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Alphabetical Surname Listing of Sudbury District Publications


Stone #
NABERT, Eric H.Sudbury Park LawnE138
NADEAU, AnnetteSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2268
NADEAU, DeliaLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NADEAU, DelimaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)265
NADEAU, E. (Mrs)Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NADEAU, FlorenceWarren St. Thomas R.C.C158
NADEAU, LionelLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NADEAU, Lois M.Sudbury Park LawnK60
NADEAU, PierreLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NADEAU, Rose AlmaBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll144
NADJIWAN, FelixSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6378
NADON, Marie AnneBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll94
NAGIB, AmineSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4828
NAGY, KarlSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2280
NAHKALA, Sanna M.Sudbury Park LawnK9
NAIL, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
NAILE, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
NAIUK, AndrewLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NAIUK, DaisyLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NALL ?, ? ary Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6157
NALL ?, MarySudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6157
NALL ?, Thomas W.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6157
NANG, LumSudbury Park LawnK141
NAPPER, EthelChapleau BrownleeA295.1
NAPPER, WallyChapleau BrownleeA295
NARDUZZI, LuigiSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4695
NASH, H.C. M.D.Sudbury Park LawnE31.1
NASH, Harold ChesterSudbury Park LawnE31
NASI, LempiSudbury Park LawnD769
NASI, UrhoSudbury Park LawnD769
NAUL, PajuSudbury Park LawnC257
NAULT, AlbertSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6346
NAULT, AlbinaBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll228
NAULT, AldeaHanmer St. Jacques R. C. A127
NAULT, AldeaHanmer St. Jacques R. C. A128
NAULT, DelphisSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6407
NAULT, ElizabethSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6407
NAULT, GeorgeLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NAULT, Irre ClaireLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NAULT, J. ArthurSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4874
NAULT, J. B.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6407
NAULT, LauretteSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6346
NAULT, LionelBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll228
NAULT, LouisSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)6173
NAULT, Mamie R.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4874
NAULT, PhiomeneBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll87
NAULT, RoseBlezard Notre Dame du RosaireAll120
NAULT, Valeda CorinneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2178
NAYL, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
NAZARKO, DmytroSudbury Park LawnB68
NEAL, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
NEAULT, ElizabethLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NEAULT, J. B.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NEEDHAM, Michael C.Sudbury Park Lawn UF226
NEGUSANTI, Rosa Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
NEIL, WilliamSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2378
NEILL, SelinaSudbury Park LawnD460.2
NEILSON, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnE116
NEILSON, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnE116.1
NEILSON, GraceSudbury Park LawnD462
NEILSON, Robert MoffatSudbury Park LawnD462
NEITTAANMAKI, OlaviSudbury Park LawnK237
NEITZERT, HubertSudbury Park LawnD845
NEITZERT, LuiseSudbury Park LawnD845
NELIUS, AnnaSudbury Park LawnD329
NELLES, AustinSudbury Park LawnE392
NELLES, MyrtleSudbury Park LawnE392
NELSON, AnnaSudbury Park LawnD1058
NELSON, ArviSudbury Park LawnD1058
NELSON, Buarn (Ben)Sudbury Park LawnC107
NELSON, Donald G.Sudbury Park LawnD98
NESBITT, ArthurSudbury Park LawnC399
NESBITT, Mary Sudbury Park LawnC399
NESHAWABIN, SabrinaChapleau BrownleeA290
NETTO, LuigiLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NEVA, AnjaSudbury Park LawnK273.1
NEVA, EstherSudbury Park LawnK273
NEVA, Jenny HelenSudbury Park LawnD3
NEVA, JohnSudbury Park LawnK273
NEVA, Kreeta SofiaSudbury Park LawnD1010
NEVA, LillianSudbury Park LawnK273.2
NEVA, William JacobSudbury Park LawnC258
NEVILLE, Alex McMahonSudbury Park LawnD983
NEVILLE, BrendaSudbury Park LawnD984
NEVILLE, CaludiaSudbury Park LawnD984
NEVILLE, John GilbertSudbury Park LawnD983
NEVILLE, NormaSudbury Park LawnD983
NEVILLE, SandraSudbury Park LawnD984
NEVILLE, WilfredSudbury Park LawnD984
NEW, Charles A. Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)225.1
NEW, Marie IreneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)225.2
NEWCOMBE, Amy E.Chapleau BrownleeA111.1
NEWCOMBE, CharlesChapleau BrownleeA111
NEWCOMBE, Merl C.Chapleau BrownleeA111.2
NEWELL, John AlfredSudbury Park LawnD467
NEWELL, Thomas LintonSudbury Park LawnD467.1
NEWLOVE, Frederick G.Sudbury Park LawnD651
NEWLOVE, Martha JaneSudbury Park LawnD651
NEWMAN, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnD933
NEWMAN, GeorgeSudbury Park LawnD933.1
NEWMAN, Mabel P.Sudbury Park LawnD490
NEWMAN, Thomas H.Sudbury Park LawnD490
NEWMAN, ValedaSudbury Park LawnD933
NEWTON, Ailsa ScottSudbury Park LawnD401
NEWTON, DarleneSudbury Park Lawn UF138
NEWTON, Dorothy HenrySudbury Park LawnD401
NEWTON, Ed. Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NEWTON, EdmundSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)247
NEWTON, SaraLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NEWTON, William HenrySudbury Park LawnD401
NG, AiSudbury Park LawnK140
NG, Tee SingSudbury Park LawnK97
NICHELSON, RichardSudbury Park LawnC39
NICHOLS, CatherineSudbury Park LawnD559
NICHOLS, Elsie M.Sudbury Park LawnK228
NICHOLS, JohnSudbury Park LawnD559
NICKOFF, NickLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NICOLETTE, EmiliaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2388
NICOLI, ElsaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4261
NICOLI, GiuseppeSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4261
NIELSEN, Carl ChristianSudbury Park LawnD810
NIELSEN, Eric HolmSudbury Park LawnK4
NIELSEN, Jenny SiviaSudbury Park LawnD810
NIELSEN, Karl H.Sudbury Park LawnB135
NIELSON, PatrickWarren St. Thomas R.C.C31
NIEMELA, OttoSudbury Park LawnD950
NIEMELA, SelmaSudbury Park LawnD950
NIEMI, Sudbury Park LawnD480
NIEMI, AleksiSudbury Park Lawn UF231
NIEMI, Arvo A.Sudbury Park LawnD480.3
NIEMI, AugustSudbury Park LawnD480.1
NIEMI, EinoSudbury Park Lawn UF144
NIEMI, Ensio Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
NIEMI, Hilja MariaSudbury Park LawnD1023
NIEMI, HilmaSudbury Park LawnD480.2
NIEMI, HuldaSudbury Park LawnD678
NIEMI, JennieLeclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NIEMI, Liisa AmaliaSudbury Park LawnD268.2
NIEMI, MargaretSudbury Park LawnD480.3
NIEMI, MariattaSudbury Park Lawn UF144
NIEMI, Nestor A.Sudbury Park LawnD961
NIEMI, NiiloSudbury Park LawnD678
NIEMI, Rolf EdvardSudbury Park LawnC219
NIEMI, Samuel S.Sudbury Park LawnD196
NIEMI, Sanni WuorenmaaSudbury Park LawnB10
NIEMISTO, EeroSudbury Park LawnK254
NIEMISTO, ElsaSudbury Park LawnK441
NIESING, ElseSudbury Park LawnC335
NIETUPSKI, Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix A--
NIPORKINS, AnnaSudbury Park LawnE54
NIPORKINS, IlarionsSudbury Park LawnE54
NISSILA, Arne MichaelSudbury Park LawnD87.1
NISSILA, HannahSudbury Park LawnD87
NISSILA, KaarloSudbury Park LawnD87
NIWRANSKI, Michael Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
NIXON, AgnesChapleau BrownleeA138.1
NIXON, EmondChapleau BrownleeA161
NIXON, RobertChapleau BrownleeA138
NIXON-PELLOW, RobertChapleau BrownleeA138.2
NOBLE, Beulah MarionSudbury Park LawnE81
NOBLE, Frank G.Sudbury Park LawnE406
NOBLE, Grace A.Sudbury Park LawnE406
NOBLE, Jean G.Sudbury Park LawnE285
NOBLE, R. LorneSudbury Park LawnE285
NOL DE TILLY, HubertHanmer St. Jacques R. C. E63
NOEL DE TILLY, JeanneSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41003
NOL DE TILLY, MarcHanmer St. Jacques R. C. E65
NOEL DE TILLY, OscarSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41003
NOL DE TILLY, VelmaHanmer St. Jacques R. C. E64
NOEL, AdelardChapleau BrownleeC92
NOEL, AnnetteChapleau BrownleeC150.1
NOEL, Marie AnnaChapleau BrownleeC92.1
NOEL, NormandChapleau BrownleeC150
NOFFKE, J.Leclair Funeral Home, Appendix C--
NOFFKE, JohnLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NOGA, BartkoSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2349
NOGA, MarySudbury Park Lawn UF165
NOGA, StanleySudbury Park Lawn UF165
NOKE, MarionSudbury Park LawnD537.2
NOLAN, CliffordChapleau BrownleeA102
NOLAN, Mary KayChapleau BrownleeA102.1
NOROLUND, IdaSudbury Park LawnD817
NOROLUND, VictorSudbury Park LawnD817
NORQUAY, John EdwardSudbury Park LawnD308
NORQUAY, MarjorieSudbury Park LawnD308
NORRIS, Sudbury Park LawnE204
NORRIS, AlbertSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2414
NORRIS, Edward JohnSudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
NORRIS, JeanSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2414
NORRIS, John PeterSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2414
NORRIS, MarySudbury Park LawnE204.2
NORRIS, PeterSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2414
NORRIS, WilliamSudbury Park LawnE204.1
NORTH, W.T. StewartSudbury Park LawnK356
NORTHERN AND CENTRAL GAS Corp. Ltd.Sudbury - Land Registry Office Wills--
NOVAK, KosmaSudbury Park LawnC421
NOVOSEL, JankoSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4480
NOVOSEL, LoizaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2218
NOVOSEL, MandaSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4480
NOVOSEL, RudolfSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2218
NOWAK, JozefSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)22
NOWAK, KarloSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2316
NOYES, Marion LouiseSudbury Park LawnB128
NUMMI, SamLeclair Funeral Home, Surname Index--
NUNES, Elisabeth EllenSudbury Park LawnD841
NUNNER, DianneChapleau BrownleeC104
NUPPONEN, HiljaSudbury Park LawnD981
NUPPONEN, ToivoSudbury Park LawnD981
NURMI, Niilo OscarSudbury Park LawnC133
NYE, Fred W.Sudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4175
NYE, J. F. RichardSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)4175
NYKILCHYK, AnnieSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41051
NYKILCHYK, FrankSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)41051
NYKILCHYK, MikeSudbury R.C. (Lasalle)2290
NYMAN, Magnus G.Chapleau BrownleeA268
NYYSSOLA, Hanna M.Sudbury Park LawnD198

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