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Alphabetical Surname Listing of Sudbury District Publications


Stone #
EAGLES, FolsomeSudbury Park LawnC42
EAGLES, MurielSudbury Park LawnC42.1
EAGLES, WilletSudbury Park LawnC42
EAGLES, WinnieSudbury Park LawnC42.1
EALES, Susan A.Sudbury Park LawnD474.2
EARL, Margaret A.Sudbury Park LawnD390
EARL, Thomas W.Sudbury Park LawnD390
EARLY, Aili H.Sudbury Park LawnC22
EASTICK, LillianSudbury Park LawnD1087
EASTICK, Roy R.Sudbury Park LawnD1087
EASTON, Ellen GraceChapleau BrownleeA176
EASTWOOD, Herbert E.Sudbury Park LawnE456
EASTWOOD, MaeSudbury Park LawnE456.1
EATON, AlexinaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
EATON, EdgarLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
EATON, Jeanne Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
EATON, Jeanne M.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4380
EATON, Oscar W.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4380
EBBERS, TedWarren St. Thomas R.C.C113
EBY, A. WesleySudbury Park LawnK95
EBY, Orilla A.Sudbury Park LawnE112
EDDY, James H.Sudbury Park LawnC255
EDEN, EsterSudbury Park LawnC172
EDEN, Nils OlafSudbury Park LawnC172
EDEN, Richard LeonardSudbury Park LawnE97
EDEY, BeatriceSudbury Park LawnD628
EDEY, MarySudbury Park LawnD628
EDGAR, MarjorieSudbury Park LawnE206
EDGE, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
EDGECUMBE, DorotheaSudbury Park LawnE230
EDGECUMBE, John A. M.Sudbury Park LawnE230
EDMAN, Edwina M. C.Sudbury Park LawnK6.1
EDMAN, Oscar P.Sudbury Park LawnK6
EDMONDS, Alice MarelWarren St. Thomas R.C.C24
EDWARD, E. MaySudbury Park LawnE390
EDWARD, H. BecherSudbury Park LawnE390
EDWARD, H. Becher Jr.Sudbury Park LawnE390
EDWARD, Mary GertrudeSudbury Park LawnB39
EDWARD, Mary PhyllisSudbury Park LawnB39
EDWARD, Thomas DawsonSudbury Park LawnB39
EDWARD, Thomas Dawson Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
EDWARDS, EthelSudbury Park LawnD114.2
EDWARDS, FlorenceSudbury Park LawnD118.2
EDWARDS, George (Rev.)Sudbury Park LawnD114.5
EDWARDS, J. Elizabeth Sudbury Park LawnD114.4
EDWARDS, Jennie ElizabethSudbury Park LawnD114.5
EDWARDS, Marie C.Chapleau BrownleeC15
EDWARDS, Nellie EdnaSudbury Park LawnD367
EDWARDSON, Arthur T.Sudbury Park LawnD29
EDWARDSON, Joseph S.Hanmer St. Jacques R. C. C79
EDWARDSON, Therese M.Hanmer St. Jacques R. C. C79
EEROLA, Erkki EinariSudbury Park LawnK130
EGAN, EdwardLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
EGAN, EthelLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
EID, FannySudbury Park LawnK311
EID, OleSudbury Park LawnK251
EKLUND, W.Sudbury Park LawnB49
EKOLUOMA, AitiChapleau BrownleeA289.1
EKOLUOMA, IsailmariChapleau BrownleeA289
ELBA, RoseChapleau BrownleeB69.1
ELCHYSHYN, MichaelSudbury Park LawnD951
ELDER, Ethel M.Sudbury Park LawnD321
ELDER, W. HaroldSudbury Park LawnD321
ELDRIDGE, Allen AndersonSudbury Park LawnE110
ELDRIDGE, Bertha AdaSudbury Park LawnE338
ELDRIDGE, GarySudbury Park LawnE383.1
ELDRIDGE, Gary K.Sudbury Park LawnE383
ELDRIDGE, Georgena MarionSudbury Park LawnE110.1
ELDRIDGE, GertrudeSudbury Park LawnE383
ELDRIDGE, James W.Sudbury Park LawnE383
ELDRIDGE, Joseph GeorgeSudbury Park LawnE338
ELDRIDGE, KennethSudbury Park LawnE383
ELDRIDGE, Marion BeattySudbury Park LawnE110
ELENCOFF, ChrisChapleau BrownleeA166
ELENIUS, KustiSudbury Park LawnD858
ELENIUS, MariaSudbury Park LawnD858
ELLIOT, Mabel J.Sudbury Park LawnB123.2
ELLIOTT, AlexineSudbury Park LawnE20
ELLIOTT, AmySudbury Park LawnD555
ELLIOTT, AnneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4788
ELLIOTT, CarmanSudbury Park LawnE20
ELLIOTT, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnE20
ELLIOTT, HarveySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4788
ELLIOTT, JessieSudbury Park LawnE20
ELLIOTT, MargaretSudbury Park LawnD146
ELLIOTT, RobertSudbury Park LawnD146
ELLIOTT, Robert B.Sudbury Park LawnE240.1
ELLIOTT, Robert HewittSudbury Park LawnD146
ELLIOTT, ShirleySudbury Park LawnE19
ELLIOTT, Violet (May)Sudbury Park LawnE240.2
ELLIOTT, William J.Sudbury Park LawnD555
ELLSTROM, Herman E.Sudbury Park LawnB50
ELM, SethLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ELM, Seth Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ELORANTA, AiliSudbury Park LawnD857
ELORANTA, ArmasSudbury Park LawnD857
EMERY, Jos.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
EMERY, Mary JaneSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
EMIRY, GeorginaChapleau BrownleeA180
EMLAW, BertWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North86
EMLAW, John (Sgt.)Webbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North88
EMOND, ArmandChapleau BrownleeC86
EMOND, BéatriceSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4297
EMOND, CarolineSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4641
EMOND, DonatSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4297
EMOND, DonatLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
EMOND, IrmaChapleau BrownleeC86.1
EMOND, J. ElzéarLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
EMOND, Ovila JosephSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4641
EMPIE, Ethel L.Sudbury Park LawnD694
EMPIE, Russell B.Sudbury Park LawnD694
ENCIL, Edith E.Chapleau BrownleeA296.1
ENCIL, Kenneth J.Chapleau BrownleeA296
ENG, Ouen FookSudbury Park LawnD193
ENGBLOM, AgnesSudbury Park LawnC186
ENGBLOM, Charles F.Sudbury Park LawnC186.1
ENGBLOM, Edwin V.Sudbury Park LawnC186.2
ENGLISH, GertrudeSudbury Park LawnE383
ENGLISH, HildaSudbury Park LawnD545.1
ENQUIST, Sudbury Park LawnD379
ENQUIST, GustSudbury Park LawnD379.1
ERICKSON, Chapleau BrownleeA91
ERICKSON, Carl LennardSudbury Park LawnC413
ERICKSON, EdithSudbury Park LawnD234
ERICKSON, EmilSudbury Park LawnC153
ERICKSON, HannahChapleau BrownleeA204
ERICKSON, Ivy CarolynSudbury Park LawnD241
ERICKSON, JohnSudbury Park LawnC271
ERIKSON, Lennart JohnSudbury Park LawnD1065
ERIKSON, Olga MariaSudbury Park LawnD1065
ERKAS, LennartSudbury Park LawnB74
ERTLER, EugenWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North41
ERTLER, Oma MaryWebbwood St. Lawrence R.C.North7
ESCHUK, JohnSudbury Park LawnC192
ESPANIEL, BarbaraChapleau BrownleeC167
ESPANIEL, BarbaraChapleau BrownleeC167
ESPER, GeorgeSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ESPOSTI, DouglasLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ESPOSTI, O.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ESQUIMO, EliLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ESTRIM, AndrewLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ETHIER, Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4449.1
ETHIER, AlexLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ETHIER, AlexandrineSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4253
ETHIER, AlphaSudbury McFarlaneAll49
ETHIER, AnnaWarren St. Thomas R.C.B16
ETHIER, CedulieWarren St. Thomas R.C.B15
ETHIER, ConradSudbury McFarlaneAll16
ETHIER, Cyprien Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ETHIER, Cyprien P.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4253
ETHIER, DolorisLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ETHIER, DonatSudbury McFarlaneAll16
ETHIER, FloreWarren St. Thomas R.C.A7
ETHIER, GeorgeSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4449
ETHIER, GeouleeWarren St. Thomas R.C.C199
ETHIER, GermaineWarren St. Thomas R.C.C188
ETHIER, Irene MarieDeliah Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ETHIER, J. B.Warren St. Thomas R.C.B16
ETHIER, J. LouisWarren St. Thomas R.C.A19
ETHIER, John Joseph Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ETHIER, JosephWarren St. Thomas R.C.A7
ETHIER, JosephSudbury McFarlaneAll48
ETHIER, JosephSudbury McFarlaneAll50
ETHIER, JosephLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ETHIER, Louis, Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
ETHIER, M. JeanneWarren St. Thomas R.C.A19
ETHIER, MarieSudbury McFarlaneAll50
ETHIER, Marie Alice DoloresWarren St. Thomas R.C.B18
ETHIER, NoëlaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ETHIER, NoellaSudbury McFarlaneAll48
ETHIER, NorbertLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
ETHIER, Norbert (Mrs)Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
ETHIER, OmerineSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4449
ETHIER, PaulWarren St. Thomas R.C.C199
ETHIER, PeterWarren St. Thomas R.C.C198
ETHIER, RichardWarren St. Thomas R.C.C201
ETHIER, RoseanneSudbury McFarlaneAll48
ETHIER, SophranieSudbury McFarlaneAll48
EUDOXIE, LolaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
EVANS, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix B--
EVANS, Sudbury Park LawnD115
EVANS, Sudbury Park LawnD496
EVANS, PhoebeSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
EVANS, Alice A. ElizabethSudbury Park LawnD103.4
EVANS, Annie JaneSudbury Park LawnD115.3
EVANS, Clarence CharlesSudbury Park LawnD115.1
EVANS, EdithSudbury Park LawnD116
EVANS, Edward DavidSudbury Park LawnD103.1
EVANS, EleanorSudbury Park LawnD496.2
EVANS, Elizabeth JaneSudbury Park LawnD496.4
EVANS, Elven Edgar Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
EVANS, Francis VeronicaSudbury Park LawnD496.1
EVANS, George Edward Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
EVANS, GilberteChapleau BrownleeC63.1
EVANS, Marguerite EdithSudbury Park LawnD103.2
EVANS, MaureenSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4444
EVANS, Peter JohnSudbury Park LawnD496.3
EVANS, RobertChapleau BrownleeC63
EVANS, William ArthurSudbury Park LawnD115.2
EVANS, William P.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4555
EVANSHAN, StephenLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
EVANSHAN, WasylenaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
EVANSHEN, MarySudbury Park LawnD996
EVANSHEN, SteveSudbury Park LawnD996
EVANYSHYN, N.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
EVANYSHYN, NastaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
EVELIKUULA, IdaSudbury Park LawnC53
EVELINE, EldonChapleau BrownleeA273
EVELINE, MaryChapleau BrownleeA273.1
EVERETT, CharlotteSudbury Park LawnC130
EVERITT, HarrySudbury Park LawnD36
EVERITT, LeahSudbury Park LawnD36.1
EVERITT, PeralSudbury Park LawnE349
EVERSHED, AliceSudbury Park LawnE422
EVERSHED, WilliamSudbury Park LawnE422
EWEN, BarbaraSudbury Park LawnB98.4

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