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Pelham Friends -- Marriages -- 1790 to 1820

The following is text extracted from the Ontario Registry by Cliff Ilton.


K.W. Totten,

Most of the early Friends (Quaker) records of Ontario have been gathered together into one archival unit presently preserved in the Lawson Memorial Library of the University of Western Ontario, London. They are still in the custody of the Friends Yearly Meeting, however, and thanks are here expressed for permission to publish the records presented below.
The Pelham Monthly Meeting was closely associated with the Black Creek Monthly Meeting, both of which were in Welland County (formerly part of Lincoln County). For some time after their organization, Monthly Meetings were held alternately at Pelham and Black Creek and were attended by the members of both communities.
Included in the records presented below are two marriages which had been performed elsewhere, both in 1790, and these are listed first. The names of the witnesses have been omitted except for several of the earlier marriages.
Membership and admissions at both Pelham and Black Creek for the years 1799-1800 have also been extracted, and these are presented following the marriage records.

Benjamin Hill, son of John & Elizabeth of Buckingham, Pa. Ann Moore, dau of Jeremiah & Mary of Sadsbury, Lancaster Co., Pa., in her father's house. 6-ll mo-1790.
Witnesses:W. Ball Mary MooreJohn Hill Elizabeth MooreJeremiah Moore John DarlingJacob Moore

Joshua Gillam, son of Lucas & Anna (deceased) of Bucks Co., Pa. Anne Taylor. dau of John & Hannah of Hunterdon Co. No. 3, District of Nassau, Province of Quebec. 30-l2 mo-1790.
John Taylor, Jesse Pawling
Hannah Taylor, Gety Pawling
John Taylor Jr., Genney Turney
Hannah Taylor Jr., George Turney
Elizabeth Taylor, Jacob Ten Broeck
William Kenworthy, John Davis
Henry Pawling, Nancy Turney

md. 4-2mo-1801 at Pelham: Henry Bonnel, son of Aaron & Ann of Redstone, Pa. Margaret Burrel, dau of Adam & Sarah of Bertie Township.
Adam Burwell, Jeremiah Moore
Sarah Burwell, Joseph Webster
Elizabeth Burwell, Samuel Beckett
Mahlon Burwell, James Moore
Grace Hill, Rachel Moore
Peter Beckett, Sarah Thomas
John Hill Jr., Hannah Crozier
Abraham Laing, Asa Schooley
Mercy Brotherton, Sarah Schooley
Adam Bradshaw, Massey Moore
Hannah Taylor, Mary Moore
Jacob Moore, Benjamin Hill
Samuel Taylor, Anna Taylor
Enoch Srigley, John Taylor
Daniel Pound, John Taylor Jr.
Prudence Pound, Elizabeth Taylor
William Webster, John Cutler
Jeremiah Moore Jr., Thomas Gillam
Thomas Rice, Mary Gillam
Ann Hill

md 8-7mo-1801 at Pelham: Peter Beckett, son of Samuel & Hannah of Pelham Mercy Brotherton, dau of Henry & Mercy of Thorold.

Samuel Beckett, Sr. Hannah Taylor
Hannah Beckett, Sr. Elizabeth Taylor
Stephen Beckett, Sr. John Hill Sr.
Ann Beckett, Jacob Moore
Grace Hill, Jeremiah Moore Sr.
Hannah Beckett, Adam Bradshaw
Joseph Hill, Solomon Moore
Samuel Beckett Jr., Rachel Moore
John Hill Jr., Anna Taylor
Stephen Beckett, Elizabeth Fell
Charles Hill, Jeremiah Moore
Joshua Gillam, Mary Moore
Thomas Taylor, Robert Spencer

md. 20-7mo-1803 at Pelham:
Isaac Laing, of Bertie, son of Jacob & Ann of Shrewsbury, N. J. Hannah Willson, dau of Daniel & Ann of Pelham.

Daniel Willson, Hannah Taylor
Ann Willson, Thomas Rice Jr.
Jesse Willson, Abraham Laing
Anna Willson, Elizabeth Laing
Isaac Willson, John Taylor
Hannah Laing, Joshua Gillam
Lewis Wilson, Thomas Rice
Joseph Willson, Anna Taylor
Samuel Beckett, Mary Moore
Jeremiah Moore, Hannah Beckett
Samuel Taylor, Adam Bradshaw
Elizabeth Fell, Charity Fell
Nancy Fell, Benjamin Birdsall

md. 20-7mo-.1803 at Pelham:
Abraham Laing, of Bertie, son of Jacob & Ann of Shrewsbury, N. J. Elizabeth Willson, Dan. of Daniel & Ann of Pelham.

md. at Yonge Street, recorded at Black Creek 22-3mo-1804: Joseph Webster of Whitechurch, son of Abraham & Ann Martha Widefield of Whitechurch, Dan. of Henry & Martha


Abraham Webster, Samuel Haight
Henry Widefield, Isaac Phillips
Martha Widefield, Edith Phillips
John Widefield, Asa Rogers
Mary Widefield, Nath1 Pearson
William Webster, Betsy Proctor
Mary Lundy, Kezia James
Elizabeth Webster, Ann James
Rachel Collins, Benjamin Pearson
Sarah Webster, Erastus Dean
Joseph Widefield, James Pearson
Elizabeth Ray, John M. Lancy
Sarah Eves, Mary Hollinshead
Thos. Solby, John Eves
Humphrey Finch, Mary Griffen
Wing Rogers

md. 14-11mo-1804 at Pelham:
Isaac Willson, son of Daniel & Ann of Pelham Pheby Shotwell, dau of William & Elizabeth of Thorold

md. 15-5mo-1805 at Pelham
Elijah Shotwell, son of William & Elizabeth of Thorold Martha Birdsall, dau of Samuel & Elizabeth of Thorold. [Note: Samuel Birdsall d. about 1789]

md. 11-l2mo-1805 at Pelham:
John McLancy, son of Andrew & Martha of Pelham Elizabeth Taylor, dau of John & Hannah of Pelham.

md. 9-l0mo-1806 at Black Creek:
Charles Hill, son of John & Hannah of Bertie Hope Marsh, dan of Joseph & Anna of Bertie

9-l0mo-1811 at Pelham:
Levi Schooley, son of Asa & Sarah of Bertie Sarah Shotwell, dau of William & Elizabeth of Thorold.

md. 10-2mo-1812 at Pelham:
Smith Shotwell, son of William & Elizabeth of Thorold Mary Crafford, dau of James & Amy of Pelham.

md. 4-2mo-1813 at Pelham:
John Palmer, son of Obadiah & Tamer of Norwich Miranda Stover, dau of Frederick & Mary of Norwich
Frederick Stover, Anna Willson
Peter Lossing, Anna Taylor
Jesse Willson, Joshua Gillam
Samuel Taylor, Benj'm Birdsall
Isaac Wilson, Amos Scott
Phebe Willson, Enos Scott
Hannah Hill, Jacob T. Crozier
John McLancy, Hannah Crozier
Elizabeth McLarey, Samuel Taylor Jr.
John Gillam, Nancy Chapman
Anna Gillam, Sarah Birdsall
George Bradshaw, Anna Taylor
Joseph Marsh, Hannah Willson
Thos. Moore, Lavina Chapman
Elias Moore, Hannah Fell

md. 4-3mo-1813 at Thorold:
William Webster, son of Abraham & Ann of Whitechurch Miriam Shotwell, dau of William & Elizabeth of Thorold.

md. 11-6mo-1813 at Hamburgh, Niagara Co., N. Y.:
Reuben Sprague, son of Ebenezer & Lydia of Hamburgh, New York Hulda Haag, dau of Abram & Hulda of Hamburgh, N.Y.
[Editor's note: The following certificates were accepted by? the Pelham Monthly Meeting on 7-1mo-1807:
Ebenezer Sprague produced a certificate, to this meeting from Danby Monthly Meeting, Vermont, for himself, his wife Lydia, and their four children, namely Lydia, Sarah, Huldah and Reuben.
Reuben Palmer produced a certificate from the Danby Monthly Meeting, Vermont, which was accepted.
Hosea Eddy produced a certificate to this meeting 7-1mo-1807, which was accepted.
The following two certificates, both from the Danby Monthly Meeting, Vermont, were accepted 5-11mo-1806:
Asa Sprague produced a certificate for himself and wife Elizabeth, and two minor children, viz. Anna and James.
Hannah Eddy and her two minor daughters, namely Susanna and Mary; and for Susanna Eddy wife of Jacob Eddy, and their two minor children Abigail and John

md. 9.-3mo-1814 at Pelham:
John Moore, son of Samuel & Rachel of Norwich Anne Gillam, dan of Joshua & Anne of Pelham.
10-8mo-1814 at Pelham:
William Pound, son of Daniel & Prudence of Bertie Susanna Crafford, dau of James & Amy of Pelham.
md. 13-l2mo-1815 at Pelham:
Benjamin Birdsall, of Norwich, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Catherine Shotwell, dau of William & Elizabeth of Thorold.
13-l2mo-1815 at Norwich:
George Southwick, of Norwich, son of David & Elizabeth Pauline Howard, dau of Peter Lossing of Norwich.
3-l0mo-1816 at Pelham:
Cornelius Locie of Norwich, son of Case & Margaret Deborah Crafford, dau of James & Amy of Thorold.
16-7mo-1816 at Norwich;
Wesley Stover of Norwich, son of Frederick & Mary May Cornwell, dan of Samuel & Sarah of Norwich.
6-3rno-1818 at Pelham:
Jeremiah Moore, of Pelham, son of Jacob & Rachel Margaret Flack, dau of Archibald & Elenor of Pelham.
9-2mo-1820 at Pelham:
William Chapman, of Pelham, son of Amos & Lavina Eunice Hill, dau of Joseph & Anna of Thorold.
9-9mo- 1819 at Black Creek:
Abel Schooley, son of Azaliab & Hannah of Bertie Rachel Pound, dau of Daniel & Prudence of Bertie.
8-l2mo-1819 at Pelham:
Thomas Graham, son of John & Hannah of England Hannah Willson, dau of Jesse & Ann of Pelham.
8-3mo-1821 at Black Creek:
Daniel Price of Bertie, son of Isaac & Rachel Esther Marsh, dan of Joseph & Anna of Bertie.
8-8mo-1821 at Pelham:
Peter Beckett, of Pelham, son of Samuel & Hannah Fell, dau of Samuel Taylor & Anna of Pelham.
11-4mo-1821 at Pelham:
Benjamin Taylor, son of John & Elizabeth of Pelham Elizabeth Willson, dan of Jesse & Anna of Pelham.
10-1mo-1822 at Black Creek:
Jesse Schooley, son of Azaliah & Hannah of Bertie Anne Marsh, dau of Joseph & Anne of Bertie.
9-5mo-1822 at Black Creek:
Joseph Cutler, son of John & Jane of Bertie
Ann Johnston, dau of James & Sarah of Bertie.
2-l0mo-1823 at Pelham:
Joseph Alleyn [Allyn J of the Town of Niagara, son of George & Hannah (deceased),
Elizabeth Smyth, dau [William & Rebecca of Eramosa, Halton Co.
md. 8-l0mo-1823 at Pelham:
Richard Willson, of Pelham, son of Robert Sr. & Roda Phebe Willson, dau of J eB~e & Anna of Pelham.
15-1mo.-1824 at Black Creek:
Asa Schooley, son of Azaliah & Hannah of Bertie Hannah Laing, dau of Abram & Elizabeth of Humberstone.
13-l0mo-1824 at Pelham:
John M. Taylor, son of John & Elizabeth of Pelham Elizabeth Shotwell, dan of Elijah & Martha of Thorold.
13-llmo-1825 at Black Creek:
Samuel Shotwell, son of Benjamin & Bathsheba of Elba Township, Genesee Co. N. Y.
Mary S. Pound, dau of Daniel & Prudence of Bertie.
12-l0mo-1825 at Pelham:
Ambrose Morris, son of Joel White Morris & Ann of Bertie Rachel Willson, dan of Daniel & Ann of Pelham.
12-4mo-1826 at Pelham:
Thomas Locker, son of John & Mary of Pelham Elizabeth Taylor, dan of Jesse Willson & Anna of Pelham.
14-6mo-1826 at Pelham:
Isaac Moore of Yarmouth [Elgin Co.] son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Rachel Moore, dan of Joseph Wildman Moore & Rebecca of Pelham.
l2-l2mo-1827 at Pelham:
James Husband of Pelham, son of George & Elizabeth Hannah Hoowee dau of John & Rebecca of Pelham.
15-5mo-1828 at Black Creek:
William Beckett of Pelham, son of Samuel & Hannah Laing, dan of Daniel Willson & Ann of Humberstone.
11-6mo-1828 at Pelham:
Daniel Willson of Pelham, son of Isaac & Phebe Durmda S. Page, dan of Thomas & Hannah of Thorold.
14-l0mo-1829 at Pelham:
Joseph Marsh Jr. of Bertie, son of Joseph & Anna Meriam Willson, dau of Isaac & Phebe of Pelham.
8-7mo-.1830 at Black Creek:
George Laur of Malahide [Elgin Co.] son of John & Sarah Jane Marsh, dau of Joseph & Anna of Bertie.
13-lmo-1831 at Black Creek:
Elihu Marsh, son of Joseph & Anna of Bertie Sarah Schooley, dan of Azaliah & Hannah of Bertie.
12-5mo-1831 at Black Creek:
John Marsh, son of Joseph & Anna of Bertie Sarah Zavitz, dan of Jacob & Elizabeth of Bertie.
12-l2mo-1832 at Pelham:
Joseph Pries[t]man of Wainfleet, son of Thomas & Ann Becky Shotwell, dau of John & Grace of Wainfleet.
13-3mo-1833 at Pelham:
Amos G. Canby of Canborough Tp. [Haldimand Co.], son of Whitson & Mary Elizabeth B. Taylor, dau of Elijah Shotwell & Martha of Thorold.
10-4mo-1833 at Pelham:
Andrew Moore of Thorold, son of Moses & Sarah Lesh Willson, dan of Joseph & Sarah of Pelham.
10-4mo-3.833 at Pelham:
Benjamin Canby Moore of Canborough Tp. Haldimand Co.] son of Moses & Sarah Sarah Ann Willson, dan of Isaac & Phebe of Pelham.
4-9mo-1834 at Black Creek:
Samuel P. Cornell of Norwich, son of Joshua (deceased) & Rebecca Julia Schooley, dau of Azaliah & Hannah of Bertie.
13-7mo-1835 at Black Creek:
Zachariab Shotwell, son of Thomas & Tamer (deceased) of Galen Township, Wayne Co., N. Y. Margaret Zavitz, dan of Jacob & Elizabeth of Bertie.
Thomas Locker of Pelham, son of John & Mary Hannah Hill, dau of Charles & Hope of Bertie.
l3-7mo-1837 at Black Creek:
Benjamin Zavitz, son of Henry & Catherine of Bertie Merren Cutler, dau of Benjamin & Sally of Bertie.
10-8mo-1838 at Black Creek:
Asa L. Schooley, son of Levi (deceased) & Sarah of Bertie Louisa Zavitz, dau of Henry & Catherine of Bertie.
13-2mo-1839 at Pelham:
David Elsworth of Bertie, son of Francis & Sarah Agnes Bradshaw, dan of George & Sarah of Wainfleet.
12-2mo-1840 at Pelham:
Whitson C. Moore of Pelham, son of Moses & Sarah Ann Willson, dan of Joseph & Sarah of Pelham.
12-2mo-1840 at Pelham:
Jonathan R. Page of Pelham, son of Thomas & Hannah Catherine Willson, dau of Isaac & Phebe of Pelham.
13-5mo-1841 at Black Creek:
James Pound of Humberstone, son of William (dec?d) & Susanna Rebecca Zavitz, dan of Henry & Catherine of Bertie.
6-10-mo-1842 at Pelham:
Joseph Willson of Pelham, son of Daniel & Ann Morris, dau of Joel & Anna of Plain.
15-2mo-1843 at Pelham:
Aaron Page, son of Thomas & Hannah of Thorold Elizabeth Lundy, dan of Jesse & Merian of Pelham.

A Few of the Members Who Were Reported As Having Married Out of Unity
(Dates refer to the entry in the Minutes)

4-6mo-1800 John Taylor and Elizabeth Moore from Sadsbury, Pa.
7-1mo-1801 Abigail Dennis and Jonathan Lang
Mary Dennis and Nathan Johnson
4-2mo-1801 Tamar Dennis and ---- Hu[t]chin
3-l0mo-1810 Mary Moore and John Cohoe
7-11mo-1810 Julia Dennis and ---- Srigley


K. W. Totten

Joshua Gillam, wife Anne with children: John, Ann, Joshua and Robert Lucas from Middletown, wife from Sadsbury, Pa.
John Hill, wife Hannah, children: Hannah, Charles, Serah; from Buckingham, Bucks Co. and Chesterfield, West Jersey.
Benjamin Hill, wife Anne, children: John, Jeremiah, Mary, Elizabeth and Joseph; from Buckingham, her from Sadsbury, Pa.
Samuel Becket, wife Hannah, from Woodbury, N. J. Jeremiah Moore, wife Mary, children: James, Andrew, Jeremiah, Massey, Mary and John; from Sadsbury, Pa.
Hannah Taylor, wife of John, dan Elizabeth; from Sadsbury, Pa.
Samuel Taylor, wife Anne, child: Samuel.
Benjamin Canby.
Jesse Thomas, wife Sarah, children: Steven, Peter, Jesse, Charley and George; from Merion, Montgomery Co., Pa. 4-l2mo-1799.
Samuel Taylor's children: Rebecca, Hannah, Elizabeth and Anna.
Ezekiel Dennis, wife and children from Richland,
Pa. [Note: Certificate of removal recorded at Richland shows: wife Ann, children: Abigail, Hannah, Tamar, John, Mary, Joel, Keziah, Susanna and Charles. Their eldest daughter Ann and her husband William Hutchins evidently were not members I
6-8mo-1800. Amy Crawford, from Richland, Pa. [Note: Amy, wife of James Crawford, and Ann, wife of Ezekiel Dennis, were sisters, daughters of Jonathan Heacock Jr. and Susanna (Morgan) Heacock of Richland, Pa.~
6-8mo-1800. Henry Bunnell.
I-l0mo-1800. Joseph Hill, wife Grace, from Hardwick and Mendham, East Jersey.
1-l0mo-1800. Massey Brotherton from Hardwick and Mendham, East Jersey.
3-l2mo-1800. Jacob Moore, from Sadsbury, Pa.
3-l2mo-1800. Ada Bradshaw, from Buckingham, Pa.


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