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Norfolk County Migration Records

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APPLE, Johnny b. 5 Apr 1860 Walsingham Twp./APPLE, John & JONES, Susan/mar. SMITH, Sarah/Walsingham Twp./Toronto, On.>Quebec/ 5 May 1930 Montreal, Quebec/

Norfolk County Migrations

  • AUSTIN, Joanna b. 29 Jul 1811 Lynn Valley, Woodhouse Twp./mar HINDES, Moses Smith/ AUSTIN, Jonathon & POTTS, Hannah/Sherman Twp., Michigan 1855/d. 29 Oct 1886, Fremont, Newaygo Co., Michigan/Donna

  • BACON, Edmund Warren b. 22 Aug 1864 Windham Twp./BACON, George & SHELDEN, Emaline/mar. IRVINE, Ann/Saginaw, Michigan/Saginaw, Michigan 1887, East Whittier, Calif. 1891/d. 18 Aug 1949 East Whittier, Calif/AB Hudson

  • BALDWIN, George W. b. Nov 19, 1855, Ontario, Canada/m. Frances PARSONS/moved to Kimball, MI d. 1932 MI/Kathleen Baldwin

  • BARTLEY, George/1829/Isle of Wight, U.K./Wm. & Mary A/Kate HARTWELL/Isle of Wight to Ontario to Calhoun Co., Michigan/Butler, MO in 1906Bob Reed

  • BEEMER, Christopher Marshall, b. August 6, 1848 or 1849 Brant or Norfolk County, Ontario Canada./BEEMER, Peter, Jane/mar. Smith, Walsingham Twp/Rustford, Mecosta County, Michigan USA/ After 1875./Sheryl Gast

  • BLAKELY, William Henry ; 1788; Conn., unknown; Susannah Warfield/Wharfield; Conn., Mass., Norfolk Co., Wayne Co., Mich.; 1841 Wayne Co., Mich.
    Georgia Perkins

  • BOWEN, Jason b. C1823 Lower Canada/BOWEN, Thomas & NICHOLAS, Mary/mar. RICE, Mary/
    1846 Windham, Norfolk Co. On./1877 Denver, Isabella Co., Michigan/d. 1896 Denver, Michigan/
    Barbara Lesser

  • BOWEN, William Edmond b. Feb 1831 Burford Brant County, s/o Bowen John & Susan, mar. SMITH, Margaret Sarah 1859 Norfolk County, Walsington Township/Attica Lapeer County Michigan abt 1872, d. 2 May 1899 Attica Lapeer County Michigan/
    Norman Hamann

  • BRADLEY, Henry b. abt. 1799 born in New Brunswick, s/o Bradley John & Mary/ mar. FREEMAN Abigail/ born at the Tobique Rocks, NB,/ Presque Isle: Windham Township by 1851/ d. Unknown
    Rose Staples

  • BURCH, Nathaniel b. 19 Oct 1837 Norfolk Co., Ontario/BURCH-BURTCH, Philo & TAGGART, Mary/ mar. HANDY, Sarah Margaret/Nelson Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario/ East Tawas, Iosco Co., Michigan/d. 29 Nov 1902 East Tawas, Iosco Co., Michigan
    David Smith

  • BURT, Thomas Peter b. 29 Aug 1848 Woodhouse/BURT, William & CAMPBELL, Catherine/(mar. SOWTER, Mary Jane)/ Hamilton, Wentworth Co./mar. PATTISON, Eliza Maria/Brantford, Brant Co./Huron Co., Michigan 1885/Arenac Co., Michigan 1890/d. 23 Oct 1933 Battle Creek, Michigan/
    Barbara J. Brown

  • CALDWELL, John, Jr. b. C1765 U.S./mar. OUTHOUSE, Hannah b. C1769/Orange Co., New York/CALDWELL, John Sr./ Digby Co., Nova Scotia/Pelham, Welland Co., Ontario/Charlotteville, Norfolk Co., Ontario/7 Dec 1844/Westminister, Middlesex Co., Ontario/
    Norma Byrnes

  • CARD, John Stanley b. 6 July 1890 Charlottesville Twp, Norfolk County/ CARD, Nathaniel Salter & Millar (Miller), Margaret/ mar. MORROW, Charity Ella/ migration 1925 Norwich Twp./ died:Woodstock General Hospital March 14, 1976/
    Michelle Martin

  • CURTIS, Warren Widner b. 28 Feb 1864 Simcoe/CURTIS, John & WIDNER, Lavinia Jane/
    mar. (1) HARVEY, Melissa, (2) MACJENNET, Mary Elizabeth/Simcoe/Sanilac Co., Michigan/
    Port Huron, St. Clair Co., Michigan/d. 1914 Port Huron, Michigan/

  • EDSALL, Philip b. 26 Dec 1818 Norfok Co., Ontario/EDSALL, James & WINTERMUTE, Hannah/ mar. VAUGHN, Rhoda/Bay City, Michigan/d. 5 Mar 1912 Bay City, Michigan/
    Don Manary

  • EGGLESTON, Elisha b. 29 JUly 1804 Sullivan, Madison Co., New York/EGGLESTON. Darius
    & BROWN, Mary/mar. 1st, KINNE, Rachel N.Y./Norfolk, Ontario/NY/Ontario/mar. 2nd Simcoe, REIGH, Rebecca Ann/ ILL/IA/CO/ d. 20 Aug 1870 Marshall, Colorado
    Linda Eggleston McBroom

  • FOSS, Alvinzi b. 26 Sep 1863 Pelham, Ontario/FOSS, Moses & SLOUGH, Almeda/mar. RICE, Mary Jane/
    Olds, 1900 from Charlotteville/d. 1945 Didsbury, Alberta/
    Leo Foss

    GLOVER, William John (changed to John William in 1920) b. Nov 1865 in St. William's, Norfolk, Ontario (Parents Unknown)/ m. BEYERS, Elizabeth - 6 Oct. 1886, Harrisville, Alcona Co., Michigan/ d. 1 Jan 1930 -buried Laurel Grove North, Ravine Section Lot 77, Savannah, GA Sandy

  • GREEN, Emily Jane b 4 July 1849 Windham Twp / GREEN, Reuben & Mary / mar RYERSE, Orren Sutton b 18 Dec 1945 Woodhouse Twp. / Port Ryerse/abt 1877 Bay City, MI/abt 1901 Minneapolis, MN / died 27 Nov 1930 Minneapolis
    Wendy Bergerud

  • HANDY, Lewis F., b. February 27, 1810 USA/ died April 3, 1869/ married Maria Clouse born 1816, Townsend Twp., Norfolk County in London District April 29, 1833 both of Townsend Twp., Norfolk County. Child, Jacob C. Handy, b Aug. 16, 1937, Townsend Twp., Norfolk County to Euphemia Twp., Lambton County, After 1871.
    Mary Ann

  • HOUSE, Alfred Booker b. April 1845 Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co., Ont./HOUSE, Robert and STINSON, Jane/ mar. lst WILLITS, Mary Jane, 2nd SMITH, Rhoda Annetta/ Grand Forks Co., North Dakota 1883/ McHenry Co., North Dakota 1885/ d. 19 February 1902 Bookton, Norfolk Co., Ont./
    LaVonne Murray

  • JACKSON, Lorne Lee/b. 29 Oct 1892 Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk Co, ON/ Jackson, Thomas & ? Rosalie/mar. Dolores Lecitia Smith/Niagara Falls, ON/d. 30 May 1964 Niagara Falls, ON/ Kelly Smith

  • JACKSON, Robert E. b. abt. 1829 Frontenac County/ JACKSON, Elijah & GROZAIN, Mary/mar. Mary Ellen ???/Frontenac Co./Norfolk Co./Lambton Co./ Frontenac Co./ Middlesex Co./ 14 Nov 1896 Parkhill, W. Williams Twp.,Middlesex Co., Ont./Madison Gray

  • JOHNSON, John Albert b. 14 Aug 1849 Charlotteville/JOHNSON, Richard Lawrence & KERN, Eliza Ann/mar. McCALL, Kate/Alberta Canada/Both died AB 1926 & 1930/
    Bettie Enevoldsen

  • LAMBERT, Thomas b. 28 Nov 1836 Norfolk County/ mar. HORNING, Sophronia Ann/ Michigan/ died possibly Lansing, Michigan /
    Carla Costner (Lambert)

  • LETTERMAN, Augustus (mar. McNeil, Anna)/left Woodhouse 1853/Birch Run, Saginaw Co., Michigan/
    Peggy Perkins

  • LEWIS, William Henry/b. 21 Jun 1861 Ontario/(mar. TACKLE, Elizabeth Ann)(mar. BUTCHER, Louisa)/ LEWIS, George William & FRAY, Jane/Windham Twp., Norfolk Co./Calgary/Bowden, Alberta/d. 11 Jun 1950 Calgary, Alberta/

  • MABEE, Oliver Dennis b. West Oxford Twp. 31 Aug 1817/parents unknown/
    mar. 1st BARBER, Samantha, mar. 2nd WARD, Mary Elizabeth/
    Middleton Twp., Norfolk Co. 1852/d. 1896 Tennessee/
    Dale Maybee

  • McALPINE, James, b. abt. 1863/McALPINE, John and McNEIL, Mary Jane/mar. HAGAN, Elizabeth/Townsend Twp., Norfolk North, to Fairgrove Twp., Tuscola C0., Michigan, abt 1887/18 Mar 1934 Fairgrove Twp., Tuscola Co., Michigan/Janice McALPINE/Janice McAlpine

  • McALPINE, John, b. Nov 1837/McALPINE, John and Mary/mar. MCNEIL, Mary Jane/Townsend Twp., Norfolk North, to Fairgrove Twp., Tuscola Co., Michigan, about 1881/5 Feb 1922, Fairgrove Twp., Tuscola Co., MichiganJanice McAlpine

  • McCLEAN, George b. 29 Feb 1835 North Windham/McCLEAN, John/Isabella Co., Michigan bef 1874/d. 6 Aug 1920 Isabella Co., MI./
    Anita Crabtree

  • MEAD, Richard b. 1844 Norfolk Co./MEAD, Benjamin & Hanna/mar. BARNHARD, Martha/Haldimand Co./Brantford/ Bob McArthur

  • MONTROSE/MONTROSS, Adeline E/b. 10 Oct 1838/Vittoria?/MONTROSE/MONTROSS, Nelson & STORY, Cynthia Jane/Oneida Co., New York/ Clinton Co., Michigan/Clay Center, Kansas/d. 15 Feb 1920/Clay Center, Kansas/
    Ken Wright

  • OSBORNE, Israel Sidney/b. 30 Jan 1857 Simcoe/Osborne ?/Simcoe, On./Otisville, Michigan/d. 25 Mar 1932 Pt. Huron, Michigan/
    Evelyn Sparling

  • PARSONS, Frances b 12 Sept 1864 Walsingham, ON, Canada/ Parents Susannah PRICE and Joseph PARSONS/m. George W. BALDWIN/moved to Kimball, MI/d. 1953 MI/Kathleen Baldwin

  • PECKHAM, Isaac DOB unknown, listed in 1871 census possible migration to New York Place of Birth; USA Wife: Ann E. De Long 2 Children: Edward Charles Peckham born: 7 March 1868 migrated to Michigan married Creola Margarita Estrada moved to Washington state then to B.C. Died in Vancouver in 1948 Willard G. Peckham migrated to Washington state died in Aberdeen Washington
    Gary Davis

  • PRICE, Leah b. 20 Mar 1804 Walsingham Twp. Norfolk Co./PRICE, Thomas & MONTROSS, Frances (Fanny)/mar. WRIGHT, Joshua B./ Huron Co., Michigan/d. Oct 1883, Huron Co. Michigan/
    Lynton Stewart

  • PROCUNIER, Frederick/b. 2 Nov 1838 Norfolk Co./PROCUNIER, Isaac & McCLEISH, Amy/mar. ?/ Cook Co.-Ogle Co., Illinois 1849/Mondamen, Monona Co., Iowa Nov 1858/d. 13 Apr 1907 Custer, Custer Co., South Dakota, buried as McProcunier/
    Elaine Allen

  • PROCUNIER, Isaac/b. 31 Aug 1809 Norfolk Co./PROCUNIER, Peter & Elizabeth ?/mar. McCLEISH, Amy 13 Jan 1829 Walsingham/ Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois 1849/d. 27 Jun 1857 LaPorte City, Iowa/
    Elaine Allen

  • REED, Samuel b. 16 Mar 1848-Lyndoch/REED, Robert & Mary/mar. C1848 CULVER INGRAHM, Ann b. 1843 Townsend, dau. of CULVER/COLLVER, James Robert & WILSON, [Mary] Oliva/Allegan Co., Michigan C1870/
    Barb (Thomas) Fitzmaurice-Michigan

  • ROBISON, Hannah Jane b. 18 Jun 1841 Hartland Twp., Niagara Co., New York/ ROBISON, James Vanrensaeler & LOVE, Susan Emaline/mar. 16 Apr 1867 SANDISON, James E. Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co./Cheboygan Co., Michigan/Presque Isle Co., Michigan/ d. 1 Mar 1929 Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Michigan/
    Mary Sandison Fox

  • SHARP, Ina Mabel 6 February 1895 Waterford, Norfolk, Ontario, CANADA Theodore ("Frank") Monroe SHARP Ray Palmer LAWRENCE Detroit, Michigan -> San Francisco, California D. 25 Feb1981, San Francisco, California
    Howard Ray Lawrence

  • SLACK, James/b. 10 Sep 1824 Townsend Twp./SLACK, John & CHAMBERS, Hope/Townsend Twp./Woodstock/St. Marys/ Lakeside/Bingham Twp., Michigan/31 May 1910 Bingham Twp., Michigan/
    Ann Schwirian

  • SMITH, Isaac b. C1807/SMITH, John & Winifred/mar. 1st Hannah ?, 2nd CARD, Elizabeth Jane/Charlotteville, Norfolk Co., On./ Detroit, Michigan/Shiawasee Co., Michigan/d. 16 Nov 1887/New Haven Twp., Shiawasee Co., Michigan/
    Laura Meyer

  • SMITH, Joseph b. 15 Mar 1798 New York State/parents unknown/mar. GEE, Laura Ann/
    Jefferson Co.? New York State/Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co. On./South Middleton, Norfolk Co., On./Lind, Wisconsin/ d. 18 Feb 1877 Lind, Wisconsin/
    Claude Smith

  • SMITH, Margaret Sarah b. 1843-45 Townsend Township Norfolk County, d/o Smith, James & Isabella, mar. BOWEN, William Edmond 1859 Middleton Norfolk County /Attica Lapeer County Michigan abt 1872, d. (?) Lapeer County Michigan /
    Norman Hamann
  • SMITH, Peter Cline b. 21 Dec 1850 Middleton, Norfolk, Ontario/ par. SMITH James H. and Isabella CLINE, moved to Attica, Lapeer, Mich abt. 1872 married Marilla Frank PUTMAN 2 Mar 1875 In Attica. Peter and Marilla are buried in Atticva in the Cemetary on Peppermill Rd. 1 mile west of Lake Pleasant Rd./ Rskiley

  • UNDERHILL, Mary Salena b. 29 May 1834 Walsingham Twp./mar. 1855, DAILEY, Matthew/UNDERHILL, Elnathan & RHORER, Elizabeth/ Warwick Twp., Lambton Co./d. 12 Sep 1889 Warwick Twp., Lambton Co./
    Wayne Dailey

  • WINEGARDEN, Adalbert/b. ? Windham Twp./WINEGARDEN, Jacob & GLOVER, Frances/Michigan C1882/ d. 29 Apr 1907 Coral, Michigan/

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