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MOND Nickel Company Hiring Records

This is a searchable listing of the names of persons whom were hired by the 'Mond Nickel Corporation' in the Sudbury - Copper Cliff - Coniston area of Ontario, Canada.

The MOND NICKEL CORPORATION was the mining company that preceded the INTERNATIONAL NICKEL COMPANY (INCo) in the time period of c.1883 to c.1925.

Anyone who worked for MOND will have one of these 'Employment Notice' cards filled out . This site will allow you to search for your ancestor's name and then purchase a copy of the 'Employment Notice Card'.

To search this surname listing, simply type the name for whom you are searching in the 'Search Panel' box and the system will provide you with all listings in the MOND data base with those letters in the name. Be sure to try different spellings of the name as spelling is not their first priority! 

The Name Search is FREE so, try all the various 'transcription errors' for that name!

Please revisit this site often, since it is regularly updated with our latest file additions.

Once you have located an ancestor's name in the listing, you may obtain copies of both sides of the MOND 'Employment Notice' card by ordering it from our MOND Record Co-ordinator, located: 'HERE'

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The MOND data is a two-sided card with information given at the time of hiring as well as wage increases and the various job sites during their work history with the MOND Nickel Corporation, see the blank sample below. Not all lines are filled out on all cards, only those that were required by the Company during job history.

NOTE: To search ALL of the Sudbury District OGS Branch's other publications, please return to the "Listing of Names Recorded in the Sudbury District OGS Publications"  page.

Card Front View

Card Rear View

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