.
April 23 - Henry Brown, Merritton, and Emma Burridge, St. Catharines; witnesses: John Etheridge, Mary Williams; by Henry Holland.
June 11 - William Wellington Taylor and Mary Moors, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Wm. Walkinshaw, Lucy A. A. Smith; by Henry Holland.
June 28 - Henry Charles Heward and Anne Elizabeth Saunders, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Thos. H. McCoomb, Martha M. Phipps; by Henry Holland.
July 30 - Thos. Chas. Dorrington, widower, Port Robinson, and Margaret Jane Hanna Foley, widow, Welland; witnesses: P. H. Morin, Emeline Hannah; by Rev. William Short.
Aug. 7 - William Dougan and Ann Helena Carlisle, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Geo. C. Carlisle, A. M. Spencer, Alex. McLaren, Henrietta D. Carlisle, Thomas T. Robarts, Ann E. Stinson, Thos. Clark, S. Dougan; by Henry Holland.
Aug. 14 - Benjamin Harriman and Ann J. Gibson, both of Chippawa; witnesses: John E. Whalley, Susanna Gibson; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 11 - Patrick C. Conley, Mobile, Ala., U. S. A., and Mary E. Carnes, Memphis, Tenn.; witnesses: Saml. Tate, H. K. Averell, Thos. D. Radcliffe, Lizzie T. Tait, Lizzie T. Radcliffe; by Thomas T. Robarts.
Oct. 23 - Frank Warren, Brooklin, Township of Whitby, and Henrietta Elizabeth Burns, St. Catharines; witnesses: John W. Burnham, Bella A. Burns, Fred J. Helliwell, J. White, jr., Annie Taylor, Hugh Eccles, Mary Maxwell, Louisa L. Chisholm; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 19 - Edmund F. Cowan, Princeton, Ont., and Isabella Hill, St. Catharines; witnesses: E. W. Cowan, Charles Popham Hill, A. M. Hill, Mary D. Moore; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 11 - Saml. H. Wallis, Montreal, P. Q., and Anne Susan Leslie, St. Catharines; witnesses: L. W. Benjamin, Amy Woodruff, John P. Leslie, S. D. Woodruff; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 23 - Benjamin Ferguson, Township of Collingwood, and Margaret Braden, Township of Humberstone; witnesses: Edith H. Holmes, C. B. Ogden; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 30 - George S. Holmested, Toronto, and Edith Maria Atkinson, St. Catharines; witnesses: Beverley Jones, Bella Atkinson, J. H. Ansley, Wm. P. Atkinson, Robert Shanklin, Thomas T. Robarts; by J. J. Bogert.


Mar. 11 - Douglas Smith and Maria Alice Welch, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: David Smith, Camilla V. Watson; by Henry Holland.
July 13 - Edward Richard John Russel and Matilda Eliza Chapman, both of Merritton; witnesses: H. Brown, Emma Brown; by A. W. Macnab.
July 16 - Arthur Holingsworth Hollaad (sic), Montreal, and Alicia Peirce, St. Catharines; witnesses: G. W. Peirce, W. D. Peirce, Martha Holland, Elenora Holland, H. M. Giles; by Henry Holland.
Aug. 22 - John Saunders, St. Catharines, and Louisa Dodwell, London, Ont.; witnesses: Francis W. Kirkpatrick, George Gander; by A. W. Macnab.
Aug. 27 - James Williams and Martha Amelia Nath, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: John E. Read, E. J. Powell; by A. W. Macnab.
Sept. 7 - David Nottage and Susan Hayden, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: William H. Dunn, Walter H. Silvester; by A. W. Macnab.
Sept. 23 - Johnson Clench and Eliza Izard, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: D. W. Bixby, G. W. Clench; by A. W. Macnab.
Sept. 29 - William Dunmer Powell and Octavia Smith, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Thos. Clark, Emily F. Smith, Frances Smith, Alex. W. Macnab; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 13 - Joseph Harnish and Caroline Knoll, both of Humberstone; witnesses: C. J. Holland, Mary L. Macrae; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 27 - Isaac Johnson and Mary Scott, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: George Houston, Jemima McDougal; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 28 - George Jeeves and Julia Woodruff, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Rossanna Woodruff, Fredrick Bridges; by A. McNab (sic).
Oct. 28 - Josiah Bradish, Fair Plains, Mich., and Mary Ann Nelson, St. Catharines; witnesses: M. G. Bates, Ann M. Frankland, Arthur Aikine, G. T. Frankland, Amalia D. Aikine, Henry R. Frankland; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 16 - Charles Hy. Walkerly and Elizabeth Crosby, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: Fred. Wood, Amanda Runchey; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 3 - Matthew Henry Little, Hamilton, and Mary Ann Meadows, St. Catharines; witnesses: Henry J. Todd, Ida Locke; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 15 - Fredrick Potts and Charlotte Rebecca Lawrence, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Robert J. Black, Susan Lawrence, J. E. Lawrence; by A. W. Macnab.
Dec. 21 - Richard Birbeck, Thorold, and Florence Elizabeth Knight, St. Catharines; witnesses: Geo. Clark, J. Batten, Miss Little, Miss Davy, Miss Dorr, Miss Chambers, Matthew Booth, A. Little; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 22 - Nelson Alex. Morley, Thorold, and Ann Eliza Calcott, St. Catharines; witnesses: James Lemon, Amelia Calcott, James Calcott; by Henry Holland.


April 10 - Archibald Crawford and Mary Ann Pay, both of Grantham; witnesses: Edward Pay, Mary Jane Gates; by Henry Holland.
May 3 - Francis David Hillson, London, Ont., and Charlotte Elizabeth Clement, Niagara; witnesses: Calvin Wesley Anderson, Elisabeth Hillson; by Henry Holland.
May 9 - Joseph Miller and Mary Elisabeth Cowell, both of Grantham; witnesses: E. Cowell, Eliza Ann Cockle; by Henry Holland.
May 22 - John William Marling, Halifax, N. S., and Emma Sophia Bingham Birchall, St. Catharines; witnesses: J. W. Henry, J. W. Birchall, Frank King, A. P. Birchall; by Henry Holland.
May 27 - James F. Lowe and Kate Southcott, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Wm. H. Lowe, Frances Pennington, John T. Southcott, Matilda Lowe; by Henry Holland.
June 12 - Alfred Cornelius Ellis, Toronto, and Philomena Gordon, St. Catharines; witnesses: Domnick Gordon, Ellen Murphy; by Henry Holland.
June 17 - Llewellyn Henry T. Robertson, Toronto, and Annie Flora Taylor, St. Catharines; witnesses: W. B. Crombie, Agnes Taylor, Henry J. Taylor, Elisabeth Eleanor Beaty, Louisa L. Chisholm, John Wm. Molson, Maggie L. Bate, H. Cecil Givens; by Henry Holland.
July 12 - Luther Orren Upper and Delphine Pennyman, both of Merritton; witnesses: Jared James Upper, Julia Pennyman; by Henry Holland.
Aug. 4 - George William Henry, Thorold, and Annie Payne Birchall, St. Catharines; witnesses: T. W. Fisher, J. Gamble Geddis, L. Bolton, F. L. Hooper, John D. Evans, C. H. Evans, Frank King, T. Shivers Birchall, Alex. W. Macnab; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 23 - Joseph Thurston See and Mary Jane Ette, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Harry See, Eliza Ette, John W. Coy; by A. W. Macnab.
Oct. 12 - Frank Hill and Levadne Eleanor Johnston, both of Louth; witnesses: Mary Gregory, Andrew Gregory, A. A. Hill, Annie M. Hill; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 27 - James John Higman and Alice Kitson, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Emma Thuresson, Thos, C. Kittson, Laughlin Leitch; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 17 - Fredk. A. Goring, Township of Niagara, and Celia Stull, Township of Grantham; witnesses: Wm. Sword, Augusta Sword; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 27 - Jacob Guinter, Pelham, Anna Scallen, Fonthill; witnesses: Isaiah S. Hansler, Charlotte Scallen, Thomas Bate Tucker; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 31 - Joseph Lindner and Emma Jane Sharp, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Jacob Butler Pickard, Annie Maria Pickard; by Henry Holland.


Jan. 5 - Rienzi Athel Mainwaring, St. George, Co. Brant, and Amelia Maria Date, St. Catharines; witnesses: George H. Bull, Florence Mainwaring, H. H. Date, Henry Holland, B. A.; by Rev. A. R. Stinson, M. A.
May 8 - Hnry Bowness (sic) and Anna Dowling, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Charles Seymour, Annie Brodie; by Alex. W. Macnab.
July 15 - John Cunningham and Margaret Spalding, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Thomas Dover, Agnes Vigar; by Henry Holland.
Aug. 5 - James Peter Patterson and Maria Penton, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: Charles T. Winter, Mary Shaley, Nina Holland; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 7 - Charles Steele and Charlotte Hood, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Norman McLeod, Hugh Craig, Mary Slingerland; by Rev. H. F. Holmes.
Sept. 20 - John Edward Whally and Mary Hearn, both of Welland; witnesses: James Muir, Harriet Hearn; by H. F. Holmes.
Oct. 4 - Lucius Heward Maughan Helliwell and Louisa Clementina Neelon, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: R. A. Helliwell, Margaret Woodruff, J. Bevans Giles, Hamilton Kane; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 4 - William Townley Benson and Augusta Jane Neelon, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Wm. T. Nichols, Minnie Benson, J. B. Giles, Hamilton Kane; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 6 - John Hemphill and Margaret Murphy, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Charles Whitten, Agnes Hall; by Henry Holland.
Dec. 24 - Richard Pew and Hannah Rymer, both of Village of Allanburg; witnesses: Thomas Rymer, George Gander; by H. F. Holmes.
Dec. 27 - Joseph Lawrence and Ellen Fuller, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Jonathan Fuller, Fanny Powers; by Henry Holland.


Jan. 15 - Charles Hunter and Emily J. Lawder, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Annie Thomson, Henry Lawder; by Rev. Arthur Brutthie, Incumbent, Georgetown.
Feb. 13 - Charles Wm. Nash, Town of Dundas, and Harriet Burns Campbell, Town of Niagara; witnesses: Thomas Burns, Elenor S. Campbell, F. B. Burns; by Henry Holland.
Mar. 6 - Isaac Atkin and Ellen Ann Dennis, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: James W. Grant, Clara Dennis; by Henry Holland.
Mar. 14 - Wm. Fredk. Green, City of London. Ont., and Elisabeth H. Holmes, City of St. Catharines; witnesses: J. A. Holmes, Robert Wallace, Chas. E. Holmes; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 5 - Richard Cowell and Ellen Dunnigan, both of Grantham; witnesses: Joseph Miller, May Miller; by H. F. Holmes.
Sept. 12 - Wm. Fredk. Walker, City of Hamilton, and Sarah Amanda Holmes, City of St. Catharines; witnesses: F. R. Despard, A. Walker; by H. F. Holmes.
Sept. 13 - James Walton Jackson, widower, St. Catharines, and Julia Hayes, Rochester, N. Y.; witnesses: Danniel Lee, Fannie Driscoll; by J. McLean Ballard.
Sept. 18 - George Mercer, City of Hamilton, and Angelina F. Irvine, Grantham; witnesses: R. D. Irvine, Esther Irvine; by H. F. Holmes.
Nov. 7 - Paul H. Marshall and Susan A. Jukes, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: R. A. Helliwell, C. A. Jukes; by Henry Holland.
Nov. 21 - James Hostetter and Ellen Dorrington, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Joseph Smith, Mary A. Dorrington; by Henry Holland.


Feb. 27 - George Wm. Tallman, Town of Clifton, and Eva B. Warren, Jordan, N. Y.; witnesses: H. Forrister Holmes, Sarah E. Holland; by Henry Holland.
June 5 - Wm. Geo. Nichols and Jessie Eliza Ranney, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Joseph Woodruff, Stephen Heward; by Henry Holland.
Aug. 1 - Robert Ross and Mary Ann Grisdale, both of Port Rowan; witnesses: Gideon Grisdale, Wm. Grisdale, Mary Lattimore; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 23 - John Carlton and Jane Graham, both of City of Kingston; witnesses: Sarah E. Holland, Arthur Holland; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 23 - Thomas Howell Clapham, Town of Keightly, Yorkshire, England, and Catharine Elenor Greenwood, St. Catharines; witnesses: George C. Carlisle, Louisa V. Greenwood; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 26 - Benj. Mitchell Makepeace, Baltimore, U. S. A., and Phronie Lewis, St. Catharines; witnesses: John W. Lewis, Thomas W. Lewis, Georgie M. Lewis, Hattie Lewis; by Henry Holland.


April 2 - Theodore Secord and Elizabeth C. Lefraugh, both of Township of Grantham; witnesses: E. J. Robinson, Jennie Secord, Francis D. Solyner, Emma E. Secord; by Henry Holland.
June 6 - Walter Charles Hooker and Ella Sherman, both of Town of Angelica, N. Y.; witnesses: Caroline Ogden, Z. Ogden; by Rev. J. B. Mead.
July 5 - William Scott and Mary Ann M. Thompson, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: Jane Hollingsworth, Mary Ann Bothrell; by Jas. B. Mead.
July 21 - John Doig and Jane House, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: John Bowman, Josephine Perry; by Jas. B. Mead.
Sept. 1 - Chas. Fredk. Peters and Emma Ray Woodruff, both of Town of St. Davids; witnesses: Sylvester J. Woodruff, Maggie L. Woodruff; by Jas. B. Mead.
Sept. 8 - Samuel F. Cowin and Louisa Pearce, both of Grantham; witnesses: C. J. Holland, L. M. Holland; by Henry Holland.
Sept. 9 - Joseph Shaw, Drummondville, and Christina Green, Chippawa; witnesses: F. H. T. Walton, Margaret Purvis; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 15 - John Wm. Bowman and Josephine Perry, both of Port Dalhousie; witnesses: Saml. Perry, Louisa Perry; by Jas. B. Mead.
Nov. 18 - Frank W. Morse, New York, U. S. A., and Frances Millard, Port Dalhousie; witnesses: Libby Millard, Sue. M. Nixon; by Jas. B. Mead.


June 2 - Richard Glassbrook, Town of Niagara, and Eliza Russell, Township of Niagara; witnesses: Thomas Kelley, Mary Kelley; by Henry Holland.
July 5 - Wm. Wilson, City of Rochester, N. Y., and Priscilla Fletcher, St. Catharines; witnesses: D. Wilson, L. Fletcher, Wm. H. Fletcher; by Henry Holland.
Oct. 21 - Saml. Cocker, widower, and Mary Catharine Bruce, both of St. Catharines; witness: Garland W. Clench; by Jas. B. Mead.
Dec. 22 - Robert Gregory Cox and Susan S. Kelty, both of St. Catharines; witnesses: E. W. Kelty, Geo. A. Mackenzie; by Henry Holland


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